Reputable China Manufacturer Of Custom Flag Pins in Bulk

Relia Metal provides extensive customization options as well as a step-by-step ordering system to make it simple for you to place your order. We offer wholesale and, making custom flag pins an affordable and practical option. We also offer:

  • Product Defect Ratio Of 0%
  • Fast Response Within 4-8 hours
  • Production of 15-20 Days
  • MOQ Of 500 Pcs Pins
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What Are Flag Pins

A flag lapel pin is an ideal way to represent your country wherever you go. A symbol that represents home and serves as a reminder of where you came from. Relia Metal lapel pins are made in China. Although they may already have a crate full of them, a custom Flag lapel pin is a great gift for aspiring politicians. Our lapel pins are made of metal and hand silk-screened with a non-toxic “green” ink that will not fade with normal use. Each lapel pin is available in either a single flag or crossed flag design. The single flag lapel is approximately 3/4″ tall and wide, while the double flag lapel is approximately 1″ wide by 3/4″ tall.

Relia Metal carries more than just the American flag lapel pins. In addition to all 50 state flag lapel pins, we carry a flag lapel pin for every country on the planet. All of these pins are available in both single and cross varieties.

Badges By Application

Silk Screen Flag Pins

The silk screen design gives this star-shaped flag pin an incredible level of fine detail and intricate detail.

3D Print Design Flag Pins

Produced with the most recent 3D texture coating, giving it a wonderful raised color print.

Hard Enamel Flag Pins

This well-made Flag pin has transparent red enamel over gold plating with a high polish finish, making it appropriate for any occasion.

Flag Pins With Logo

Display your logo and personalized text on these flag pins.

Soft Enamel Flag Pins

Soft enamel is typically used in single-sided designs, with enamel placed in recessed areas.

Gold Flag Pins

An elegant and classic way to display pins, gold plating, and epoxy dome finishing.

Materials (3)

  • Brass

    Great material for intricately designed pins because it is corrosion-resistant.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Well-known for its high durability and high-quality finish, making it ideal for pins.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Stainless Steel

    A higher-value material with added weight that gives pins a more expensive feel.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Badges By Size (4)

Badges Packaging

Velvet Box
Velvet Box

A luxurious velvet-lined pin box suitable for any pin.

Paper Box
Paper Box

Low-cost packaging that can be customized to fit the size of the pins.

Clear Poly Bag
Clear Poly Bag

Simple and durable packaging that allows you to easily peek inside.

Velvet Pouch
Velvet Pouch

Drawstring velvet pouch ideal for packaging pins and effective pin presentation.


Entails feeding a sheet of metal into a stamping press. The press machine applies pressure to form the shape of the custom flag pins. Send us a message to learn more about how we stamp!



To achieve various color effects on metal pins, we apply a thin coat of enamel paint that is impossible to remove once it dries. We use both manual and machine enamel color applications, but machine coloring is more efficient. Contact us today to learn more about our colored custom flag pins.


During the manufacturing process, abrasives and fine polish are used. This is the process of removing all unwanted scratches and rough edges from custom flag pins to produce a well-polished mirror finish. Send us your inquiries to learn more about us and our polished pins!



We use the electroplating process to ensure that every custom flag pins is operating at peak efficiency by increasing thickness and improving corrosion resistance. Please contact us right away if you would like to see examples of our electroplated pins!

Relia Metal A Well-Known & Reliable Pin Supplier

Relia Metal A Well-Known & Reliable Pin Supplier
Relia Metal A Well-Known & Reliable Pin Supplier

If you’re looking for a flag pin for a bulk manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place. Relia Metal has been producing custom flag pins for over 15 years and has produced millions of pins. We can help you design the perfect pins, as well as any custom pins. Pins are made of superior materials and can be customized with your logos and designs. Pins are a great way to recognize and thank someone.

Marvelous Design Matched By A Strong Pin

Give us your concepts or artwork, and we’ll recommend and offer the best way to make them a reality.

Extraordinary Toughness

Our skilled workers use high-quality materials to create pins that are both strong and enduring.

Trust Only China's Leading Pin Manufacturer!
Trust Only China's Leading Pin Manufacturer!

Relia Metal is a custom flag pin manufacturer known for its high quality and excellent customer service. We guarantee to provide you with whatever type of flag pins bulk you require. When it comes to mass production, only the best should be trusted! Please contact us today for a free quote!

  • The custom flag lapel pins pleasantly surprised us! The accuracy of the design was guaranteed. We will undoubtedly order 500 units more.

    Tom K.
  • The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. Rapid turnaround and delivery. After placing our pin order, we received our orders in 15 days. Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend you to others.

    Sherryl P.
  • My order of 1000 pins arrived today. They are perfect with no damages. Relia Metal is without a doubt the best metal pin manufacturer; thank you for your helpful customer service.

    Alice R.
What is the best method for sending my logo?

Vector-based artwork must be submitted as a SVG/Ai file. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Can I cancel or place an order after I have confirmed the sample product?

Orders cannot be canceled, particularly if the pins have been approved. As soon as you approve the sample we provided, we begin the molding process. Although the mold can be modified, remolding will incur a new charge.

Can you give me an estimate for the shipping cost of my order?

We cannot provide shipping cost estimates because all of our products are made to order. The shipping cost will be determined by the weight, size, and packaging of your order.

When does payment have to be made?

We can accept partial payment if you are a new client. Before production begins, you can make a 30% deposit, and the balance must be paid before orders can be delivered.

Is it possible to have my lapel pins made and shipped quickly?

Sadly, no, delivery takes an average of two weeks. We do not accept rush orders.

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