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Custom College Medals are Relia Metal Specialty China Factory

Medals Of The Great Grade and Customizability!

Relia Metal manufactures premium college medals that are a great way to commemorate different college accomplishments. Other companies may offer only partial customization but when you choose Relia, you can guarantee complete customizability from design to packaging.

We want to supply you with the best quality school medals while ensuring:

  • 98% Customer satisfaction
  • Product Quality & Longevity
  • Lowest MOQ Of 500 Pcs

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

We take great pride in providing our clients with excellent Relia service that allows them to design a  school medal that is entirely unique to them, taking their needs, budgets, and timeframes into consideration.

When creating a college medal design brief, we encourage clients to be as imaginative as they like. We will always do our best to fulfill client requirements, and in those cases when we can’t, we will work closely with clients to build a workable substitute.

It’s not just our products that customers are raving about, it’s our friendly service, wide customizing options, and quality engraving.

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Highly Distinctive Medal Manufacturer

Everything you need in a college medallion is available at Relia Metal! Through the years, we have collaborated with some of the most recognizable brands in producing their customized medals. We value your opinions and make every effort to maintain as many design details as possible. Only at Relia where you can find:

  • Reasonable wholesale prices
  • Professional design assistance
  • Sample provided before production
  • Global Shipment via air and sea
College Medal
You can either upload your own artwork or collaborate with one of our in-house designers to enhance your artwork.
Molding is the basic metal casting technique where the shape of the medal is formed.
College Medal
College medals that go through printing method guarantees long lasting images and texts that last for years.
College Medal
During the die casting process, several chemical elements are added to the molten metal which is then quickly formed into medals.
College Medal
Medals that are added enamel color on both sides are impossible to remove; this process also gives a polished look to the product.
College Medal
Extra layer of coating is added to medals for protection on corrosion and rust. Some electroplating options include chromium, gold and nickel.
College Medal
Several layers of primer, paint, and coating is added to the medal and for quick drying time paint baking is used.
Quality Control
A critical phase in our process that ensures the quality of all our products is the quality control workshop.
College Medal
Everything relies on presentation. You may make your award winners feel more special by using the right packaging like paper bags, velvet pouches/ bags or Gift Boxes.

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Medal By Application (4)

How To Order

Reach Out To Us
1. Reach Out To Us
By using the "Contact Us" interface, complete the form, then click "Submit Form." We'll contact you in 4 to 8 hours.
Confirm The Artwork
2. Confirm The Artwork
Once your art is complete, you can send it to us to begin manufacturing. However, our artist can aid you till you're satisfied if you still need design assistance.
Negotiate The Price
3. Negotiate The Price
Once everything is agreed upon, the pricing will be negotiated, and you can be sure that you will get the best deal available.
Review the Given Sample
4. Review The Given Sample
We offer examples of several color schemes to guarantee that the product meets your standards for quality.
The Making Process
5. The Making Process
It will take two to three weeks for delivery when the samples have been approved, after which we'll start the production process.
Shipment Workflow
6. Shipment Workflow
Prior to sending your orders through Air, DHL, FedEx, UPS, or TNT, you must pay the charge.

Along with the excellence of the college medals I order, they also do a great job of preparing and shipping our orders, which makes me impressed. I will undoubtedly spread the word about you.


Today, our bulk orders for the college medallion arrived. We are overjoyed to have them in perfect condition, not even a scratch. I appreciate that.


Well done, Relia Metal! These college awards much exceed my expectations, thank you. We are confident that it will last for decades based on the appearance and feel of these products.


It’s an affordable college medal but of excellent quality! The transaction went without a hitch, and we eagerly anticipate the next.



The absence of any damaged goods makes us happy. We can consider the price that is being given to be fair. More bulk college medallions will shortly be ordered! Until our next transaction.


Do you offer samples prior to mass production?

For quality assurance, the samples are supplied to you, and some may be free.

Can I make a partial payment as a down payment and the remaining amount before delivering my school medal order?

Before we start mass production, we require a deposit of at least 30%. Prior to delivering the orders, the remaining balance must be paid.

What kind of material works best for college medals?

The ideal medal content materials are Stainless steel, iron, brass, and zinc alloy. The plating options include gold, silver, bronze, antique gold, antique silver, and antique bronze, as well as spray-on black or spray-on another color.

What is the production time for custom handcrafted medals?

In contrast to most other medal companies, our company’s lead time for personalized medals is merely 3 to 4 weeks. Because of our staff and labor force, our order lead times are quite short. Since our medal lead times are so short, most race events may be supported in as little as 3 weeks on average.

Are you able to design any certain medal shape?

With our custom medal service, we can produce any type of medal you desire, including shields, rounds, squares, and cut-out shapes.

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