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Relia Metal is the leading wholesaler of blank award medals suited for any event and competition. These blank medals are great for personalization that can include your logo, engraved texts, and custom style. When working with us, you can expect: 

  • Low MOQ Of 500 Blank Medal
  • Fast Production Of 15-20 Days
  • Shipment Via Sea & Air
  • Unlimited Product Customization
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What Are Blank Medal Wholesale

Blank medals are made with high-quality material that can be customized by size, shape, color, and style. Relia Metal works with you to create a high-quality blank medal wholesale that can be printed with the company logo, custom text, and custom design. 

Relia offers the cheapest wholesale prices that are unmatched by other competitors backed up by quick deliveries and excellent customer service. Our blank medals engraving is available in gold, silver, and bronze finishing perfect for various achievements. 

Our professional engineers and skilled graphic designers guarantee 100% quality. With core values of integrity, responsibility, efficiency, and innovation!

Medal By Application

Custom Made Blank Medals

Engravable front and back sides where enamel colors can also be included.

Gold Plated Blank Medals

Affordable gold-plated blank medals where customized logos can be engraved or printed.

Sublimation Blank Medals

Made from sturdy zinc alloy where decorative sublimations are printed.

Miniature Blank Medals

Great for different types of awards and achievements.

Shiny Blank Medals

Top quality shiny medals with wreath and ribbon in a circular shape.

Commemoration Blank Medals

Allows you to customize medals in the best commemorative style.

Materials (3)

  • Brass

    A highly malleable material perfect to use for complex designs with corrosion resistance features.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    High quality material used for medals that provides the same stability and durability as stainless steel but at a lower price.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Stainless Steel

    Strong and heavy material that can be used for customized medals with high durability and corrosion resistance features.

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Medal By Size (4)

  • 50mm Blank Medals

    Ideal medal size for personalized activities such as sports recognition.

  • 60mm Blank Medals For Engraving

    Perfect size for engraving intricate design that requires additional space.

  • 63mm Blank Medals

    Size perfect for front and back design customization for different requirements.

  • Custom Size Award Medals

    We cater to different medal sizes that you prefer if you choose to have a unique medal.

Medal Packaging

Bubble Wraps
Bubble Bag

Designed to absorb shock energy by expanding the film and not breakup.

Paper Box
Paper Box

Sustainable packaging but has an additional weight than plastic packaging.

Plastic Boxes
Plastic Box

Durable plastic packaging that’s lightweight, sustainable, and cost-effective.

OPP Bags

Kind of packaging can be used to individually store medals without scratching. Usually comes for free.


To enhance your blank medal wholesale products, we offer machine and manual coloring. Both methods provide accurate and consistent medal coloring. Primer and final coating are also applied to ensure that the color won’t fade or won’t budge over time. Contact us today for more information on our medal coloring method!



The material sheet used in creating the shape for blank medal wholesale is inserted into a stamping press where the design is also developed using computer-aided software for accuracy. Get in touch today to know more about medal stamping!


By electroplating, each blank medal wholesale we guarantee that each medal is at 100% performance by increasing the thickness and corrosion resistance protection. We’ll send you samples of electroplated medals, if you send us a message today!



Each blank medal wholesale is polished with both coarse and fine abrasives to make sure they are smooth and scratch free before being delivered to you. We use a finer abrasive to make the surface bright and mirror-like after using an abrasive polish to smooth out the edges. To know more about this method, you can reach out to us today!

Relia Metal - Providing Integrity And Medal Credibility

Relia Metal - Providing Integrity And Medal Credibility
Relia Metal - Providing Integrity And Medal Credibility

Since our company’s founding in 2005, we consistently offer you the highest quality for blank award medals and blank medals engraving where you can customize the design with your own logo and text at the lowest price. 

We are very dedicated and professional at what we do, capable of providing different solutions to your blank medal wholesale needs. Our reputation is built in trust as a reliable source and leading manufacturer of custom medals, which reflects our core values of speed, commitment, and service. 

HD Design Made From Sturdy Materials

On-point Design

The design that you sent to us is 100% made with accuracy and uses HD colors.

Sturdy Materials

The materials that we use are top-grade to ensure that each product will last for a long time.

Custom Medal Type

One Sided Design Type

This features design that puts great emphasis on the front side instead of the back which is blank.

Two Sided Design Type

On either side of the medallion, there can be various designs or just one.

Get The Best Deals For Wholesale Medals In China!_
Get The Best Deals For Wholesale Medals In China!

If you are tired of trial and error in finding the best China manufacturer of blank medal wholesale, Relia Metal is here for you! We offer the highest quality blank medals that you can completely customize in size, shape, color, and style at the best price offered. Indeed you can never find a company that provides excellence at a very affordable price. Get the best deals today for wholesale blank medals!

Medal Ribbon Option

  • The packaging is well made. I have received zero product defects on my orders even though I ordered 5000 pcs of blank awards medals and everything is flawless!

    Tom K.
  • This is our 3rd time ordering blank wholesale medals and Relia is consistent with the quality. No matter the quantity of medals we order, they always deliver the highest quality medals.

    Sherryl P.
  • We have been working with Relia for a few years and they are still our go to manufacturer for custom made blank medals for engraving. Thank you Relia!

    Alice R.
I cannot decide what medal style do I need, can you help me?

Yes. If you don’t have a design available, we can help you. You just need to let us know your ideas and we can produce them to life.

What are the factors to determine in pricing medals?

Pricing depends on the quantity, production to be used, and packaging type of your order.

When can I expect my orders to be delivered?

After the production, we’ll immediately pack your orders to be shipped to your address. Depending on your chosen shipping method  whether it’s via air which usually takes about 5-7 days or via sea of 25-30 days.

What are your payment options?

We accept T/T, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and via bank transfers.

What if I need to change my design, can you help me?

Yes. Our professional graphic designers can help you enhance the design that you need for your blank medals and we won’t stop until you are satisfied.

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