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Relia Metal is one of China’s largest suppliers of blank keychains in bulk. Due to our adaptable manufacturing capabilities and capacity to produce using cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, it has found success in this market. With more than 15 years of experience, we are well-positioned to assist those of you looking for promotional products. In addition, we also provide services:

  • Affordable Cost Of Production
  • Faulty Product 0%
  • Customize Options
  • MOQ Of 500 Units
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What Is Blank Keychains In Bulk

These days, keychains serve more purposes than just serving as decorations for your keys. The custom Blank keychains will effectively market your brand, aid in organization, are popular mementos, are stylish accessories, and make excellent collectibles. Our artists will select the best options for size, shape, color, and engraving for your Blank Keychain In Bulk. We’ll send you proof to review and approve before we deliver your order. Normally, designing your art will only take one day. To begin, submit a thorough quote request today, and we’ll produce professional proof in as little as one day. After the digital proof has been approved, our turnaround time ranges from 10 to 15 business days.

Given that every blank keychain we make is made specifically for each customer, you can be sure that the keychains you get will be ones that you created yourself.

Keychain By Features

Full Color Blank Keychain

Using full color on a substrate, attach it to the keychain, and it will look and feel seamless.

2D Blank Keychain

This design is also more reasonably priced because of its lighter weight.

3D Blank Keychain

Images in three dimensions appear sculpted and have a level of detail.

Printed Blank Keychain

On the surface of these keychains, printing has been applied directly.

Engraved Blank Keychain

Words, phrases, or serial numbers can be engraved.

Custom Shapes Keychain

Customized forms are created to fit your design, regardless of shape or cut-out.

Materials Used (3)

  • Aluminum

    Given that aluminum supports vibrant designs, we only advise using it if you plan to print a photo on your personalized keychain.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

     You can use this alloy when your custom keychain calls for minute details and cut-out areas.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Brass

    If you want your promotional item to be well-balanced and to display a variety of information.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Keychain By Size (4)

Keychain Packaging

Velour Boxes
Velour Boxes

The material is a little bit thinner, not as soft to the touch, and doesn’t have the same glossy appearance.

Paper Box
Paper Boxes

Keychain protection in a less expensive, easier-to-wrap packaging option.

Velvet Pouches
Velour Pouch

They are useful for keychains presentations and gift-wrapping. This elegant velvet bag with its beautiful drawstrings can be used to present your gift keychains.

Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap

A convenient packaging material that is easy to wrap, tear, and has the added advantage of protecting Keychains.


Blank Keychains are painted with a thin layer of enamel paint, which is then permanently dried to produce different color effects. Enamel color can be applied manually or automatically, but automated coloring is more effective. To find out more about our colored keychains, Send us your inquiries now!



To press flat metal sheets into a unique shape for a Blank Keychains, use a stamping press. For accuracy, the stamping design is created with computer-aided design software. Send us your questions as soon as you can for more information on stamping!


In the manufacturing process, abrasives and fine polish are employed. This is how Blank Keychains are polished to get rid of any unwanted scratches and jagged edges and create a well-polished mirror finish. Please send any questions you may have about us or our polished Keychains to us immediately.



We can ensure that every Blank Keychains operates as efficiently as possible thanks to the electroplating process, which increases thickness and improves corrosion resistance. If you’d like to see some samples of our electroplated Keychains, Please get in touch with us right away!

Relia Metal: The Best Supplier of Wholesale Blank Keychains

Relia Metal: The Best Supplier of Wholesale Blank Keychains
Relia Metal: The Best Supplier of Wholesale Blank Keychains

As a keychain manufacturer, Relia Metal assists you to create the designs, forms, and materials we can use to produce blank keychains in bulk. Our creative team will produce artwork in addition to making sure your ideas are implemented. Optional features include enamel, distinctive shapes, and die-cut edges. We are able to add any texture you want to your mold in order to make a truly one-of-a-kind custom keychain blank wholesale for you. Our accomplished artisans will work hand in hand with you to complete your keychains precisely when you need them.

Outstandingly Solid & Complex Keychain Design

Impressive Design

You can collaborate with our in-house designer to come up with a unique keychain design.

Extraordinary Toughness

The quality also draws customers in addition to the design. You will receive it. Perfectly sturdy and long-lasting keychains.

Keychain Application

Dog Tag Keychain

This keychain functions as both a fashionable necklace and an identification tag. This keychain is also available in a variety of colors.

Luggage Tag Keychain

Stylish and functional keychain for simply identifying luggage. This section contains the owner’s contact information.

Bottle Opener Keychain

This type of keychain is adaptable because it may be imprinted with a brand logo or design.

Obtain Affordable Professional Production Services Today!
Obtain Professional Production Services Today!

Our knowledgeable sales representatives at Relia Metal will guide you through each step of the procedure. We have colorful keychains that are simple to find in a variety of sizes. Buy blank keychains in bulk to save money on each piece. Your keychains’ color, design, size, plating, and packaging are completely under your control. Do you want to collaborate with us? Contact us right away for a free estimate!

Ring Options

  • We have long received excellent service from Relia Metal. They frequently produce goods while working within limited budgets and deadlines without compromising quality.

    Sally M.
  • Just a quick note of gratitude for you and the crew. The Keyring Blanks I ordered arrived today and are absolutely gorgeous. The caliber of the work is outstanding.

    Victor P.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for exceeding our expectations and that my order of 5000 blank keychains in bulk is fantastic. We absolutely love them. When we need to order more, we’ll let you know.

    Greg T.
What are the prices of blank keychains?

Pricing is influenced by the product’s style, quantity, and other elements.

What weight limit applies to your keychain?

Parts of your ignition can be damaged by a bulky keychain. Purchasing multiple keychains for each vehicle you drive is the safest course of action. An alternative is to use a carabiner clip to make them removable!

What are the types of key rings you offer?

We have Oval hook , C-hook, Carabiner Hook, and the simple classic Split Rings.

Do I have to make a payment before I can see the keychain design you created?

You won’t need to pay for the design because we’ll work with you through the entire process, and we won’t start production until you give us the go-ahead.

Will you offer other clients my keychain design again?

No, your designs are not copied by other clients and are kept in our files for two years for future orders.

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