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Relia Metal is a customer-based manufacturer of high quality anodized medals of different kinds. We manufacture our products with care to ensure that your satisfaction is met every time from the material used down to each medal design detailing. We make sure to offer you:

  • The Lowest MOQ of 500 Pcs
  • The Most Affordable Price
  • 100% Customized Medals
  • Thorough Design Assistance
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What Are Anodized Medals

Anodized medals are the same as standard medals but with a special gold-like finish with a high glossy sheen to it. Relia Metal is your number one producer and manufacturer that you can trust if you are looking for high-quality and durable anodized medals that serve their purpose for many years.

We also provide different kinds of medals like anodized military medals, anodized army medals, and anodized medals in navy in different shapes and sizes. Our in-house designers work hard to create premium quality anodized medals with superior design contrast between light and dark that provides that stunning effect that makes your medals stand out with the highest level of clarity that will last for years! 

Each custom anodized medal is individually checked before delivery. So if you want to present a high-quality medal, we are the best company of choice.

Medal By Application

Anodized 3D Medal

Embossed design or logo to emphasize each feature which effect is perfect for a vintage look.

Rainbow Anodized Medal

Colorful anodized medals are the new trend in acknowledging achievements and remembering events.

Anodized Silver Medal

Best used for military awards and as an accessory that includes a customized ribbon of your choice. 

2D Anodized Medal

Perfect for soft or hard enamel medal design for a unique and well-polished look.

Gold Anodized Medal

24K gold plated medals used to commemorate important events or highest award given.

Blank Anodized Medal

Perfect for engraving, chemical etching, UV printing, and screen printing different designs with an anodized finish.

Materials (3)

  • Brass

    Provides classy look for anodized medals with excellent corrosion resistance and is easily formed into different styles.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Gives the anodized medal stability and durability that is comparable to stainless steel, but at a more economical price.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Stainless Steel

    Strong and highly resilient material that won’t rust or discolor. Adds extra weight and long-lasting durability for medals.

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Medal By Size (4)

Medal Packaging

Paper Box
Paper Box

Available in rectangular or square of any color you prefer that best fit the design of your medal.

OPP Bags

Free individual packaging for medals that ensures scratch-free surface.

Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap

Most convenient type of packaging that provides security to each medal.

Customize Packaging
Custom Packaging

Any kind of packaging you prefer is available and we’ll quote them accordingly.


When it comes to coloring, we use manual and machine procedure to ensure that the coloring is 100% accurate, long lasting, and are perfectly made depending on the colors that you prefer for your anodized medals.

Mold Making

Mold Making

The first step in medal production is where the shape and design of the medal are made. We use precise software and top of a line machine to mold your artwork/design before all the anodized medals are produced. Reach out today for more information!


The appearance, thickness, and protection of each anodized medal are enhanced with electroplating. With this process, each medal is guaranteed to be at a 100% performance rate before being delivered to you. To get to know more about how we do electroplating, you can send us a direct message today!



The material used for anodized medals is polished before coloring to reveal a scratch-free surface that’ is free of any abrasion. We use two techniques in polishing which make sure that medals are scratch-free with a mirror-like finish. Learn more about the details on polished medals by sending us a message today!

Relia Metal - Excellent Manufacturer Of Custom Made Medals

Relia Metal - Excellent Manufacturer Of Custom Made Medals
Relia Metal - Excellent Manufacturer Of Custom Made Medals

We have been a professional manufacturer of metal products since 2005 specializing in anodized medals, anodized army medals, anodized military medals, anodized medal navy, and many more. Our core values of integrity, responsibility, efficiency, and product innovation are a few reasons why we remain at the top of our game. 

Working with different B2B marketers over the years, we have learned the importance of customer value which is why we have created different methods of quality control, affordable quotation, and fast delivery to make sure that each customer will be satisfied with our products.

Guaranteed Durable Materials And Accurately Designed Medals

Accurately Designed

Medal designs are made exactly how you wanted them to be from your ideas or submitted artwork.

Strong Materials

Brass, zin alloy, and stainless steel materials are used to create durable custom anodized medals that ensures 0% breakage even with years use.

Custom Medal Type

One Sided Design Type

This features design that puts great emphasis on the front side instead of the back which is blank.

Two Sided Design Type

On either side of the medallion, there can be various designs or just one.

Get Your Custom Medals At The Lowest Factory Price!
Get Your Custom Medals At The Lowest Factory Price!

100% guidance and support on anodized medal production is what we offer. Free design assistance, customized quotation, personalized packaging work, and on time delivery is what we promise to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed with every transaction you made with us. So, if you are looking for a trusted manufacturer, now is the right time to contact Relia Metal!

Medal Ribbon Option

  • Great service! Relia Metal enhanced my design with no additional charge and they delivered exactly what I wanted with my medal orders.

    Tom K.
  • I was able to get 3000 pcs of anodized medals at a lesser price compared to other manufacturers that I’ve worked with before. Thank you so much!

    Sherryl P.
  • We have ordered 500 anodized military medals and 500 anodized army medals and they are all stunning. We’ll order again soon for other designs.

    Alice R.
Can you provide a free design service with my idea and logo?

Yes, we offer free design services even if you only have your idea and logo. Custom designs are to be approved by you first before we start with the mass production. If still unsatisfied, we’ll continue with the design revision until you are satisfied.

What is your MOQ?

To make sure that we can maintain our factory price, we offer the lowest wholesale MOQ of 500 pcs per transaction.

What are the payment options?

We accept T/T, Paypal, Western Union, and credit cards. Usually, we offer 30% partial payment before the production starts then the remaining 70% when the orders are already done.

Will I receive proof or sample products before you produce my orders?

Yes, we’ll send you some generic samples or customized samples of your orders before we proceed to mass production. Your approval is needed before we proceed to make sure that everything is perfect.

What if I need to make changes after the mold has been made?

When you decide to change the design after we finish the mold, we’ll need to charge you again for the re-molding fee.

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