Custom Metal Medals for Charity Events: How to Design Them to Maximize Donations

Custom Metal Medals for Charity Events: How to Design Them to Maximize Donations

Custom Metal Medals for Charity Events_ How to Design Them to Maximize Donations

Understanding the Purpose of the Charity Event

We must now be careful not to minimize the positive effects of charity. These advantages are frequently oversimplified and under-examined in discussions. The welfare of society and each individual is the fundamental goal of charity or giving. The practice of charity has the power to spread wealth throughout society if done frequently and on a large scale.

Designing Custom Metal Medals for Charity Events

Designing Custom Metal Medals for Charity Events

Our Custom Charity Medals can help you raise as much money as you can for any deserving cause. We promise that we can design the ideal medal for you, with a variety of designs and features to choose from.

    • Enamelled Medals – Medals that have been partially or completely colored in enamel.
    • UV Printed Medals – These medals have gained popularity quickly, pushing the limits of medal design to produce some absolutely stunning pieces.

Choosing the Right Materials for Custom Metal Medals

Choosing the Right Materials for Custom Metal Medals

A range of materials can be used to make custom metal medals. You must select a superior medal to ensure that it keeps its glossy surface over time and does not tarnish.

  • The metal copper is slightly softer. It is of excellent quality and has a lovely appearance.
  • Zinc Alloy is a tough material with excellent corrosion resistance that can form 3D effects.

You want your medal to represent your community and event. The materials and colors you select will also have an impact on how your finished product will look and feel. 

Maximizing Donations with Custom Metal Medals

Incentives for fundraising can be anything you give to your supporters to entice them to give money. Any effective fundraising incentive ultimately serves to strengthen your bond with your donors, whether it be through tangible gifts, exclusive deals, or extraordinary opportunities.

    • Show Your Proof – In order to help donors associate that joyful feeling with supporting your organization, consider including these moving stories in your marketing materials and on donation web pages and forms.
  • Facilitate Donations Through Your Website – It must be as straightforward and user-friendly as possible when potential donors arrive at your website.

Here are some successful fundraising campaigns that used custom metal medals:

  • Captain Tom’s Walk for the NHS
  • Paddington’s Postcards for Children
  • Wings For Life – World Run


Every donor’s reason for giving to charity is different. We’re sure the same applies to your circumstance. You could be donating for a very excellent purpose. But whatever the case, it doesn’t prevent you from becoming a comfort to those who are hurting in these trying times. We have observed how a few kind words and some assistance can restore hope to everyone.

Relia Metal offers made-to-order charity medals that feature your logo and design. Our in-house designers create your personalized medals entirely from scratch, ensuring a one-of-a-kind award that leaves an impression. To deliver the quickest turnaround times and most affordable prices for public welfare or non-profit organization. Get in touch with us today to know more about the services offered!


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