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Since 2005, Relia Metal has been refining methods and perfecting our abilities. We have a written quality guarantee in place to ensure that every FBI challenge coins for sale are distributed using the highest quality material with the most vivid enamel colors. Our team of experienced engineers and designers help you to bring your ideas to life. Our services includes: 

  • 0% Product Defect Delivery
  • A 99.9% satisfaction rate
  • Low MOQ Of 500 Pcs
  • Turnover Time: 15-20 Days
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What Are CIA Challenge Coins For Sale

Relia Metal offers the simplest and friendliest method for producing high-quality FBI challenge coins for sale. With over 15 years of experience assisting corporate organizations in creating custom FBI challenge coins, we are able to create the ideal FBI challenge coins for each customer, which they can be proud of.

When working with us you can ensure that you’ll get 100% custom-made challenge coins with your choice of artwork or design, colors, sizes, and shapes. For color matching, you don’t need to worry as we use the international Pantone color, also you will be offered complete design assistance if you are not sure what looks best for your items. Creating customized FBI challenge coins in bulk is what makes us the most trusted challenge coin manufacturer in China that produces perfect-looking challenge coins with different styles. You can guarantee that we put our full effort into producing products that would meet your standards and requirements. 

If you don’t have any artwork to produce challenge coins, we can help you produce the most amazing design with your ideas in mind. We offer free and unlimited design revisions to make sure that you are satisfied. The best thing above it all is we offer the lowest wholesale price in the market without compromising the product quality. There’s no hidden price, as what we quote is the price you’ll pay!

Coin By Features

2D FBI Challenge Coins

These challenge coins are not flat; instead, they have one “raised” and one “recessed” level.

3D FBI Challenge Coins

Create custom coins with one or both sides using our 3D customization option, which has an almost infinite number of levels.

FBI Spinner Challenge Coins

Interactive challenge coins are those in which a portion of the coin is designed to freely spin or rotate.

FBI Challenge Coins With Cut Outs

Not only can the coin’s outer shape be customized, but the interior areas can also be “cut out.”

Sequential Numbering on FBI Challenge Coins

The ideal choice for anyone looking for trackable coins or a fun way to make each coin a little more unique.

FBI Challenge Coin Edge Engraving

Not only can you design the front and back of your coins, but the true edge can also be engraved with messages.

Materials Used (3)

  • Brass

    A highly malleable and durable material that is ideal for complex coin designs.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Stainless Steel

    A popular coin material due to its high durability and extreme resistance to corrosion.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Provides the coin with the same stability and exceptional durability but at a lower cost.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Coin By Size (4)

Coin Packaging

Velvet Boxes
Velvet Box

A luxurious velvet-lined coin box suitable for coins of any size.

Velvet Pouches
Drawstring Velvet Pouch

Ideal for coin packaging and effective coin presentation.

Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap

Transparent plastic material for quick and dependable bulk coin packaging.

Paper Box
Paper Box

Low-cost packaging that can be customized to fit the size of the coins.


By increasing thickness and improving corrosion resistance, we use the electroplating process to ensure that each FBI challenge coin would reach its peak potential and 100% efficiency before being delivered. Electroplating also allows you to choose different plating options such as gold, silver, copper, and nickel. If you would like to see examples of our electroplated pins, please contact us right away!



The form of each FBI challenge coins is generated using a computer-generated molding press that produces the shape accurately and at a high volume. If you’re curious about how stamping works, send your inquiries today!


To attain various color effects on FBI challenge coins, we apply a thin coat of enamel paint that is impossible to remove once dry. We use both manual and machine coloring, but machine coloring is more efficient. To learn more about our colored coins, please contact us today.



To avoid unsightly scratches and rough edges on FBI challenge coins, abrasive and fine polishing are used. First, each challenge coin goes through the abrasive polishing process, which cleans the surface and removes any rough edges, then each challenge coin goes directly to finer polishing for a mirror finish. Please contact us right away for more information!

Relia Metal - The Best Wholesale Challenge Coin Maker

Relia Metal - The Best Wholesale Challenge Coin Maker
Relia Metal - The Best Wholesale Challenge Coin Maker

Our company takes pride in each project and collaborates closely with you to ensure that each FBI challenge coin for sale is exactly what you need. We can exactly replicate the design you submitted, leaving no marks and scratches on the final product. Providing the highest quality products and exceptional customer service is our primary focus with that, we promise to never fail with your expectations. Simply describe or submit us your designs, and we’ll handle the rest!

A Great Concept That Perfectly Matches Strong Coins

Striking Design

To ensure that the designs last, professional engineers apply prints or engraving on the material.

Strong Material

We used high-quality materials to make your challenge coins so they would be long-lasting and something you could treasure.

Custom Coin Style

One Side With Color

Your custom coin will feature only one side with color, and the other side has none. This custom coin adds richness and dimension to challenge coins.

Both Sides With Color

Your customized coin will have a colored design both sides. Double sided colors can be custom engraved with gloss or matte coating and creates a classic look.

Partner With Us To Create Your Bulk Challenge Coins Today!
Partner With Us To Create Your Bulk Challenge Coins Today!

Relia Metal offers customizable FBI challenge coin for sale options such as edging, sequential numbering, 3D and 2D design, and much more, in addition to the entire Pantone color wheel and a variety of metal plating options. You can create traditional designs that include the Bureau’s seal, or you can alter the formula and create something a little more unique like the FBI challenge coin we created. If you are interested in our services, please contact us right away!

Borders And Edges Options

  • We are extremely satisfied with our 2000 pcs custom FBI Challenge coins. I will most certainly purchase again from this company.

    Terry M.
  • Your company’s FBI challenge coins for sale are fantastic, we have checked each piece and everything is flawlessly made. What you see with the samples provided is the exact quality you will receive, with no damage at all.

    Emily T.
  • The Relia Metal Team did an excellent job! It was a fantastic experience, and the coin quality is second to none.

    Mary C.
Do you charge for sample requests?

Generic samples are free, but you can request a customized sample in which you can choose the overall appearance of the challenge coins. Custom samples will incur additional charges.

What should I look for when I receive my proof?

You need to check for the content, layout, and size and make sure that everything is perfect before sending an approval.

What types of paints are used to color my coin?

When it comes to selecting the best colors for your challenge coins, we provide more then just the Pantone color chart.

What format do you need for design submissions?

We need an original file in PSD, CDR, EPS, or PDF format. If you don’t have the original, a clear photo will suffice.

Can you assist me in improving the appearance of my challenge coins?

Yes, if you want to revise or improve your design, we can help you. Size, style, thickness, and color are all options for design customization.

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