Direct Manufacturer Hacks - How to Open a Key Ring

Direct Manufacturer Hacks: How to Open a Key Ring

Discover some manufacturer tips and tricks on how to open a key ring. In this article guide, we’ll discuss the different kinds of keyrings and some easy steps to follow on key ring operations. 

What is a Keyring

How to Open a Key Ring

A keyring is a small metal ring or chain made to keep multiple keys together without being twisted. Keyrings are a functional everyday accessory that also serves as an effective promotional item. Different branding elements such as a logo can be showcased to maximize visibility. Before we discuss how to open orbitkey ring , let’s first discover the different types of keyrings.

Different Kinds of Key Rings

There are a number of keyrings in the market today. All have different styles and designs which makes the process of selecting a keyring. We break down some famous keyrings for you to see which one best suits your unique needs.

Engraved Keyrings

An engraved keyring is simple yet direct to the point. This type of keyring features a permanent design or text engraved onto the material surface.

How to Open a Key Ring

Printed Keyrings

A printed keyring is perfect for those who require an image designed onto the surface.

How to Open a Key Ring

PVC Keyrings

PVC keyrings are made of lightweight rubber. They are customizable into various colors, sizes, designs, and shapes which makes them one of the popular keyring options.

How to Open a Key Ring

Leather Keyrings

Leather keyrings are luxurious-looking keyrings that are ideal for gift-giving and for advertising. Due to the material used, they feature a sophisticated look which makes them an expensive option.

How to Open a Key Ring

Bottle Opener Keyrings

A functional keyring that also serves as a bottle opener in one. A bottle opener keyring is an ideal gift for men who always seek to pop some bottles.

How to Open a Key Ring

Custom Metal Keyrings

Metal keyrings feature a customizable smooth metal surface. This type of keyring is often etched with the company’s logo or name which makes them long-lasting. They may be etched into different shapes, filled with enamel colors, or plated with different gorgeous platings. This is an ideal promotional item or corporate gift.

How to Open a Key Ring

Have you already eyed your choice of keyring? Good. Now let’s discuss the easy steps on how to open Louis Vuitton key ring.

Easy Step-By-Step Guide on How to Open Keychain Ring

As a keyring manufacturer, we heard some clients say that keyrings are hard to open. To settle this, we give you detailed tips with pictures to smoothly open your keyrings.

  • Get a coin the size of a quarter.
  • At a 45-degree angle, press the coin’s edge against the key ring near its opening. Let the coin slip under and raise the end up.
  • Press down on the coin to lift the end of the keyring enough to slide the key on. Then insert the key.
  • Take out the coin and insert the key the rest of the way.

How to Open a Key Ring

Although there are other ways to open and insert keys to your keyrings, we find this way the easiest and fastest. Some of the techniques require some tools which will be discussed below.

Essential Tools on How to Open Keyrings


How to Open a Key Ring


How to Open a Key Ring


How to Open a Key Ring


How to Open a Key Ring


How to Open a Key Ring

What is The Easiest Way on How to Open a Plastic Key Ring

Below is a sample video on how to easily open a plastic key ring:

Metal Keyring Wholesale Manufacturer

After understanding the tricks on how to open a key ring without nails, you may be wondering where to get yours mass-produced. Relia Metal has been a trusted manufacturer of custom metal crafts since 2005. Since our manufacturing career, we have already produced millions of custom items including keyrings. 

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