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Forging long-term relationships with our clients is our goal, which is why we offer different customizing options for our customers such as coloring, shape/sizes, thickness, and fittings. 


Here are the list of customization option that we have for shapes and sizes:



Will you still give me advice if my requested process or size is not the best value for me?

If you can let us know the size and type, we can base our quote on that. If we determine that a different procedure or size will improve the value or appearance of your item, we will always provide a detailed justification for the decision.

What are the standard and non-standard colors that you offer?

You name it.  Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Etc. 26 Gauge Hi-Rib Red, Green, Tan, Sandstone, Brown, Gray, Charcoal, White 29 Gauge  Lo-Rib Red, Green, Tan, Clay, Sandstone, Brown, Burnished Slate, Gray, Charcoal, White

Can the design be printed on both sides?

Yes! Designs can be single-side printed or back-to-back printed.

What file formats are accepted for file images or design attachments?

Our company prefer images to be in a vector format, .EPS and .AI formats, but we can also work with most other files whether vector (.CDR), normal raster images (.JPG, .GIF, .BMP, .TIFF and .PSD) or documents (.DOCX, .PPTX, .PDF, etc.)

What are the benefits of having custom designs?

You may add your own unique touch to custom metal designs while still enjoying their strength and durability. Such design can help businesses advertise more effectively and increase their exposure. Full-color custom metal designs are another option, which offer additional design and color options for a bespoke look.

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