Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are You A Factory Or A Trading Company?

We are a professional factory in China, mainly engaged in the manufacture of zinc alloys for more than 15 years, allowing you to have high-quality products, and also allow you to have the best direct purchase price from the factory, reducing the cost of a middleman.

Do You Have Factory Audits And Products Certificates?

Our factory has passed ISO9001, IATF 16949, and 14001 certifications, and also has the Chinese government inspection and approval pollution discharge license; materials and many commodities have inspection reports, and structural ODM products also obtain patent certificates every year.

Do You Make Custom Design Goods?

We have an in-house design team that can customize design goods suited to your requirements.

Do You Provide Samples Before Mass Production?

Yes. The samples are sent to you for quality checking and some samples may be provided for free.

Please kindly contact us for details

Do You Have A Catalog For Reviewing?

Yes, you can download the catalog from this link, https://www.foismetal.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Pin-Badge-Medal-Catalog-Foison-Metal-1.pdf

Sales Questions

What Is Your MOQ? And Why?

OEM custom design products are 500PCS; To apportion your Mold charge, and production cost, and get a more competitive price.

ODM existing mold products are 500PCS; To reduce the purchasing cost, and achieve your best profit.

Can Different Colors Be Mixed With MOQ Without Changing The Shape?

Yes, customized design support mixed color based on 1 mold (shape), such as 500 pcs can mix 2 colors. 1000 pc can mix 4 colors. 

How Can I Pay?

When you are ordering from us for the first time, you will need to pay in advance before we proceed with your order. The payment method that we use is T/T or Payoneer. However, if the total order price is under US$ 500.00, Paypal will be preferred.

What Are The Options For Badge Customization?

There are multiple options for badge customization, from the type of material to be used to packaging.


The most commonly used metal materials are iron, copper, and zinc alloys.


Copper and iron materials are directly stamped and formed from sheet materials, and used for products with simple molding and no obvious three-dimensionality. Zinc alloy is made for die-casting, and it is suitable for many metal products with three-dimensional shapes.

Surface treatment: 

After the shape is obtained, we proceed with the surface treatment. The surface of metal products can be electroplated, and after electroplating, the surface of the product is processed. It can be roughly divided into paint baking, enamel, printing, and glue dripping processes.


We use enamel paint as a solvent-based paint that dries hard, is opaque, and is usually a glossy finish. Enamel paint is strong, long-lasting, and extremely vibrant so it’s ideal to use for pins. 

The colors that we produce are silver, real gold, sandblasting gold, matte gold, matte silver, matte nickel black, green bronze, red bronze, and many more.


Accessories such as an attachment for enamel pins include butterfly clutch, rubber clutch, safety pin, rivet, deluxe clutch, magnet, screw, tie clip, keychain, ball chain, and cufflink.


Packaging that consists of an inner package and an outer carton. Individual packaging of enamels can be an OPP bag, bubble bag, PVC bag, imitation leather bag, paper bag, acrylic box, velvet box, velvet bag, paper box, and backing card.

Can I Pay A Part Of The Amount As A Deposit And Balance Before Delivery?

Yes. For formal orders, we accept at least a 30% deposit, then we can start with the mass production after. We’ll then send you pictures and videos of your orders after the fabrication. Before the products can be delivered to you, the remaining balance should be paid first. However, for first-time buyers with not more than $1000 in order total, we suggest paying in advance.

After Purchase Questions

What Kind of Delivery Can We Choose?

It is acceptable to deliver goods by Air/Sea from Shenzhen or Hong Kong, or you could choose any international courier company, to help you get the goods as soon as possible, or find a way to save your shipping cost.

How Long Does It Take Before I Receive My Order?

You will receive your orders according to your requirements, product quantity, and lead time.

After the artwork is confirmed, the lead time for samples is seven days, while for bulk orders is about 15-20 days. Plus, additional delivery time on the way will be able to get the products on hand. If the design is too complex or the quantity is too large, production time will be updated.

However, for items that have an existing mold, the sample and bulk order lead time will be shorter. If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Can I Arrange A 3rd-Party Inspection Before The Shipment, If I'm Unsure Of The Product Quality?

Our Products are 100 % inspected before packing, and we fully support the 3rd part company arranging inspection again.

Do Your Products Support Third-Party Testing, Such As SGS?

Yes, we fully support it, if certification is required for customized products, please inform us in advance, and we will confirm the details with you before the order is confirmed.

Goods Arrive At My Country's Customs. I Need An HS Code Or Invoice, Can You Provide It?

Yes, no problem. Just contact our sales department, and we’ll be happy to help you. 

Getting Started Questions

To Customize Products, What Format Should The Design Draft Be?

The design draft needs to provide original documents such as AI/CDR/PDF. If there is no original design, clear pictures can be provided. Our designers can provide free design services and help you make design drawings for your confirmation.

Does The Mold Fee Include Proofing Fee? How Many Samples Can Be Provided?

The mold fee is the proofing fee, and 2-5 samples are given. If the amount is larger, then only 1-2 samples are provided. If you need to add more samples (no more than 5), the sample fee will be charged according to the unit price of the product.

How Do I Know If The Product You Make Conforms To The Design I Require? Can The Mold Be Changed During The Production Process?

After receiving the mold fee, our company will arrange for mold technicians to draw 2D or 3D renderings for the customer’s confirmation. Before the official mold opening, the customer can put forward revision opinions. Our company can modify the mold if it is technically possible. In the process of mold opening, if the modification is made after the mold drawing has been confirmed due to the customer’s reasons, the cost of redoing the mold shall be shouldered by the customer.

I Don't Know Much About The Process. What Process Is My Product Suitable For?

Although we usually do the painting and baking process, our professional salesperson will give you the suitable process suitable for your product and design. Contact us now!

I Don't Know Much About The Material. What Material Is My Product Suitable For?

We recommend using zinc alloy material, iron material for magnets, and copper material for high-grade requirements. Different material prices have different effects.

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