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Relia Metal has perfected the process of working with clients to make the process from providing free quotation to production and delivery as quickly as possible. With us, you can order high quality custom printed pins at prices that you can afford. Get your personalized pins now without breaking your budget! We offer:

  • Fast Air And Sea Delivery
  • Fair Wholesale Pricing
  • Free Customize Design
  • Satisfaction Rate Of 97.5%
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What Are Custom Printed Pins

Custom printed pins come to many different uses like in award ceremonies, military, commemorative, and formal. These pins are designed to your aesthetic and branding style. Here at Relia Metal, you can guarantee that you’ll have more customization options than any other wholesale pin manufacturer in the market. You can customize the shape, size, color, design, and packaging of your pins the way you like it. Our plating options are not limited to silver and gold only, you can choose different shades of plating like antique, black, chrome, rose gold, and many others. 

We’ve worked with some of the world’s famous brands like Toshiba, JBL, Ford, and Alcoa. The one thing our customers have in common is that through working with us, they are able to meet their deadlines with ease, quality, and price that is well-established. For several years of manufacturing different metal crafts such as offset printed pins, printful enamel pins, 3D enamel pins, and screen printed enamel pins, our clients trust us with the quality of work we provide and never have we disappointed them. 

One of our advantages is we allow you to be the artist of your printed pins whereas you can submit your designs and logo and we can 100% replicate and print them into high quality pins. Since we are one of the top brands in manufacturing custom printed pins we always ensure to provide you with only the highest quality pins that last a lifetime.

Custom Military Pins By Application

Award Printed Pins

This type of pin helps fill the need for multiple awards or incentives for top performers.

Military Printed Pins

Can be created in various styles and designs to showcase military achievements.

Special Events Printed Pins

Used to spice events or conferences with colorful and more meaningful event pins.

Company Printed Pins

A classical look suits best for corporate use which can drive a particular message.

Custom Bag Pins

Pins that make a bold statement and elevate the overall look of a simple backpack.

Enforcement Pins

Identify the enforcer’s identity and rank in different counties by using printed pins.

Materials (3)

  • Brass

    Has a good wear resistance and is good for decorative printed pins without eliminating the classy style.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Corrosion-resistant and stable material that is perfect to use in 3D style pins and custom printed pins.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Aluminum

    Strong, lightweight, cost effective, and easy to maintain material that looks great to use for printed pins especially when polished.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Custom Military Pins By Size (4)

Custom Military Pins Packaging

OPP Bags
OPP Bags

Waterproof and dust proof packaging that usually comes free in every printed pins.

Velvet Bag
Velvet Bag

Features high-quality material that feels luxurious, outstanding, and beautiful to the touch.

Plastic Boxes
Plastic Box

Safe and lightweight packaging that effectively promotes the pins inside while preserving the quality.

Customize Box
Custom Packaging

We can provide any kind of packaging you prefer just send us your specification and we’ll quote them depending on the material used.


The shape of the customized pins is formed during the stamping process, where the metal blanks are inserted into a software-aided machine press to form a more precise shape and design. There’s no time to waste, contact us today to learn more about our stamping process on custom-printed pins!



 We use different methods in coloring including manual and machine to ensure that all the colors used in custom printed pins are vibrant and would last for a long time by using primer first and final coating at the end. For more information, contact us today!


This method is used to ensure your custom-printed pins are scratch free and have a mirror-like finish. This method eliminates all the unwanted and extra texture that does not look good. Contact us today for more information!



The appearance, thickness, and rust protection of custom printed pins are enhanced during this process, making sure that each item is at a 100% performance rate before being delivered. You can know more about our electroplated pins by reaching out today!

Affordable Customized Wholesale Pins By Relia Metal

Affordable Customized Wholesale Pins By Relia Metal
Affordable Customized Wholesale Pins By Relia Metal

Working with us gives you the benefit of getting high-quality custom-printed pins while staying within your budget. Our business philosophy includes enhancement of product quality, embracing innovative technology, and customer-first service. Winning the trust of our customers, our products have been exported all throughout the world to more than 30 countries and regions. We are also known to provide the fastest production time and delivery whether it’s for sample products or mass product production, you can ensure that we’ll deliver them to you quickly.

Original Designs Printed On Durable Materials


We custom-made printed pins according to the designs submitted or from your unique ideas. We can help you mass-produce your design into high-quality pins.


Aluminum, zinc alloy, and brass are used to ensure product durability and would last for a long time. Guaranteed these materials are corrosion resistant.

Contact And Start Your Pin Mass Production With Us Today!
Start Your Pin Mass Production With Us Today!

Relia Metal’s goal is to provide you with high-quality custom printed pins based on your needs and specification. We have worked together to help you come up with a great product with your personalized design and logo. Our team will assure you that all of your requirements are met and all of your concerns are heard and not only that, but we’ll address all your inquiries with the utmost customer experience. So if you are seeking to have your pin designs mass produced today is the right time to send us a message!

  • The customer service was prompt. I was able to reach a live representative within the day of sending my first inquiry. Thank you Relia Metal!

    Tom K.
  • High quality work! This company is very professional and has the attention to detail especially with my complex design on my 1000 custom printed pins order.

    Sherryl P.
  • We’ll order more offset printed pins again soon! Thank you for your help, Relia Metal.

    Alice R.


If I only have a design idea in mind, can you still help me produce my bulk customized pins?

Yes. If you only have an idea of the design, our professional graphic designers can make them come to life.

What kinds of clutch or attachments are available?

You are free to use any clutch or attachment that you prefer for your pins. We offer different kinds of attachments such as butterfly clutches, rubber caps, magnets, safety pins, deluxe clutches, cufflinks, and stickpins.

Do you offer rush bulk orders?

We only produce custom-made pins so our standard production time is 15-20 days which will still depend on some factors such as quantity, product design, production used, and packaging. We don’t stock products.

Can I still request a change in design after I already approved the samples?

Any changes made after the sample is approved, we’ll consider as a new order.

Can you replicate the exact logo or design that I submitted?

Yes. We can replicate any design you require. Whether it’s the complicated or simple logo and design, we have the process to produce your requirement.

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