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Established in 2005, Relia Metal has been one of the leading manufacturers of customizable car keychains in China. Over the years we have mass-produced custom keychains that are distributed to clients around the world and have gained their trust in mass-producing good and stable keychains that are priced fairly in a short period of time.  

We offer services like :

  • Product Defect Rate of 0
  • Response Time: 4 to 8 hours
  • Detailed Quality Assurance
  • Door-To-Door Delivery
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What Are Custom Customizable Car Keychain

Customizable car keychains are among the most fascinating promotional items for the automotive industry. These keychains are durable and colorful which helps people remember the brand with printed or engraved logos that ensures longevity. 

Soft enamel keychain is one of our most popular customized keychains for car because it is affordable, high-quality, and made with raised metal from die-striking and recessed enamel. These branded keychains complement any layout or logo well. Customized hard enamel personalized car keychains will definitely make an impression because of their polished and shiny finish, which is a great choice for classy and luxury brands. 

For finishings, we offer different variations that includes die struck, engraved, 3D and many more that you could choose from to achieve your desired keychain design.

Keychain By Features

Printed Customizable Car Keychains

Ideal for a straightforward logo print, this design is popular and well-liked.

Shiny Customizable Car Keychains

Die-struck keychains with polished surfaces and no enamel colors.

Classic Customized Car Keychains

Gold or silver plating is the best way to show details that other styles do not have.

Enameled Customizable Car Keychains

Long-lasting enamel colors and a sturdy finish combine to make this premium keychain a thoughtful gift.

3D Customizable Car Keychains

Car keychains with 3-dimensional customization options have 3D text, graphics, and logos on the front.

Die-Struck Customizable Car Keychains

The raised, polished surface of these vintage keychains contrasts with the recessed texture of the background.

Materials Used (3)

  • Stainless Steel

    Keychains have a more expensive feel and appearance thanks to an even more expensive material with added weight.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    A durable and long-lasting keychain material that can be machined and produced with little effort.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Brass

    It is a great metal for plating to give the appearance of a precious metal without having to purchase it.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Keychain By Size (4)

Keychain Packaging

Bubble Wraps
Bubble Wraps

A handy packaging material that is simple to wrap, rip, and has the added benefit of keeping keychains secure.

Paper Box
Paper Boxes

An inexpensive packaging choice that is simple to wrap and offers keychains protection.

Plastic OPP Bags
Plastic OPP Bag

Keychains are protected from scuffs by free, transparent, glossy packaging.

Velvet Pouches
Velvet Pouches

Any size keychains may have metallic foil printing or printing in up to four pantone colors.


Molding is an important manufacturing process in forming the shape of customizable car keychains. Molding entails sculpting or casting the required material into a mold. Different keychain shapes are produced using different meals throughout the manufacturing process. Send us your molding-related inquiries for more details!



To make your customizable car keychains look better, we provide both a machine- and a human-powered coloring process. Although machine coloring is faster, both techniques produce precise and consistent keychain coloring. We also apply a final coating and primer to ensure that the color won’t smear or shift over time. Please send us your questions right away!


Two different techniques are used in the polishing process. Abrasive polishing is used to smooth out the rough edges of the customizable car keychains material, and a finer polish is then used to buff the surface to a shiny, mirror-like finish. Get a free quote now!

Die Casting

Die Casting

The mold cavity is made up of two machined, hardened tool steel dies that resemble injection molds. This container is used to store customizable car keychains that are the proper size and shape. Please contact us as soon as possible for more details on the die-casting procedure!

Keychain Made Of Outstanding Quality By Relia Metal

Keychain Made Of Outstanding Quality By Relia Metal
Keychain Made Of Outstanding Quality By Relia Metal

Do you want assistance? Don’t worry, the Relia Metal team will be there for you from the start of the project through the delivery of the perfect results. In creating your bulk customizable car keychains, we offer a variety of hues, sizes, and designs to bring your artwork to life. Regardless of the kind of design, you are rest assured to receive only the premium. 

With designing, free assistance is offered to choose the best style that fits your requirements. All we need is your design idea and we’ll take care of the rest. You also don’t have to worry about the price since our prices can be adjusted with your budget.

A Special Design That Fits Perfectly In Stable Keychains

Unusual Design

We can assist you in creating keychains with distinctive designs and shapes at an affordable price.

Adaptability Keychains

The strength, weight, and size of the keychains should all be taken into account. Our keychains are strong and of the highest caliber because we take pride in them.

Keychain Application

Dog Tag Keychain

This keychain functions as both a fashionable necklace and an identification tag. This keychain is also available in a variety of colors.

Dog Tag Keychain

Stylish and functional keychain for simply identifying luggage. This section contains the owner’s contact information.

Bottle Opener Keychain

This type of keychain is adaptable because it may be imprinted with a brand logo or design.

Have Your Keychain Customized By Relia Now!
Have Your Keychain Customized By Relia Now!

Here at Relia, our wholesale customizable car keychain is known to be the most durable yet very affordable. We have carefully optimized the use of our equipment for over 15 years to serve you only the best. With the number one priority of turning every inquiry into a satisfied customer, we promise to provide everything that you need with keychain manufacturing. Have your keychains customized today!

Ring Options

  • What a wonderful company to work with. From the start, I was pleased with the customer service. They helped me design my customizable car keychain and were incredibly helpful.

    Sally M.
  • The 1500 pcs of personalized car keychains are excellent, and Relia Metal team consistently does a great job. Highly recommended!

    Victor P.
  • This is my second order from Relia. The quality is perfect! Every piece of customized keychain for car was excellent! I’ll definitely keep buying my key fobs from Relia in the future.

    Greg T.
Are custom keychains printed on both sides?

Our customized keychains have a single-side print or on both sides print and a white ink backing to ensure transparency.

Can custom keychains with internal cuts be accommodated?

Yes, each keychain is allowed to have one internal cut with a minimum size of 0.25 inches.

Can I customize the shape of my keychain?

Yes, we’re experts in custom keychains. We can customize the size, shape, colors, and production process when manufacturing your custom keychains.

Are the keychains packaged separately?

Yes, the keychains typically come in individual polybags. When placing your order, if you have a preference, kindly let us know.

Can my keychains have sequential numbering?

Yes, we can laser engrave sequential numbers on our custom metal products. Please let us know about the added feature during the proofing process, and we’ll include it in the layouts.

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