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Are you having a hard time finding a trustworthy China manufacturer? Today is your lucky day! Relia Metal is a direct factory producing premium custom running medals since 2005 with hundreds of clients around the world. We are proud to offer medals that are durable, customizable, and affordable. You are guaranteed to receive different benefits such as:

  • 500 Pcs Medal MOQ
  • 0% Defective Items Delivered
  • Affordable International Shipment
  • High Satisfaction Rate Of 98.5%
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What Are Custom Running Medals

Running medals or finishing medals are distributed to participants who won the marathon or race, so it’s important that the medals are memorable and last for a long time. 

At Relia Metal, we understood this requirement. Over the years, we have produced and delivered millions of personalized running medals all over the world with multiple clients that continue to put their trust in us. 

Our custom running medals are made with strong materials such as zinc alloy, copper, and stainless steel, they are perfectly designed and 100% accurate with the artwork sent to us providing design enhancements if needed, and no matter what size or style of the medal, we make sure to produce them as required. Regardless if the medal needs to be simple or complex, we aim to always meet expectations. With that, we never get tired of partnering with clients in making their choice of personalization method, to ensure that the finished running medals for sale is the exact medal that they want.

Medal By Application

3D Design Running Medal

3D uncolored sculpture. This theme is enhanced by the contrast between the bright metal and the sandblast background.

Non Enameled Running Medals

Medals without color, are common. Although they lack color, they can be made in a variety of styles and medal shapes.

Silver Finisher Medal

Your medal might stand out by having a simple and assertive shape in silver finishing.

Custom Shiny Running Medals

This medal has a lovely bright finish coating to make it stand out from the crowd.

Custom Text Running Medal

Custom labels and texts are combined and produced using digital-print technology.

Metal Engraved Running Medal

You can choose an engraved medal made of paint or the often used metal alloy zinc alloy.

Materials (3)

  • Copper

    The most popular material for producing medals is copper, and the finished metal medals have a highly attractive appearance.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Provides corrosion-resistant property, product stability, and exceptional product medal strength.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Stainless Steel

    Guarantees rust-free medals for years with additional weight making them feel more valuable.

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Medal By Size (4)

Medal Packaging

Velvet Pouch
Velvet Pouch

Velvet drawstring purse ideal for medals and presentations. It can be branded utilizing metallic foil printing techniques or up to 4 colors.

Velvet Boxes
Velvet Boxes

The case is composed of a thick, high-quality flock that is pleasing to the touch and gives it an extra attractive appearance for medals.

Clear Case
Clear Medal Case

Affordable plastic box with a transparent display lid. Available branded or with your logo or message printed on it.

Paper Box
Paper Box

Simple packaging box that may be customized with a logo or message.


The stamping procedure, also known as metal pressing, is started by feeding flat sheet metal into a stamping press. This press employs pressure and a die to mold the metal into the desired shape of the custom running medals, which is how medals are made. If you have questions about our stamping procedure, send them our way!



To create colors directly, we have a coloring machine and trained people. There are many different hues, including transparency, imitation hard enamel, and soft enamel that can be used to put color on custom running medals. To learn more about how coloring is done. Send your inquiries today!


Scratch-free custom running medals are produced only by having them go through abrasive polishing and fine polishing. Whereas abrasive polishing is used to smoothen out any rough and unnecessary edges while fine polishing is used as a finishing touch to make the surface edge shiny with a mirror-like finish. Contact us today for more information!



We use enameling to put vivid and long-lasting colors to custom running medals. Medals can be enameled on both sides ensuring colors are permanent and impossible to remove once they dried out giving it a polished finish. Discover more about us right now!

Expertise In Production Of Customized & Durable Medals

Relia Expertise In Mass Production Of Customized & Durable Medals
Relia Expertise In Mass Production Of Customized & Durable Medals

If you are in need of mass-producing your medal designs, we can certainly help you. You can submit your designs to us or if you only have an idea for your artwork, in SVG, AI, dwg, or jpeg, our professional design team will coordinate with you to make your ideas be printed on custom running medals. There are endless customization possibilities to choose from so together we could perfect your design. 

We give your medals the best materials possible so they can last a long time. That’s not only the one thing we could offer but we also guarantee excellent service at an affordable price!

Timeless Design & Sustainable Quality Medals

Classic Design

Your original classic designs are imprinted on medals permanently without losing the colors.

Constant Durability

Not only are our custom medals beautiful, they are also strong and durable and they could withstand different types of environments.

Custom Medal Type

One Sided Design Type

Instead of the back, which is blank, this has a design that emphasizes the front side.

Two Sided Design Type

There may be several designs or just one on either side of the medallion.

Contact Us Today For World Class Customized Medals!_
Contact Us Today For World Class Customized Medals!

A great medal design should tell a story and increase branding visibility. Through the use of color, shape, and other design elements, all of that is expressed through graphic design. Here at Relia Metal, we’ll help you produce world-class custom running medals with your original designs. If you are looking to get your designs mass-produced by a trusted China manufacturer at a low price, then contact us today!

Medal Ribbon Option

  • My 2000 pcs of running medals arrived today. I’m pleased with the way my order was completed. Totally undamaged and securely packed. I will undoubtedly let my friends know about your business.

    Tom K.
  • Everything turned around on time. The in-house designer at Relia Metal is extremely helpful with the revisions that I needed with my logo. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and I look forward to working with you again soon.

    Sherryl P.
  • Everything about the process, from personalized running medals design to delivery, was simple and easy. fantastic.

    Alice R.
How long before I get my medals?

Our regular manufacturing varies depending on the type of medal, quantity, and packaging, however, our usual standard time is 15-20 days from the order date. We’ll send you an estimated time once your order is placed.

Do you have quality control before shipping?

Yes, quality control is performed before each step of the process to ensure high quality for the final step.

When we approve your price, what should we do?

Since we first need to estimate the production, material, ribbon, and packaging needs, pricing only begins after the design has been submitted. If you are unsatisfied with the initial quotation, we can still make negotiations and adjust some things that can be adjusted to lower the cost.

How long will my mold be kept if I want to order more medals?

Your mold will be kept on file for two years in case you need to re-order the same design. For any order after two years, we will need to create a new mold which applies to molding charges.

When must payment be made?

We can accept partial payment especially if you are a new client. You can place your 30% down payment before the production and the rest should be settled before your orders can be delivered.

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