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With the help of our skilled workers and advanced equipment, we are able to provide high-quality custom-made metal badges. There’s no need to waste time in finding different companies that could provide quality and affordability, find everything you need with your custom military pins at Relia! Enjoy the perks of:

  • Complete Control On Personalization
  • Excellent Design Assistance
  • Free & Affordable Quotation
  • Fast Response In 4-8 hours
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What Are Custom Military Pins

Custom military pins are a great way to create recognition. Relia Metal is your top manufacturer of military lapel pins wholesale that can be personalized from material, design, size, shape, and size. 

Different kinds of platings are also available such as gold, silver, bronze, antique shades, and many more. We are able to give you the suggestions that you need for your request.

With our years of experience, we have gained the trust of our loyal customers, and producing bulk medals couldn’t be easier for us. Our collaborative team will provide strict quality control in making sure that all custom military badges will meet or even exceed your expectations.

Custom Military Pins By Application

Service Pins For Military

Available in various sizes and styles which can be soft or hard enameled

Army service pin

Great accessory to wear at army events with a wide variety of colors to choose from

Military service pins

Created with high-quality enamel die with your ideal designs and texts

Army pins on uniform

Custom-made army pins that are flattering accessories for military uniforms

Army unit lapel pins

Ideal use as promotional army giveaways or personal military use with custom design.

Military Pins for Hats

Can be worn in stylish hats to raise awareness for an important military cause

Materials (3)

  • Brass

    Highly malleable material that is ideal use for custom designs that are complex

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Rust-proof material that’s a more economical option than stainless steel.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Aluminum

    Lightweight and flexible material that can be formed in any shape and medal sizes

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Custom Military Pins By Size (4)

Custom Military Pins Packaging

Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap

Makes sure each product is protected with its shock-absorbing feature

Opp Bag
Opp Bag

Shiny, clear, and Non stretchy form of packaging that prevents badges from scratching

Paper Box
Paper Box

Individually protects products during shipment with its 4 sturdy corners

Velvet Box
Velvet Box

Luxury velvet box texture with personalized engrave logo or texts on each box


After the molding process, the next layer is created. This process allows pictures and texts to be impossible to peel or scrape off. The images are in HD quality with a long-lasting and resilient custom military pins design. When working with us, you can guarantee a high-end printing method. Get a free estimate by notifying us right away!

Paint Baking

Paint Baking

Layers of paint, primer and final coating are added to custom military pins which are then quickly dried by the paint baking method. By that, the velocity of production is increased. If you want to learn more about our paint baking process, you can send us your message today!

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving creates deep and lasting markings, where materials are vaporized creating custom military pins designs and textures. Be one of our partners and personalize your military medals for wholesale price!

Laser Engraving


A thin coat of enamel paint is applied finely around the material chosen for custom military pins, to produce various color effects. With subtle color variations and forms that can be controlled. This technique is used to provide color to steel, such as copper, silver, and gold. Get to know more about us now!

Relia Metal - Trusted Pins & Badges Manufacturer

Relia Metal - Trusted Pins & Badges Manufacture
Relia Metal - Trusted Pins & Badges Manufacture

Complete range of solid enamel colors, flat and smooth finish, vibrant and embossed designs, all of these are just the basic pins and medals features that you can expect when you work with Relia! Our company is built with trust and reputation that we have gained throughout the years together with our loyal clients. With our global experience and expertise, we can bring forth high quality military lapel pins wholesale that’s perfect for you!

Serving Quality And Authenticity On Pins And Badges

Authentic Designs

We custom-made military medals and badges where designs are submitted by customers to make sure that the medals that we are producing are all authentic from text to artwork

Excellent Quality

Each medal and badge are made with materials that are durable and have excellent quality to ensure that the products last for years or even decades with proper maintenance. 

Order Your Premium Pins And Badges Today!
Order Your Premium Pins And Badges Today!

Relia Metal can customize anything from text and artwork with high knowledge on military designs. Featuring our premium custom military pins that are affordable. No matter what kind of military badge you require, we guarantee to provide them for you. We’re delighted to begin collaborating with you soon!

  • We did not expect our orders to be this high quality since the price is very affordable. We highly recommend Relia Metal!

    Tom K.
  • These custom military pins are exactly how we wanted them to be. We have ordered 100,000 pcs and we’ll surely order more soon.

    Sherryl P.
  • Great work Relia! Our custom military badges are have the exact color and texture that we asked. Each badge is scratch-free!

    Alice R.
Will I receive a proof of my revised artwork before you produce my orders?

Yes, when you requested your submitted artwork to be revised we’ll then send you some revised designs so you could check if it passes what you are looking for a medal design.

What appears to happen when I decide to cancel an order that is still being produced?

Any changes or cancellation in the middle of production applies charges.

What kind of attachment or clutches do you offer?

We offer different kinds of clutches for your pins including, butterfly clutch, rubber clutch, safety pin, magnetic backing, self-adhesive backing. You can choose any attachment you prefer.

How can I get samples?

After we are done discussing your desired product with your submitted design, we’ll then produce a custom or generic sample for you to choose from before we mass produce the items. 

What different types of designs do you create?

For designs or logos you can choose different kinds, we can make embossed, debossed, laser printed, color fill, etched, and sublimation print.

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