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Elevate your brand by having high-quality custom car pins by Relia! We have a warm, personalized service and will go over everything to help you produce your designs into premium pins and badges. We are a custom car badge maker with over 15 years of experience in mass-producing custom car badges. Here are a few advantages of choosing Relia:

  • 10+ Engineers With 15+ Years Of Experience
  • 99% High-Quality Material Used
  • Affordable Costs Of Production
  • Fast Delivery Within 15-20 Days
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What Are Custom Car Badges

Car badges or emblems serve as a visual representation of the brand and to convey ownership. The car badges should be as durable and clear as possible. If you are eyeing to produce bulk car emblems with your logo, you need to choose a direct manufacturing company that could meet your requirements and expectations. 

Relia Metal is a well-known custom car badge maker in China that has been producing millions of custom-made car badges since 2005. Working with an established manufacturer will guarantee your satisfaction and will not disappoint in providing your needs and unique requirements for your badges. 

All of the badges that we produce are made to order ensuring that you will receive badges of your original designs. We offer complete customization from different enameled colors to packaging that you think will fit your branding and style.

Badges By Application

Car Grill Badges

We create grill badges that fit different car grill brands with unique styles.

Enamel Car Badges

Made-to-order design colored with high quality and vivid enamel colors.

Classic Car Badges

The logo and texts are isolated for a stunning badge appearance.

Custom Text Car Badge

Precise text or labels made clear and bold or italics perfect for car badges.

3D-Printed Custom Car Badge

Famous and well-liked style perfect for a minimalist logo.

3D Sport Car Badge

High quality and long-lasting badges made specifically for a sports cars.

Materials (3)

  • Brass

    Long-lasting material that is used for badges that require resistance to corrosion and rust. Has a brighter and gold-looking appearance that is an excellent choice for a classical look.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    By using an injection molding process, zinc alloy badges may produce unique pins and badges that are incredibly flexible, highly robust, and adaptable to soft enamel.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Stainless Steel

    Sustainable material that gives a polished look to badges. Excellent material of choice for badges that require high corrosion resistance and heavier weight.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Badges By Size (4)

Badges Packaging

Velvet Pouch
Velvet Pouch

For keeping your car badges! Drawstrings with two cords pull tightly for a secure, tight fit.

Paper Box
Paper Boxes

Customers can receive our paper boxes as plain perforated sheets from which they can add their logos and delegate names.

Clear Poly Bag
Clear Poly Bag

These clear poly bags, which are made exclusively of high-quality materials, give you the advantage of low-cost brand visibility.

Velour Boxes
Velvet Box

Fashioned from the superior flock. It is sturdy, providing the contents inside with much-needed protection.


The custom car badge design that you submitted will be permanently printed on the badge. We use a printing method to ensure that the images are impossible to be peeled off and at the same quality from the first day that you got them. What are you waiting for, have your designs printed today!

Die Casting

Die Casting

The mold through die-casting ensures that the material used is at the exact shape and size that you wanted for your custom car badges. Die casting allows each mold to be created with accuracy repeatedly.  Notify us right away for more information in detail!


A stamping press is used to feed a sheet of metal during the stamping process. The press machine uses pressure to form the desired shape for custom car badges. We do have great deal to offer. Make sure to get in touch with us if you want to learn more about how we make medals.



A cloth buffing wheel is required if the product needs to be thoroughly polished to get the mirror look. This is how smooth badges and button badges with personalized designs are often manufactured. More details about the polishing process can be found on our page.

The Leading Name For Customized Car Badge Maker In China

Relia Expertise In Mass Production Of Customized & Durable Medals
Relia Expertise In Mass Production Of Customized & Durable Medals

Relia Metal has been one of China’s top custom badge makers for more than a decade. Throughout the years, we have gained hundreds of clients that continuously work with us because of the satisfaction that they receive from us. No artwork yet? No problem, we will help you build custom badges that are trendy and stylish and that you will surely love! Our skilled craftsmen will assist you to hand in hand to perfect your badges just in time when you need them.

Delivering Top-Notch Badges On Time!

Distinct, Custom-Made Shape And Design

For a fair price, we can assist in creating a distinctive style and shape for your car badges.

Constant Durability

You might want to think about the badge’s weight, size, and durability. We ensure that our badges are durable and of good quality.

Experience Professional Production Service At Low Cost Today!
Experience Professional Production Service At Low Cost!

Relia Metal is a dedicated custom car badge maker in China that provides high-quality custom badges that match your budget. Our flexibility and skills will guarantee that your badges will be 100% accurate with the design that you submitted with excellent material longevity. You have full control over what color, design, size, plating, and packaging will be used for your badges. Interested in working with us? Reach out today for a free quotation!

  • These people are awesome always, not just now. They are something I frequently use and will continue to enjoy. We developed a design for car badges, and they produced them as soon as they could. They arrived on time and were flawless. I rate them ten.

    Tom K.
  • The attention to detail in the Relia Metal crafting is exquisite. Relia Metal‘s communication team was really responsive and friendly. Any questions I had were answered. Makes the front end even more awesomely personalized. Absolutely intend to purchase another 5000 pcs.!

    Sherryl P.
  • I just received my custom car badges, and so far everything has gone smoothly and simply according to my specifications. I appreciate it!

    Alice R.
What if I don't have any artwork available can you help me?

Yes. When creating your design, you can get assistance and support from our highly qualified design team. If you have a specific design in mind, let us know, and we’ll get to work on it for you.

Do I need to pay to see the design that you made?

You don’t need to pay for the design, we will work with you throughout the process and only continue with production with your approval.

Will you reuse my custom badge design to other clients?

No, your designs are kept in our files for two years for re-ordering purposes without having other clients copy them.

Can I include a barcode or a serial number on my design?

Yes, we support any variable data such as a barcode or serial number to be included on your badges.

What is your order MOQ?

When creating your design, you can get assistance and support from our highly qualified design team. If you have a specific design in mind, let us know, and we’ll get to work on it for you.

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