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Since 2005, Relia Metal has been producing the highest quality eagle challenge coins for our customers. We collaborate with you at every step of the way. Our staff takes great care to meticulously record your design request. We also provide :

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What Are Eagle Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are a fantastic way to recognize each of the seven ranks such as Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and Eagle Scout. Our talented artists will work with you to design a custom eagle scout challenge coin design that incorporates unique colors and emblems. A die-struck coin is an excellent choice for metallic colors like gold, silver, and bronze, and you can also choose from a variety of finishes like polished, matte, or antique. 

Each coin has a variety of edge options, including spur, rope, bevel, and cross-cut. There are also one-sided and two-sided color options available to create a vibrant design for your Eagle Scouts challenge coin. You can also use the same design on both sides of the coin or use a completely different logo. We are proud to be the highest-rated Challenge coin in the country. Relia Metal goes above and beyond to ensure that your coins are of the highest quality possible!

Coin By Features

Three-Dimensional Eagle Challenge Coins

The front of the coin depicts a 3D image, which adds a more realistic feel to custom coins, as well as layers of great details.

Eagle Challenge Coins with Epoxy

Option to make soft enamel appear as smooth as hard enamel, as well as added coin protection.

Translucent Enamel Eagle Challenge Coins

With the appearance of depth and a sleek glossy finish, you can take your coins to the next level.

Die-Cast Eagle Challenge Coins

These coins’ raised and polished surfaces stand out against the recessed texture background.

Eagle Challenge Coins With Matte Enamel

Any enamel can be transformed into matte enamel, which is recommended when the color is the main focus.

Spinners Eagle Challenge Coins

One-of-a-kind style coins that add personality by incorporating an interactive design with a spinner.

Materials Used (3)

  • Brass

    A pliable but strong material that is easy to shape, making it an excellent choice for complex structures and designs.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Stainless Steel

    Long-lasting metal that will not rust or discolor. This material is perfect for challenge coins that necessitate additional weight.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    This material combines strength, castability, and extreme corrosion resistance, similar to stainless steel.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Coin By Size (4)

Coin Packaging

Velour Boxes
Velvet Box

Deluxe velvet-lined coin box suitable for coins of any size.

OPP Bags

Simple and long-lasting packaging that allows for easy peeking inside.

Paper Cardboard
Paper Box

Low-cost packaging in which the size is determined by the coin size.

Velvet Pouches
Drawstring Velvet Pouch

Ideal for coin packaging and effective coin presentation.


To protect  Eagle challenge coins from corrosion and rust, an additional layer of coating is applied. Electroplating materials include chromium, gold, and nickel.Visit our page to learn more about the electroplating process.


Die Casting

Is a metal casting technique that uses a permanent mold to press and shape molten metal to your specifications. This method involves pouring molten zinc alloy into a casting mold, which is then quickly and under high pressure formed into  Eagle challenge coins. For more information on die-cast coins, please contact us right away!


To enhance your coins, we offer both machine and manual coloring methods. Both methods produce consistent and accurate Eagle challenge coins coloring, but machine coloring is quicker. In addition, we use primer and a final coat to ensure that the color does not fade or budge over time. Please contact us today for more information on our coin coloring method!



Because enameling on a rough surface reveals all of the scratches and abrasions underneath, the  Eagle challenge coins material is polished before enameling. Go to our page to learn more about our polishing and how it works in coins.

Relia Outperformed Expectations By Making Elevated Coins

Relia Outperformed Expectations By Making Elevated Coins
Relia Outperformed Expectations By Making Elevated Coins

Relia Metal takes great pride in your eagle challenge coin and its significance to you. We understand the value of what your coins represent, and our team is dedicated to providing you with not only the highest quality, but also the best service in the industry. We have the most Talented  challenge coin sculptors in the industry, combined with cutting-edge technology, allowing us to capture unreal detail in your custom coin designs. We provide excellent customer service and consistently exceed each client’s expectations by producing high-quality Eagle challenge coins for Scouts and other organizations.

A Solid Coin With A Distinctive Coin Design

Noteworthy Design

We create coins based on your specifications. We make certain that it is distinct from others.

100 % Strong Coins

We made coins out of the highest quality materials so that they would be durable and difficult to break.

Custom Coin Style

One Side With Color

Your custom coin will feature only one side with color, and the other side has none. This custom coin adds richness and dimension to challenge coins.

Both Sides With Color

Your customized coin will have a colored design both sides. Double sided colors can be custom engraved with gloss or matte coating and creates a classic look.

Start Your Custom Challenge Coin Order Today!
Start Your Custom Challenge Coin Order Today!

For over a decade, our skilled workers have been creating prestigious custom coins. Their skill and talent assure you that you will not find better quality anywhere else. Our Eagle challenge coin is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind challenge coins are made to last. Relia Metal would be honored to assist you in creating a challenge coin that is truly unique to you. Simply notify us and let us know how we can assist you.

Borders And Edges Options

  • We were surprised and delighted by the Eagle Crest Challenge coins! The design accuracy was guaranteed. We’ll definitely order another 2000 pieces soon.

    Terry M.
  • The friendly staff at Relia Metal provides excellent customer service. The service was prompt, and the coins are of high quality.

    Emily T.
  • We received 2500 coins with no errors at an affordable price. The Eagle Challenge coins were well-packaged and delivered on time. Thank you very much, Relia Team.

    Mary C.
How do I know if the coins are the correct size?

We will first send you samples of your desired coins, and if you approve, we will move forward with mass production.

What Is the Distinction Between Soft and Hard Enamel Challenge Coins?

Soft Enamel is textured, with the enamel filled below the metal ridges, whereas Hard Enamel is smooth, with the overfilled enamel polished smooth against the metal. You can have soft enamel on one side of your coin and hard enamel on the other.

How big can a challenge coin get?

We can strike custom challenge coins up to 7 inches in diameter and have them cast in bronze or aluminum.

What is the distinction between die struck and spin cast?

A die-struck design is imprinted on a hard metal coin. The force of a die or mold striking the coin’s surface alters the metal, leaving an imprint of the design. When hot liquid metal is spun into a 3D mold or cast to create the coin design and shape, a spin cast is formed. Softer metals are used to make spin-casted coins.

What is the distinction between 2D and 3D?

There is only one level of raised metal in 2D coin designs. Multiple layers of raised metal are used in 3D coin designs, allowing for greater relief and more intricate details.

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