How To Choose The Right Enamel For Your Business

Enamel badges are a popular accessory that can be used for a variety of purposes such as promoting your brand, rewarding your employees, or recognizing your customers. As a wholesale business, choosing the right enamel badge can be crucial to your success, as it can impact your brand image and customer perception. We’ll talk about selecting the ideal enamel badge for your wholesale business in this blog post.

    • Promotional badges are used for marketing and advertising. They may be distributed as event giveaways.
  • Recognition badges enable businesses to narrow their focus and gauge the success of their plans.
  • Your employees will feel more identified with the company thanks to Identification badges.

How To Choose The Right Enamel For Your Business


  • Custom enamel badges are created from your design, chosen size, color, finish and fitting.
  • Non-custom graphics are Pre-made designs. Design professionals make them as a form of exercise or to enhance their abilities.

Custom Enamel Badges


  • Hard enamel badges are extremely durable and have a flat design. Instead of resting below the metal line, the enamel is built up and then polished back down to the same level.
  • Soft enamel badges raised metal lines and recessed enamel give them a “bumpy” feel to the touch.

Hard/Soft Enamel Badges


    • Round badges are the best type for rewarding good behavior and promoting recycling. 
    • Square – Compared to our typical circular badges, the square ones do appear a little bigger.
  • Custom – Allowing you complete control over the Sizes & Shapes of your business badges.

Round/Square/Custom Badges


  • Compared to single-color badges, which only use one color of ink, multicolor badges are printed with multiple colors. Printing a single-color badge is less expensive than printing a multicolor badge because less ink is used and fewer printing plates are needed.

Single/Multiple Color Badges


  • Pin -It is the perfect fit for heavy sweaters and sports jackets thanks to the additional support provided by its length and the locking mechanism.
  • Magnetic – Your lapel pin will stay in place with the help of a powerful magnet without damaging the clothing.
  • Clip – A badge clip offers a simple method for maintaining the badge’s visibility and making it simple for the wearer to fasten it to clothing.

Pin/Magnetic/Clip Badges


  • Large Budget/Small Budget – Every item costs less the more you buy.The order will cost less per piece and yield a greater profit.
  • Cost-effective – Enamel badges are made to last a very long time, they are also very cost-effective because they can be used to promote products for a long time at a low cost.

Large Budget/Small Budget Badges


  • Establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship with a dependable supplier who offers the best value for money.
  • Always demand perfectly smooth pre-production samples. Workers frequently produce a really nice sample that they are unable to reliably reproduce in large quantities.
  • You can read reputable product reviews to learn more about the product’s performance, features, and design.

In conclusion, selecting the appropriate enamel badge for your wholesale business entails deciding on the purpose, design, type, size, color, attachment, budget, and supplier. You can select the ideal enamel badge that complements your brand and advances your commercial objectives by taking into account these factors.

Our business has been manufacturing badges for more than 15 years. Relia Metal will go over everything and offer friendly, attentive service. Working with knowledgeable, highly experienced badge makers has this advantage. If you need assistance in choosing the right enamel badge for your business, contact us today and we’ll assist you immediately!

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