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Relia Metal is one of the largest hat pin manufacturers in China that understands your every need in brand promotion. We can supply all your pin order in bulk regardless of the quantity at the quickest turn-around time. We are a reliable company backed by professional engineers who offer:

  • Free Design Assistance
  • Easy Ordering Process
  • Lowest MOQ Of 500
  • 0 Defective Products
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What Are Hat Pins

Hat pins are used in a similar way as lapel pins. These hat pins are worn to show support for a team or group, or to even raise awareness. These are available in different shapes and sizes available for you to customize. Different plating such as gold, silver, and bronze can be filled with different enamel colors that would match your branding. Today is the right time to make an impression without saying a word! We offer bulk hat pins that offer a conversation starter, adding personality to any hats of different styles that can tell stories. 

Create your hat pins with your own logo, design, and idea. Partner with Relia today, to create personalized hat pins that are made just for your business. As your trusted hat pins wholesale manufacturer, our job is to help you find the perfect balance of artwork that tells your unique story. Whether it’s for military hat pins, club hat pins, band hat pins, we’ve got you covered! 

We mass produce bulk hat pins that are designed exactly to your requirements that are guaranteed priced fairly without sacrificing the quality. Don’t waste your time finding the most credible supplier, work with us today and we’ll guarantee to impress you with your first order!

Badges By Application

Military Hat Pins

These hat pins include unit emblems, and service awards that reference specifically trained soldiers.

Magnetic Hat Pins

Instead of traditional pins, magnetic backs are used for that modernized style.

Metal Hat Lapel Pins

Hat pins are available in a variety of styles and colors suitable for any hat.

Custom Logo Hat Pins

Designed to emphasize brand logos that are easy to see in hats of different sizes.

Gold Plated Hat Pins

Beautiful gold-plated hat pins are perfect for businesses and organizations.

Vintage Metal Hat Pins

Delightful and small hat pins specially made for vintage hats

Materials (3)

  • Brass

    Low-cost material that takes the advantage of high corrosion resistance and malleability that can produce attractive styles.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Perfect for 3D design that features better corrosion resistance, stability, and high impact on strength.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Stainless Steel

    Extremely corrosion resistant material with aesthetic appearance and has high impact on weight and strength.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Badges By Size (4)

  • 1.25” Hat Pin

    Printed with full bleed colors perfect for accessories for festival attire and festive hats.

  • ¾” Hat Pin

    Crafted to showcase different styles for mini-size hat pins that create a simple statement.

  • 3” Hat Pin

    Largest size for hat pins that come in full enamel colors that look good on simple hats.

  • Custom Size Hat Pin

    We can produce any size of hat pins you prefer, just let us know and we’ll produce them.

Badges Packaging

Acrylic Box
Acrylic Box

Transparent and lightweight packaging makes hat pins attractive compared to ordinary boxes.

Velvet Bag
Velvet Bag

Durable and stylish packaging with drawstring to secure hat pins in place during transit.

Clear Poly Bag

Individual safe plastic packaging for hat pins that keeps them in place without being scratched.

Customized Packaging
Custom Packaging

Different kinds of packaging are available to customize depending on your brand needs.


The die-casting mold ensures that the material used is the exact shape and size that you desired for your hat pins. Die casting enables each mold to be created precisely and repeatedly. Please contact us right away for more information!

Die Casting


To improve the overall appearance of your hat pins, we offer two coloring methods: machine and manual. A primer and final coating are applied to ensure that the colors will last and not fade over time. For more information, please contact us right away.


The polishing method emphasizes the details of the hat pins. All unwanted textures and scratches are removed using an abrasive polish and a finer polish for a mirror-like finish on the medals. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information!



Serves as a coloring or decoration for hat pins in addition to providing a protective layer. The most commonly used plating options are chromium, gold, and nickel. Contact us today to select your preferred coating for your metal badges!

Relia Metal Offering High Quality At The Best Price

Guaranteed Custom Made Strong Hat Pins
Guaranteed Custom Made Strong Hat Pins

For over 15 years of service we have been dedicated ourselves to provide a wide range of custom products to different customizers around the world. Our mission is to provide the most valuable products that the customers will appreciate not only with the quality but also the price.

We can be your trusted hat pin manufacturer to supply you with quality pins and badges with your branding style. We consider quality as our number one priority whereas every product goes through strict quality control before dispatch. With our passion for what we are doing as hat pin makers, we are willing to provide the best customer service to you!

Guaranteed Custom Made Strong Hat Pins

Custom Made

Your original art is engraved permanently to your hat pins. Each pin is 100% made from your original design or logo.

Strong Pins

Our hat pins are known to be durable and would last a lifetime. We use zinc alloy, stainless steel, and brass that are known corrosion resistant materials.

Customizing Hat Pins The Easy Way!
Customizing Hat Pins The Easy Way!

Relia Metal makes the process of ordering hat pins fun and easy! Our team is ready to help you create the perfect pin just for you. The best thing about working with us as a hat pin manufacturer is our 100% price guarantee, 100% quality satisfaction with the fastest production time of 15-20 days. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Smooth and easy transaction with Relia Metal. They are perfect to work with and we highly recommend them in manufacturing bulk hat pins.

    Tom K.
  • Fantastic work with our 1000 hat pins! They arrived safely with zero flaws.

    Sherryl P.
  • Relia Metal is the number one hat pin manufacturer. They provided fast customer service responses which are very helpful. They are knowledgeable with the product and helped me a lot with my needs.

    Alice R.
Do you sell or keep in stock items that you show on your web page?

All that you see on our web are previous designs from our clients. We do not keep them in stock since we only accept custom-made orders. However, we can create any design you want with your hat pins.

How will I know if my order is being processed?

We’ll keep in touch continuously from the beginning of submitting your artwork to delivery. We’ll keep you updated every time when there’s progress for your order.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. We are transparent with you, especially with pricing. What we have provided the first time is the final cost of your orders with no additional or hidden fees.

Do you charge for artwork changes?

There’s no added fee if you want to change or enhance your artwork, as long as the production is yet to begin.

Can I send 2 different hat pin designs in a single order?

Yes, we accept different designs in a single order, just let us know the exact quantity for each design to be produced.

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