The Expert for Enamel Related Crafts

The Expert for
Enamel Related Crafts

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Relia Metal Is The No. 1 Company That Produces Top-Rated Enamel Related Products

Our Mission

We are considered one of the largest enamel pin manufacturers that produce pins, coins, badges, and medals. Our mission is to provide excellence in enamel craft production, customer service at competitive prices, and on-time delivery.

Our Vision

At Relia Metal, we vision to be the number one distributor of enamel crafts worldwide providing the best customer service for our worldwide clients. With the help of our talented designers and innovative technology, we assure that every order meets the exact specification and requirements of the customers.

custom badges
Custom Badges
These badges include hard enamel, soft enamel, school enamel, car badges, and football badges that are known to promote businesses, last longer, and are easily recognizable.
medal coin
Everything we manufacture may be personalized, from military coins to unique company coins. Safety coins, prizes, commemoratives, and political coins are some of our novelty coins uses.
enamel pins
Enamel Pins
Elegantly appealing promotional custom enamel pins that showcase artwork with endless options. These include soft enamel, hard enamel, 3D mold pin, printed pin, and die streak pin.

Why Choose Us

Products Released Per Month
Products Released Per Month
Customer Service Satisfaction
Customer Service Satisfaction
Delivery Rate
Delivery Rate
Here are some of the brands that we’ve worked with within the past years
  • Ups
  • jbl
  • ford
  • alcoa
  • zte

What We Can Provide

As one of the leading professional enamel crafts manufacturers, we understand how important it is for you to create custom pins, coins, badges, medals, and all kinds of metal crafts with all the finishing effects.

After we determine what design you want, we will walk you through the process of mold making, stamping, polishing, coloring, electroplating, assembling, and inspection. After everything is done, we’ll guarantee that you will receive the exact product you desire.

Production Workshop

Our production workshop is able to produce 100% high-quality metal crafts with zero flaws guaranteed!
Enamel Pins Factory
Artwork Design
Enamel Pins Factory
Mold Making
Enamel Pins Factory
Enamel Pins Factory
Enamel Pins Factory
Enamel Pins Factory

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