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Relia is the most trusted custom challenge coin manufacturer offering the best materials and production method. With our years of experience and expertise, you can benefit from our high quality wholesale challenge coins that are delivered to you on time at a very competitive price range and above all, premium and expensive looking. We take care of your order as your professional designers and engineers. We also offer:

  • Hard & Soft Enamel Colors
  • Finest Coin Precision
  • Free Quotation & Sample
Manufacturers Of Custom Challenge Coins

Our Teamwork Makes Premium Challenge Coins

For more than 10 years in service, we have gained loyal clients that continue to work with us in mass producing their custom items. They have put their trust in us because they believe that we are their most reliable challenge coin supplier. Working directly with us will save you time and effort because we have everything that you need specially in customizing.

Custom challenge coins by Relia are the answer to your marketing needs, whether you need the perfect award or the most memorable way to promote businesses. Let our decades of experience and expert engineers help you create stunning wholesale challenge coins. We have already produced over 10 million coins that honors achievements and contributions.

Our coins are manufactured with 100% quality materials at the lowest price possible with different packaging options that ensures you to find the best possible way to present your wholesale coins. With this, we are always ready to help you create top-notch coins for your next big project!

Manufacturers Of Custom Challenge Coins

Manufacturers Of Custom Challenge Coins

Relia Metal has everything you need in a custom challenge coin! We have worked with some of the most well-known brands to create customized coins over the years. We value your feedback and strive to keep as many design details as possible. Only at Relia will you find:

  • Free Coin Design Assistance
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • Air & Sea Shipping Options
  • Different Coin Plating Options
Design Submission
If you have your artwork ready, you can submit them to us through an original file. However, if you don’t have a design available you can send us your ideas and we’ll create them for you.
Mold Designing
After designing, molding is the next step and fundamental metal casting technique used to form the shape of challenge coins
Die Casting
Molten metal is formed and pressed into the desired shape and size of your custom coin by using a metal casting technique.
Custom challenge coins are machine printed to ensure long-lasting images and texts that are guaranteed to last for years.
Extra layer of protection and additional effect for custom coins are added during the electroplating process. Where protection from rust and tarnish is guaranteed and plating such as chrome, gold, silver, and nickel are available.
Quality Control
Our quality control system is an important stage in our process that ensures the quality of all our products before being delivered to you.
Challenge coins with enamel colors printed on both sides are impossible to remove; this process also gives the product a polished appearance.
Paint Baking
The challenge coins are painted with several layers of primer, paint, and coating, and paint baking is used to speed up the drying time.
We custom-made packaging to be used individually on your custom challenge coin orders which includes paper bags, velvet pouches/bags, or gift boxes.

Product By Color (4)

Product By Application (4)

How To Order

Reach Out To Us
1. Reach Out To Us
Fill out the form using the "Contact Us" interface, then click "Submit Form." We'll contact you within 4 to 8 hours.
Confirm The Artwork
2. Confirm The Artwork
When your artwork is finished, you can send it to us to begin production. If you still require design assistance, our artist can assist you until you are satisfied.
Negotiate The Price
3. Negotiate The Price
After everything has been agreed upon, the pricing will be negotiated, and you can be confident that you will get the best deal possible.
Review the Given Sample
4. Review The Given Sample
We produce custom samples where your coins can be produced in different colors or platings so you can check which one looks and fits best for your branding.
The Making Process
5. The Making Process
After the samples have been approved, we will begin the production process, which will take two to three weeks.
Shipment Workflow
6. Shipment Workflow
You must pay the fee before sending your orders via Air, DHL, FedEx, UPS, or TNT.


The eagle challenge coins that we have ordered are beyond expectations. The colors are rich and vibrant. Surely, Relia Metal worked hard in making our orders perfect for us!


Good work! Every detail of these veteran challenge coins are clear and the enameling was perfect.


I have my designs revised by Relia’s design team, and they did an excellent job! The challenge coins came out greater than we expected. We’ll surely order again soon!


Relia is the best custom challenge coin manufacturer that we have worked with. They provide easy customization and the lowest wholesale price available in the market.


We are happy and satisfied with the service that we receive and for our wholesale challenge coin orders.


Great customer service! All of our concerns and inquiries were answered perfectly and on time. We got the exact design that we wanted for our police challenge coins for sale.


The design was exactly replicated with the original design that we have submitted. Surely this is the best custom challenge coin manufacturer in China!


What payment methods do you accept?

When you order from us for the first time, you must pay in advance before we can process your order. We accept T/T or Payoneer as payment methods. If the samples order or mold cost pre-pay, Paypal will be preferred.

Do you charge mold fees?

Mold fees are included in the quotation, but if it’s your second time ordering the same mold within 2 years, there will be no molding fee.

How soon can I expect my order after sending my payment?

After we receive your order and the sample has been approved, mass production will start immediately. Our standard production time is 15-20 days; Furthermore, additional delivery time will be able to get the products on hand. Production time will be adjusted if the design is too complex or the quantity is too large.

Can you accept my order if I only have an idea?

Yes, if you only have an idea in mind you can send it to us and we’ll assist you in making your ideas come to life.

What kind of artwork files do you accept?

Original documents, such as AI/CDR/PDF, must be provided with the design draft. If no original design is available, clear images can be provided. Our designers can offer free design services and assist you in creating design drawings for your approval.

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