Custom Christmas Medals Sourced Directly From Factory

Express your brand personality with our custom medals like Christmas medals. Your choice of style, color, size, and design is unique to you! Send us your idea and we’ll do all the work for you. Working with us will provide you the benefits of:

  • Low MOQ of 500 pcs
  • Fast Production Of 15-20 Days
  • 4-8 Hours Response Rate
  • Direct Factory Medal Price
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What Are Christmas Medals

Our medals are die-casted or die-struck that are usually used in Christmas medal-making. These medals are custom-made specifically for you, with your preference in color, size, logo, text, and attachment. Gold, silver, full-colored, or half-colored medals are available as you desired. 

We have a team of talented designers and engineers that can help you with your artwork and will create medals that are specially made for holidays and special events. If you are not exactly sure what to do or what to put in your medals, we can definitely help you! We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly bring your ideas into reality. 

As your reliable direct China factory, our services include the full range of designing and manufacturing of medals that you require. There’s no need to look any further, you can find everything that you need here at Relia Metal!

Medal By Application

Christmas Enamel Medals

Made of high-quality zinc alloy with long-lasting soft or hard enamel colors made especially for the holidays.

3D Christmas Medals

Molded to enhance the feature or logo used for the Christmas season which usually looks good in full color or no color design.

Christmas Tree Shaped Medals

Unique shaped medals made for Christmas are made to catch the attention of buyers with its shape and original color.

Materials (3)

  • Brass

    Malleable and durable material perfect to use for complex design with corrosion resistance feature.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Provides the same stability and exceptional durability as stainless steel efficient to use for bulk medal production.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Stainless Steel

    Sturdy and sustainable material used for decorative medals with added weight and sheen.

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Medal By Size (4)

Medal Packaging

Card Backing
Card Backing

Size can be customized according to the size of your medals, where you can also showcase your logo and brand name.

Acrylic Box
Acrylic Box

Durable acrylic packaging is designed perfectly to protect and display your customized medals.

Paper Box
Paper Box

Versatile medal packaging adds an elegant look that you are going for where your brand name can be included.

Customize Packaging
Custom Packaging

Other kinds of packaging are available to use; just send us your preferred material and we’ll customize them according to the size of your medals.


Primer is used as a base and first coat that is applied to medals before the actual coloring starts then the top coat or finishing coat to make sure that the color applied will stay vivid throughout the years. Learn more about how we color your Christmas medals by sending us a message!act us today!



Pieces of flat sheet metal are stamped by a stamping press to form a new shape of holiday medals.The designs to be stamped are developed using a computer aided design software to create a highly accurate design. Christmas medals today by reaching out today!


Through raising the thickness and enhancing the protection to corrosion, we use the electroplating process to make sure that every Christmas medal is operating at 100% efficiency. Contact us right away to request examples of our electroplated medals!



Two polishing techniques are used for medal polishing. Abrasive polishing is used for removing unwanted rough edges and the finer polish is used to buff the surface that makes the Christmas medals shiny. Contact us today for more information!

Relia Metal Providing Excellent Medal Since 2005

Relia Metal Providing Excellent Medal Since 2005
Relia Metal Providing Excellent Medal Since 2005

We are a professional China manufacturer offering all sorts of customized medals like Christmas medals. Throughout our years of experience, we continue to uphold the intention of customer service that exceeds your expectations and adhering to quality assurance. We look forward to becoming your most trusted supplier of Christmas medals and Christmas trophies.

Wholesale Durable Medal Excellently Designed

Excellent Design

Your medals are made exactly with your preferred design and logo, using the exact color and style.

Durable Material

We use only the highest quality material to ensure that each medal will last for years without tearing.

Custom Medal Type

One Sided Design Type

This features design that puts great emphasis on the front side instead of the back which is blank.

Two Sided Design Type

On either side of the medallion, there can be various designs or just one.

Get An Affordable Bulk Medal Quote Today!
Get An Affordable Bulk Medal Quote Today!

Relia Metal offers high quality Christmas medals and different kinds of medals at an affordable price. Our medals are custom made just for you with your logo, customized texts, and color. You will be blown away at how inexpensive our custom medals are priced and how quickly we produce them. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Medal Ribbon Option

  • Amazing work from Relia Metal they have produced and delivered the products on time. I surely recommend this company to others.

    Tom K.
  • Thank you so much for helping us produce our bulk christmas medals and trophies this year. We have ordered 1000 pcs and we’ll order again soon!

    Sherryl P.
  • We have received our orders today and they all look flawless! We custom ordered our medals with our logo and personalized color scheme and all were delivered perfectly.

    Alice R.


How much does it cost for the shipment of my orders here in America?

The cost of shipment will be determined by the freight company based on weight and packaging.

Is partial payment accepted?

Yes, we accept partial payment of 30% before we start with the production then the rest of 70% will be collected before the order shipment.

Can you suggest shipping couriers?

Yes we use different courier services like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT

What are the plating options for medals?

Our customers usually enjoy using standard platings such as gold, silver, and copper. Although other unique platings such as rainbow or chrome are also available if you are eyeing that original look.

Can other clients use my design as their template?

No, we don’t allow our clients to use your design mold as their design template. Each client should submit their own artwork or at least have an idea of what design they want for their medals and we’ll assist them for free.

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