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Relia Metal is a trusted company behind the durable and stylish challenge coins. We put our experience, knowledge, service, and professionalism in working with you to create the best armor of God challenge coin bulk that you desire. We can assure that you will be satisfied with our:

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What Are Armor Of God Challenge Coin

Armor of God challenge coin is known as a perfect souvenir for devotees where a daily reminder of faith, strength, encouragement, and commitment are engraved or imprinted permanently. Here at Relia, you can find various works for armor of God challenge coin bulk that are easily carried in pocket, purse, or backpack or as a display on table/desktop.

With our dedication to everything that we do, it is evident that we only serve the best quality that you can’t simply find anywhere else. If you are not sure on what to use or design to be imprinted on your armor of God’s coin, you can reach out to us and we’ll assist you right away and we won’t stop until you are completely satisfied. 

We focus on the B2B sector, providing a low MOQ of 500 pieces per order. These challenge coins are produced under strict quality standards using high-speed technology that allows us to have full control over the manufacturing process and as a result, we provide quick delivery time without compromising the product quality.

Coin By Features

Silver Plated Armor Challenge Coin

High-quality Armor of God antique silver plated challenge coin is an excellent token of faith to carry.

3D Armor of God Challenge Coin

The coin’s front depicts a 3D image of a warrior wearing the whole armor of God, as well as two shields bearing the letters.

Armor of God Die-Struck Coins

The raised and polished surface of these traditional coins contrasts with the recessed texture background.

Antique Armor of God Coins

Gold or silver plating is ideal for revealing details that other styles do not have.

Polished Armor of God Coins

Die-struck challenge coins with polished surfaces and no enamel colors.

Enameled Armor of God

This high-quality coin’s durable finish combines to make a memorable gift.

Materials Used (3)

  • Aluminum

    A lightweight, corrosion-resistant metal that creates a protective layer on its own.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Brass

     An excellent plating metal. The appearance of precious metals without the expense.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Used for long-lasting coins that require less machining, resulting in higher output.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Coin By Size (4)

Coin Packaging

OPP Bags

A tough plastic bag specifically designed for different coin sizes. Every coin order comes with this type of packaging.

Paper Box
Paper Box

A simple and inexpensive type of packaging that can be personalized by having your logo stamped on the top

Velvet Pouches
Velvet Pouch

Luxurious coin packaging that looks and feels luxurious, is ideal for premium coins.

Custom Packaging
Customized Packaging

Any type of customized packaging is available for your convenience.


This process ensures that each Armor of God challenge coin is performing to its full potential by increasing thickness and providing corrosion resistance. Contact us today for a chance to see samples of our electroplated coins!

Die Casting


The mold cavity is built with two machined hardened tool steel dies that function like injection molds during the process. This container holds Armor of God challenge coins of the appropriate size and shape. A hot chamber or cold chamber machine is used depending on the type of metal being cast. Please contact us as soon as possible for more information on the die-casting process.


We offer both machine and manual coloring methods to improve the overall appearance of your Armor of God challenge coins. A primer and final coating are applied to ensure that the colors will last and not fade over time. For more information on this procedure, please contact us right away.



The material used for Armor of God challenge coins is polished before enameling because enameling on a rough surface will reveal all of the scratches and abrasions underneath. Visit our page to learn more about our polished coins.

Relia Provides Outstanding Challenge Coin & Fine Craftsmanship

Relia Provides Outstanding Challenge Coin & Fine Craftsmanship
Relia Provides Outstanding Challenge Coin & Fine Craftsmanship

Relia Metal have expanded over the years and now make and sell inspirational gifts such as bag tags, keychains, zipper pulls, military dog tags, pendants, tie bars and pins, lapel pins, belt buckles, patches, and display boxes. We also offer custom challenge coins , like Armor Of God Challenge Coins. If you can’t find a design you like for a challenge coin armor of God or other gift. We can help you decide for your own custom challenge of  a brand-new design for you. Our in-house artists are happy to create custom designs for you so that you get exactly what you want.

Challenge Coins of Exceptional Strength and Design

Outstanding Artistic Design

We have an in-house designer who can assist you in designing your own challenge coins.

Extraordinary Durability

Aside from the design, customers are drawn in by the quality. We guarantee that you will receive 100% solid challenge coins that will last for years.

Custom Coin Style

One Side With Color

Your custom coin will feature only one side with color, and the other side has none. This custom coin adds richness and dimension to challenge coins.

Both Sides With Color

Your customized coin will have a colored design both sides. Double sided colors can be custom engraved with gloss or matte coating and creates a classic look.

Have Your Designs Printed At Relia Today!
Have Your Designs Printed At Relia Today!

Relia Metal consistently has exceptional art, originality, and a strong desire to create the coin at the highest level. Our armor of God challenge coin bulk is the ideal blend of art that conforms to history and traditions. With us, you can get a challenge coin that tells the stories and represents your interest and beliefs. Please contact us today if you have any questions about this Armor Of God Challenge Coin.

Borders And Edges Options

  • We appreciate all of your help with our recent armor of god coins. Because of your quick production and delivery service, your company has an advantage.

    Terry M.
  • Relia Metal has constantly delivered us with exceptional service. They frequently produce goods under strict deadlines and budget constraints while maintaining quality. Thank you for your help.

    Emily T.
  • I recently bought Armor Of God Challenge Coin Bulk and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The turnaround time was very short, and the customer service was excellent.

    Mary C.
What Is the Distinction Between 2D and 3D Challenge Coins?

A 3D Challenge Coin can have realistic detail, whereas traditional 2D challenge coins can have intricate artwork. We can round the edges and create smooth gradations between the raised and recessed areas because 3D challenge coins have an infinite number of levels.

Can I design my own coin edging?

Yes, you certainly can! Our art team can create a custom edge design for you, or you can pick one of our six main styles. Simply tell our sales team what type of edge you want, and we will create a custom edge design for you.

How to get the full price list?

The majority of our products are so customized, we price each order individually based on the options you select. If you would like a quote, please send us an email with your information and we will get back to you with a quote.

What types of paints are used to color my coin?

When it comes to selecting the best colors for your challenge coins, we provide more than just the Pantone color chart. Soft enamel, Cloisonné, Black matte, and Translucent Enamel are also available.

What kinds of finishes and electroplating can I get?

The outside covering of the challenge coin is referred to as plating. There are numerous plating options available. High polished gold, silver, or bronze, black nickel, antiqued gold, silver, or bronze, and black metal are among them.

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