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Relia Metal team will assist you in selecting the custom shape pins and colors to make your brand stand out. In ensuring that you will receive the best product quality that you are looking for, we’ll work together with you in every step of the designing and production process. In addition, we provide:

  • MOQ  As Low As 500 Units
  • Reasonable Wholesale Prices
  • Nationwide Shipping
  • Production in 15 – 20 Days
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What Are Custom Shaped Pins

Are you looking for a custom shaped pin? Relia Metal can turn any design into the perfect custom shaped pins in a matter of 15-20 days. Our artists have decades of experience as pin makers and can assist you in creating flawless designs. With decades of experience in metalworking, we understand how important it is that every design looks good on its own without any additional tweaking. 

That is why here at Relia Metal, all of our custom shaped pins such as round badges, custom circle pins, custom round pins, and custom heart shaped pins are crafted by expert teams who take pride not only in their dedication but also in their attention to detail. You can put your logo on custom made shape pins, which are ideal for your business, school, or election. These pins are made of gold-plated stamped metal with bright and vivid enamel colors. We can make any shape pin badge! Full color or plain, round, long, short, or completely custom shaped.

We’ll begin production on your order as soon as the art proof is approved. During this process, both quality control and delivery are scrutinized to ensure that you receive exactly what was promised!

Pins By Application

Transparent Custom Shaped Pins

It allows the background to show through, giving them a premium and elegant appearance.

Printed Design Custom Shapes Pins

Paint and printing are combined to create a unique dimension that combines classic styles with a printed modern look.

Custom Shaped Pins With Logo

Finish your pin with your custom logo protected by a poly dome and assembled on gold findings.

Custom Pins With Engraving

Custom shaped pins with engraved design, plating color on pins as desired, and injected enamel color to match your logo.

3D Custom Shaped Pins

The front of the pins is a 3-dimensional design that draws extra attention. While the back is flat and ready for attachment.

Antiqued Custom Shaped Pins

With raised areas that are slightly brighter and recessed areas that have a darker antiqued, clean, and distinct appearance.

Materials (3)

  • Copper

    The most commonly used material for making pins, and the finished metal pins have a very appealing appearance.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Provides the pins with the same stability, desirable corrosion characteristics, and durability as stainless steel but at a lower cost.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Stainless Steel

    One property of stainless steel is its resistance to corrosion. The best material for making pins.

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Pins By Size (4)

  • 1.75mm Heart Shaped Pins

    This pin is made of high-quality metal and handcrafted using our hard enamel process for vibrant colors and bold images.

  • 2mm Round Badge

    Silver metal color round badge, round one-piece lightweight metal stampings, with a pin clasp fitting.

  • 2.25mm Custom Round Pins

    A protective laminate finish with safety pin attachment. This a fantastic promotional giveaway item for all non-profit organizations.

  • 3mm Custom Circle Pins

    These full color custom circle lapel pins are available in polished gold or black nickel finishes.

Badges Packaging

Velvet Box
Velvet Cases

A detachable foam insert for pins is included in the box. Magnetic closure and gold-plated hinges.

Paper Box
Paper Box

Simple and inexpensive pin packaging; you can also add your company logo to the top of the box.

Clear Poly Bag
Plastic Poly Clear Bags

Bags are available, and the single-track zip closure strip allows for quick and easy sealing.

Velvet Pouch
Velvet Pouch

Great for pin packaging, with the option of adding a logo. To secure the pins, simply pull the satin drawstring.


A stamping press stamps pieces of flat sheet metal to form a new shape of the custom shaped pins. To create a highly accurate design, the design to be stamped is created using computer aided design software. Get a free quote on your wholesale pins today.



A thin coat of enamel paint is finely applied around the material to achieve that rich color effect for custom shaped pins. With subtle color variations and controllable form. Once the enamel colors have dried completely, they will be impossible to remove, giving the pins a polished appearance. If you want more details on how we put color to your custom pins, send us a message today!


The scratches and abrasions underneath the material are eliminated using the polishing method. Each custom-shaped pin is polished before proceeding to the enamel process. We use two techniques in polishing to ensure that the pins are scratch-free and have a mirror-like finish. You can learn more about how we polish your pins by sending us a message today!



This process increases the physical character of a custom shaped pins, including the thickness and level of rust and corrosion protection. Pins are guaranteed to look perfect before being delivered to customers using this method. If you wish to have samples of electroplated custom pins, you can send us a direct message.

Relia Metal 100% Guarantees Brilliant Pins

Relia Metal 100% Guarantees Brilliant Pins
Relia Metal 100% Guarantees Brilliant Pins

We offer custom shaped pins such as circle pins, round custom pins, custom heart shaped pins, as well as many other custom shapes. We also make full-color printed backing cards that can go together with your pins as packaging or any kind of packaging that you prefer. As a result, even a simple pin becomes valuable when made by us.

Pins with Classic Design and Long-Lasting Quality

Iconic Design

Your original classic designs are permanently imprinted on pins without losing color over time.

Continuous Durability

Our custom shaped pins are strong and durable, allowing them to withstand a variety of environments.

Order Your Pins Today For Fast Processing!
Order Your Pins Today For Fast Processing!

Ordering is simple, and creating a custom shaped pins for your company begins with an idea. Relia Metal artists will then collaborate with you to create your design. We have a large selection of colors, textures, and finishes to choose from. We appreciate if you’ll send your designs for us to begin with your orders.

  • Relia Metals‘ assistance with our pins is greatly appreciated by our company! We will definitely order from you again in the future, and we will certainly recommend you to others.

    Tom K.
  • With our pins, we found exactly what we were looking for! We ordered 800 pieces of pins. In the mass production of our custom shape pins, we finally found a long-term partner.

    Sherryl P.
  • Today I received 500 round badges! I’m pleased with how my order was handled. Completely undamaged and well-packaged. I will absolutely recommend your company to my friends. Thank you very much!

    Alice R.
What kinds of logo designs are most effective?

We recommend using simple designs for the best results. Complex artwork, such as photographs, will be stretched in order to be replicated in vector format.

What information should we give you if we want custom-shaped pins?

We will provide you with a price as a guide if you provide us with artwork and information about size, shape, and thickness.

Can you make pins with our company's logo on them?

Yes, customers are encouraged to include their company logo and customized text for branding purposes.

Will you send me a sample of my order?

We are open to providing samples for quality assurance. We frequently provide free generic samples as well as customized samples at varying costs depending on sample style. Prior to mass production, samples are provided to the client for review.

Do you sell pre-made pins?

There are no ready-made pins available. We only accept custom orders for medals in the exact quantity that our customers require.

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