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As a keychain manufacturer, Relia Metal makes customized keychains in any size, color, or shape with your customized logo. Working with us will benefit you with:

  • 15 Years Of Experience Skilled Worker
  • Product Defect Rate 0%
  • Rapid Response: 4-8 hours
  • Production Time: 15-20 Days
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What Is Are Custom Die Cut Keychains

Custom die-cut keychains are promotional items that are excellent for trade shows. A wide range of businesses and organizations can benefit from custom cut keychains as excellent promotional items. They are a fun and useful way to promote yourself or remember an occasion.

Relia Metal‘s keychains are created by using a high-pressure die to press a design into your chosen material. Raised and recessed areas can be found on the final keychain. The recessed areas are treated with an antiquing solution or sandblasted to add definition to the design, while the raised areas are hand polished to give them a smooth and shiny finish.

The highest quality materials and vibrant colors are used to create our promotional laser-cut keyrings. We provide true black plating in addition to plating in gold, silver, and copper. Any logo can really stand out by having the background sandblasted! Antique finishes and custom cut-outs are both options. Choose from a variety of options, including brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, pewter, and more, to find the ideal base metal for your custom die-cut keychain.

Keychains By Features

Die-Struck Custom Die Cut Keychain

If you want to create more intricate cutouts with smaller pieces, we also offer to cast.

3D Custom Die Cut Keychain

A truly distinctive additional dimension is added by 3D molding. When combined with an antique finish, 3D stands out.

Photo Realistic Custom Die Cut Keychain

If the keychain for your logo features a photorealistic image, this is a fantastic option.

Screen Printing Custom Die Cut Keychain

Printing a real photo straight onto a label after taking it.

Printed Custom Die Cut Keychain

A lightweight and affordable way to incorporate colors and images.

Custom Die Cut Keychain With Epoxy

A layer of clear epoxy coating can be added, resulting in a glossy look.

Materials Used (3)

  • Stainless Steel

    The metal does not tarnish, rust as quickly as other metals, or develop a verdigris finish.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    A durable keychain material that generates more output with less labor and machining.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Aluminum

    It is a thin, corrosion-resistant metal that can act as a layer of defense on its own.

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Keychain By Size (4)

Keychain Packaging

Velvet Bag
Velvet Pouch

Two cord drawstrings pull snugly to provide a secure fit when holding your Keychains.

Paper Boxes
Paper Boxes

Our paper boxes are delivered to customers as plain perforated sheets so they can add names and logos.

Clear Poly Bag
Clear Poly Bag

With these clear poly bags, which are only made of top-quality materials, you can gain low-cost brand visibility.

Velvet Boxes
Velvet Box

Composed of the best flock. Its toughness provides much-needed protection for the items inside.


Forming molten metal for metal casting by pressing it into a permanent mold and giving it the desired shape. Using this method, a  custom die-cut keychain is created by quickly and firmly pressing molten zinc alloy into a casting mold. Contact us as soon as possible if you require any further details about diecast keychains!

Die Casting


Entails placing a metal sheet inside a stamping press. The custom die-cut keychain is shaped by the press machine’s application of pressure. Computer-aided design software is used to create the stamp design in order to produce an accurate design. Send us a message to learn more about our stamping process!


It is the process of smoothing out surface imperfections by melting metal peaks and filling scratches under high pressure and temperature. In order to achieve the smoothness of custom die cut keychain, the material is spread over the surface rather than being completely melted. The process is completed with buffing, which is meant to improve the material’s aesthetics. For instance, by giving it a mirror-like finish. To ensure surface appearance improvement, polishing compounds and cotton buff are typically used. Contact us today to get your free quote and discuss your project with one of our staff!

Quality Checking

Quality Checking

All custom die cut keychains are at 100% quality before being delivered to you because we have a dedicated team of professionals responsible for quality checking. You can be sure that we adhere to strict guidelines because our quality checking standards have met or exceeded international standards. Contact us right away for a free estimate!

Relia Metal: Home Of Customized Wholesale Keychains

Relia Metal: Home Of Customized Wholesale Keychains
Relia Metal: Home Of Customized Wholesale Keychains

Relia Metal takes great pride in manufacturing the best custom die cut keychain and laser cut keyrings. Our products differ greatly from the trinkets from souvenir shops that you’re used to seeing hanging from people’s keychains today thanks to their vivid colors, brilliant finishes, and robust plating in gold, silver, copper, and true black varieties. When ordering from us, you can guarantee to receive perfectly customized die-cut keychains.

Your Custom Design Printed On Strong Materials

Custom Design

Let us step in and help you in printing your exact custom design into coins together with your choice of color and texture.

Durable Metal

The strength, weight, and size of the keychains should all be taken into account. We guarantee the strength and superiority of our keychains.

Keychain Application

Dog Tag Keychain

This keychain functions as both a fashionable necklace and an identification tag. This keychain is also available in a variety of colors.

Luggage Tag Keychain

Stylish and functional keychain for simply identifying luggage. This section contains the owner’s contact information.

Bottle Opener Keychain

This type of keychain is adaptable because it may be imprinted with a brand logo or design.

Create Your Unique Keychain In Bulk Today!
Create Your Unique Keychain In Bulk Today!

Relia Metal’s custom die-cut keychains are made exactly how you wanted them to be. With your brilliant ideas, we can provide you with the most high-quality coins at the lowest affordable price. Let’s begin making the perfect personalized keychain that satisfies all of your requirements right away!

Ring Options

  • The 2500 pcs custom die cut keychains I recently received have arrived, and so far everything is going as I had hoped.I am grateful for the easy transaction.

    Sally M.
  • Just wanted to say thank you for exceeding our expectations and that my order of 3000 pieces of laser cut keyrings is fantastic.

    Victor P.
  • Relia Metal is very precise with your specifications and provides excellent customer service. Thank you!

    Greg T.
What varieties of customized keychains do you create?

We offer different styles of metal keychains including, antique keychains, hard and soft enamel keychains, promotional keychains and many more. We can create different styles according to your requirements. Just let us know.

What kind of keychain is the most conventional?

A metal keychain is the most conventional type. The most popular choice for a custom keychain is that one.

Do you have a VAT and international customs fee?

VAT and customs fees are not our responsibility to pay. The cost varies by nation.

How are the keyring and your personalized keychains attached?

Each of our personalized keychains comes with customized attachments. Attachments include a split ring with chain, lobster clasp, spring-loaded clasp, and many others.

Can custom keychains with internal cuts be accommodated?

Yes, each keychain is allowed to have one internal cut with a minimum size of 0.25 inches.

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