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Relia is your trusted keychain wholesale vendor with years of experience in producing bulk keychains wholesale. We partner with numerous businesses around the world with our perfect customization and branding that reflect client’s requirements. Guaranteed that every transaction with us reaches your high standards and expectations. Working with us will give you benefits of: 

  • Free Quote & Artwork Revision
  • 100% Inspection Before Dispatch
  • Low MOQ Of 500 Pcs
  • Response Time: 4–8 Hours
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What Is Keychain Wholesale Vendor

Keychains are good promotional items especially when customized with logo, artwork, and label. They could also serve as souvenirs for events, special occasions, and for memorable places. If keychains are to be mass produced, it is important to have a manufacturer that is expert and knows the characteristics of a good keychain. 

Here at Relia Metal we are known for mass producing custom metal items such as keychains. We know exactly how promotional keychains need to look like so if that’s what you are looking for then we are the perfect match for you! Custom keychains wholesale are produced using durable materials such as zinc alloy, stainless steel, and brass. Designs are also not in question, we can create any design of your choice; Just send us your artwork or if none is available, you can let us know and our graphic artist will help you out.

These bulk keychains wholesale are made to be affordable so you don’t have to worry even if your budget is limited. We can modify our price offer to match your budget without compromising the quality of the product.

Keychain By Features

Enamel Keychain

Designed specifically for each customer, using the best-possible vibrant enamel colors.

Classic Keychain

To give the impression of a lovely vintage keychain, the text, and logo are separated.

Printed Keychain

A well-liked and well-known design perfect for a straightforward logo print.

2D Keychain

The two layers of 2D are a raised surface and a background.

Custom Logo Keychain

Keychains that are personalized with your logo, name, or text are expertly crafted.

3D Keychain

When a design is three-dimensional, it will appear more realistic on a keychain.

Materials Used (3)

  • Stainless Steel

    It is a very strong and long-lasting metal. The metal does not tarnish, rust as fast as other metals, or develop a verdigris finish.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    It has a long lifespan, requires little upkeep, and looks good. In addition, it is an extremely sustainable and responsible material.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Brass

    Due to its strength, versatility, and ease of shaping, it is a good material for intricate structures and designs.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Keychain By Size (4)

Keychain Packaging

Velvet Boxes
Velvet Box

Crafted from the best flock. Its toughness provides the items inside with much-needed protection.

Paper Box
Paper Box

Customers receive our paper boxes as plain perforated sheets so they can add their names and logos.

Velvet Pouches
Velour Pouch

When holding your keychains, drawstrings with two cords pull tightly for a secure fit.

Clear Poly Bags
Clear Poly Bag

These clear poly bags, which are made only of top-quality materials, give you the advantage of low-cost brand visibility.

Die Casting

Melted alloy is injected into the die-cast machine’s mold during this process. We utilize an entirely eco-friendly zinc alloy. The melted keychain wholesale will be firmly injected into the mold, and after it has had time to cool, the solidified piece will be removed from it by the robot arm. It is then put on a conveyor for peeling after that. The entire procedure is repeated up until the necessary quantities are produced. Please send your inquiries right away!

Die Casting
Quality Control

Quality Control

Our professional engineers have been tasked with quality control after the keychain wholesale has been mass produced. To ensure that it will reach you undamaged and free of any cracks or flaws, every keychain is put through a thorough quality inspection. Send your inquiries as soon as possible to receive top-notch service and superior products!


It is the process of smoothing the keychain wholesale out of surface imperfections by melting metal peaks and filling scratches under high pressure and temperature. In order to achieve smoothness, the material is spread over the surface rather than being completely melted. Get a free estimate right away!



Our workers manufacture top-notch iconic products using appropriate materials to guarantee the product’s quality and durability. Our employees use the best packaging techniques to protect your product from environmental factors like water and air when they package your valuable custom keychain wholesale and other products. Reach out to us if you have any questions about our packaging!

Relia Metal Expert Manufacturer Of Customized Wholesale Keychains

Relia Metal Expert Manufacturer Of Customized Wholesale Keychains
Relia Metal Expert Manufacturer Of Customized Wholesale Keychains

Our company is a well-known wholesale keychain vendor in China producing high quality keychains since 2005. We offer our customers the finest wholesale keychains bulk backed by the lowest wholesale price. We’ve collaborated with some of the most well-known companies and they have become our regular clients because they know that they can only trust us with our efficiency and product affordability. 

Over the years, we have always adhered to “providing quality products with excellent customer service.” With that, we have acquired certifications like ISO9001, ISO14001 and ROHS that prove our ability and credibility to provide top-notch custom keychains wholesale.

Printing A Realistic Design on A Stable Keychain

Authentic Design

Our designers are skilled and knowledgeable to customize your design for a more authentic look.

High-end Raw Materials

Your custom keychains were made with premium materials to guarantee their durability and give them value.

Keychain Application

Dog Tag Keychain

This keychain functions as both a fashionable necklace and an identification tag. This keychain is also available in a variety of colors.

Luggage Tag Keychain

Stylish and functional keychain for simply identifying luggage. This section contains the owner’s contact information.

Bottle Opener Keychain

This type of keychain is adaptable because it may be imprinted with a brand logo or design.

Order Wholesale Custom Keychains With Relia Now!
Order Wholesale Custom Keychains With Relia Now!

At Relia Metal, you can expect to receive distinctive keychains that are shaped and colored in accordance with your design. We are a keychain wholesale vendor that has all the equipment and tools to mass produce your orders at the fastest pace of 15-20 days. We provide full customization, which includes plating, packaging, and other features. There’s no need to worry if you need help with your design because we can provide it for free! Send inquiries now!

Ring Options

  • Relia Metal provides excellent customer service. I made several edits, and they responded right away and paid incredible attention to detail.

    Sally M.
  • Excellent quality of cheap custom keyrings is present in both the delivered service and the goods. I had never placed an order from them before, but I will certainly do so in the future.

    Victor P.
  • So far, Relia Metal is the most reliable keychain wholesale vendor that I have come across. They were flexible with my schedule and incredibly responsive. Their work is excellent, and I had a great conversation with their sales representative.

    Greg T.
What kinds of keychain accessories are there?

Our selection of wholesale key accessories also includes straightforward carabineers, wrist coil key chains, key ring labels, and other straightforward and reliable designs.

Do personalized keychains have laminate or protective film?

Yes, each personalized keychain has a clear protective film on the front to shield it from damage. To help safeguard the keychain, the back is covered in a matte varnish.

Do Keychains easily scratch?

We use high-quality materials that are electroplated or anodized to add extra protection against scratches.

Are there premade keychains?

No premade keychains here. We only manufacture custom items that are made to order with the exact quantity that the customer ordered.

What's the weight of a unique keychain?

It depends on how big you want your custom keychains to be. For instance, the most common 2″ key ring weighs between 10 and 14 grams.

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