The Ultimate Guide On Bringing Your Ideas To Life!

We ensure to satisfy customers’ needs with their custom metal orders. With that, we set up easy steps to order, which are as follows:

Reach Out To Us
1 - Reach Out To Us

The first step is to reach out to our customer service team and inquire about what type of custom metal products you want us to produce. Including the design, if you already have one available.

Confirm The Artwork
2. Confirm The Artwork

We are open to accepting any custom logos, artwork, and design. However, our graphic designers can provide you with a free design help service for your approval.

Negotiate The Price
3. Negotiate The Price

Prices will vary on the kind of material used, how intricate the design of the product will be, and the quantity of your order. Although prices are still negotiable. After the artwork is confirmed, we can estimate the individual weight of the product and express shipping costs.

Review Given Sample
4. Review Given Sample

Samples are provided before mass production to ensure that the quality of the product meets your company’s expectations, from the durability to the design. Custom Samples lead time 9-12 days.

The Making Process
5. The Making Process

Our highly trained workers use innovative technology in the production line to ensure that everything is made 100% according to your liking. Mass production lead time 15-20 days.

Shipment Workflow
6. Shipment Workflow

After the inspections of the finished goods, we will immediately ship the items to your address. Usually, it takes 5-7 days shipping for bulk orders.

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