China's Number One Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coin

Relia Metal can help you create custom marine corps challenge coins with your logo and unique packaging at a reasonable price. We provide any style, shape, or color of coin, along with printed or plain customized design available for challenge coins. Working with us, you’ll find.

  • Professional In-House Designers
  • Durable Metal Material Used
  • Inspection Before Dispatch
  • 100% Customization Options
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What Are USMC Challenge Coins For Sale

Relia Metal is a team of professionals who develop world class custom marine corps. These challenge coins marine corps are made with the highest caliber material that is free from rust and corrosion. We provide high quality challenge coins that are durable, strong, unique, and affordable; We assure you that we offer the best challenge coins at the lowest wholesale price available.

Here at Relia, we create different kinds of submarine challenge coins and US marine corps challenge coins in different styles and colors that fits your brand. We use vivid enamel colors that are long lasting and would make your designs pop. Other than enamel colors, you can also use different platings as finishings which adds flare to your challenge coins. 

You don’t always have to use the round or circular shape for your challenge coins, you can opt to use different shapes to make your coins unique. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have any idea on what kind of shape to use, our professional designers can help you with that with no additional charge!

Coin By Features

2D Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coins

The raised and recessed areas on these coins’ two levels of metal (striked metal and non-striked metal).

3D Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coins

We can round corners and make smooth gradations between raised and recessed areas on 3D challenge coins because of 3D coins.

Die-Struck Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coins

Each mold strikes the raw brass hard enough to imprint the design’s raised and recessed areas onto the brass,

Antique Silver Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coins

Vibrant enameled colors go incredibly well with antique silver design.

Printed Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coins

Printed challenge coins can have different vivid colors that are durable and can fit any design and style that you like.

Engraved Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coins

A multi-level design with the engraving of your choice prominently displayed on the coins.

Materials Used (3)

  • Stainless Steel

    Coins are long-lasting and durable thanks to an iron alloy that is resistant to rust.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Brass

    A rich red, non-ferrous metal that is typically made of copper or zinc.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Provides longer life span of coins and better stability against corrosion.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Coin By Size (4)

Coin Packaging

OPP Bags

Transparent, useful, and adaptable packaging that effectively safeguards coins during delivery.

Bubble Wrap
Bubble Bag

Packaging made of elastic material that will effectively absorb shock and vibration.

Poly Bag
Poly Bags

A simple-to-use packaging designed to shield coins from damage while in transit. Additionally, it has eco-friendly qualities.

Plastic Box
Plastic Box

Coin-holding, durable plastic container that is reusable.


During the stamping process, a stamping press is used to feed a sheet of metal used to form the shape of each custom marine corps challenge coins. We use only a computer generated machine in stamping for accuracy and to avoid human errors. Get to know more about us and our stamping process by reaching out today! t us now!



In order to create different color effects, a thin coat is applied carefully all around the metal material. The slight variations in color and form can be controlled with careful experimentation. Using this method, steel can be colored to look like copper, silver, or gold. On the other hand, custom marine corps challenge coins recessed areas receive an enamel paint coating. Get a free estimate on enameled coin by sending your inquiries today!


A further layer of coating is used to protect custom marine corps challenge coins from rust and corrosion. Chromium, gold, and nickel are materials used in electroplating. Get to know more about our process by sending a message today!



We custom make the packaging that suits well with your custom marine corps challenge coins orders. You can choose to have your coins packed in a paper or acrylic box or even just an OPP bag that comes free with every custom challenge coin. Check our custom packaging by sending us a message.

Relia Metal - Trusted Mass Producer Of Custom Challenge Coins

Relia Metal - Trusted Mass Producer Of Custom Challenge Coins
Relia Metal - Trusted Mass Producer Of Custom Challenge Coins

Working with us will give you ease in customizing your bulk custom marine corps challenge coins and to ensure your satisfaction, before we do the mass production we’ll send you some samples for your approval. We offer the highest quality material to be used in challenge coins for a more durable finish with added rust and corrosion protection. No matter the design you have for custom challenge coins marine corps we’ll have them custom-made just for you!

Top - Grade Coins With Complete Customization

Fully Customizable Artwork

Coins are produced on demand. Although we don’t provide any templates, design assistance is available without charge

Highest Grade Coins

We produce coins in bulk with exceptional individual quality that satisfies clients’ needs.

Custom Coin Style

One Sided Design

Your custom coin will feature only one side with color, and the other side has none. This custom coin adds richness and dimension to challenge coins.

Double Sided Design

Your customized coin will have a colored design both sides. Double sided colors can be custom engraved with gloss or matte coating and creates a classic look.

Get Started On Mass Producing Your Designs Now!
Get Started On Mass Producing Your Designs Now!

With our quick and easy process, you can now get a hold of high-quality custom marine corps challenge coins in bulk at low wholesale prices. All you need to do is send us your design or if you don’t have a design available, your creative ideas will do! Here at Relia Metal, we are happy to assist you all along the way. Just send us your inquiries and we’ll answer them immediately!

Borders And Edges Options

  • We are happy when there are no damaged coins despite the excellent Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coins. To be fair, we can accept the price as it is given. We’ll be ordering more bulk coins soon. Until we transact again.

    Terry M.
  • Excellent customer service from start to finish. I was delighted to receive the confirmation of my Marine Corps Challenge Coins because it was exactly what I asked for.

    Emily T.
  • With on-time deliveries, a seamless production process, and prompt responses to all of my emails and questions, even when I’ve asked them multiple times, Relia Metal consistently allays my concerns.

    Mary C.
What is the most effective way to request a revision for my design?

The best way to request changes to your design is to send us an email with your requests, along with any sketches or references you believe will help our art team bring your custom coin to life. However, any requested changes will incur an additional fee.

Is it possible to later reorder the same coin design?

Yes, we keep the coin molds from each customer for up to two years in between orders. The production process will be quicker and there won’t be any additional mold or set up costs if you decide to order the same coins again within that two-year window because everything will already be set up for our production team.

Can I design a unique border for the edge of my coin?

You can, indeed! You can select one of our six primary styles, or our art team can create an edge design entirely from scratch. Simply inform our sales team of the type of edge you desire, and we will create a unique edge design for you.

What types of metal plating do you provide?

We have platings in gold, silver, and copper if you want something traditional. For a more modern appearance, we also offer black nickel, powder coatings, and antique finishes.

What types of paints are applied to my coin to add color?

We provide more options when it comes to choosing the ideal colors for your challenge coins than just the Pantone color palette.

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