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Experience great customer service and prime marathon medals for sale by choosing us as your number-one China supplier! With more than 10 years of experience, we promise to give you only the best custom medals at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter what size or style you prefer, we can make marathon medals with your own logo. When working with us, you can have the benefit of:

  • 98.9% Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • Affordable Wholesale Medal Prices
  • Full Marathon Medal Customization
  • Free Professional Design Assistance
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What Are Marathon Medals For Sale

Marathon medals are created worthy of different competitions. Finished with various kinds of platings using durable materials in different shapes and sizes. Relia Metal extensive customization for marathon medals for sale that features embossed or engraved logos or texts suitable for a marathon.

With professional skills men and an innovative production line, Relia offers you the best half-marathon medals at an affordable wholesale price. We set standards through excellence in product quality, custom design, and customer service. 

Our success over the past decade has built trust and reputation in the ability to produce bulk half marathon medals and Boston marathon medals at a quick turnaround time of 15-20 days.

Medal By Application

Cheap Sports Medals

Different types of sports medals were you can get in an affordable price

Virtual Race Medals

Design with unique artwork and style fits for race events and ceremonies

Insert Medals

Can feature beautiful logo and design full of a single logo

3D Marathon Medals

Offers thickness and realistic images or logos that can easily be seen

Olympic Medals

Can be in gold, silver, and bronze to represent the level of achievement

Custom Running Medals

Personalized design worthy of great impact on customers

Materials (3)

  • Service Medals

    Provides better corrosion resistance, stability, and strength.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Brass

    Offers a unique and vintage-looking medal that is also strong and durable.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Aluminum

    Versatile material which features lightweight and flexibility.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Medal By Size (4)

Medal Packaging

Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard Boxes

Designed to prevent medals that are stored from being damaged during the shipping process.

Bubble Wraps
Bubble Bags

Easy packaging use that protects each medal from scratches and unwanted chips.

Opp Bags
OPP Bags

Packaging is used to reduce the amount of air entering the bag which keeps molds or any unwanted particles from entering.

Custom Packaging
Custom Packaging

We can create custom packaging for you in any style that you desire.


Artwork is sent to us by clients with an original file for us to check each part of the marathon medals for sale from color to texture. By sending an original file, we can clearly determine the color to be used. If the design is unfinished, our professional graphic designers can assist you to finish or revise them until you are satisfied. You can send your inquiries today for more information!

Art Designing


The designs and texts on marathon medals for sale are guaranteed long-lasting and are impossible to be chipped off. Long-lasting images and labels are guaranteed when we use machine printing. What are you waiting for contact us today for a free quotation!

Laser Engraving

Custom designs or text for marathon medals for sale are engraved using a laser beam that is computer operated. These graphics and text are indelible and assuredly true to the original artwork. To learn more about our laser-engraved medals, send us an email now!

Laser Engraving


Your marathon medals for sale orders are guaranteed secured with your requested packaging. You can choose from different kinds of medal packaging such as Opp bags, bubble bags, cardboard boxes, and many more. You can choose to have your logo or customized designs to be imprinted on your chosen packaging for them to look more authentic. Know more about your packaging options by sending us your message!

Relia Metal - Factory Priced Wholesale Medal Maker

Relia Metal - Factory Priced Wholesale Medal Maker
Relia Metal - Factory Priced Wholesale Medal Maker

Are you looking for the finest medal manufacturer? If yes, today is your lucky day! Relia is the leader in mass-producing different kinds of medals including marathon medals for sale. From the moment you have submitted your orders with us, we’ll take care of the remaining work for you. If you need design enhancement, we are ready to assist you until you are 100% satisfied. What are you waiting for? Source only from the best marathon medal manufacturer in China offering the lowest wholesale price!

Custom Made Premium Quality Marathon Medals

Accurate Design

The design that you submitted is created exactly how you wanted them to be, from color and style you can expect 100% accuracy.

Made To Order

Every medal is made to order, so you can anticipate that you’ll need to wait for weeks until you receive the final product but in the highest quality.

Custom Medal Type

One Sided Design Type

This has a design that places a lot of emphasis on the front side rather than the blank back.

Two Sided Design Type

Any number of designs or just one can be displayed on either side of the medallion.

Choose Only The Best Manufacturer Today!
Choose Only The Best Manufacturer Today!

It doesn’t matter what kind of marathon medals for sale you prefer, Relia has all the customization options that you need including the size, color, shape, and finishing. You are guaranteed to receive the best medallion quality that you deserve. What are you waiting for? Choose only the best manufacturer to partner with today, choose Relia Metal!

Medal Ribbon Option

  • I highly recommend Relia if you are looking for quality marathon medals at the quickest time possible. I ordered 500 pcs and I received it within 14 days.

    Tom K.
  • I needed design assistance for my half marathon medals and the design team did an excellent job! Instantaneously, they comprehend my needs and the best options for my orders.

    Sherryl P.
  • The customer service is very prompt with my concerns and request for my Boston marathon engraving orders.

    Alice R.

Relia Metal: We have provided a thorough guide with all the details you require to be aware of service medals army production. Read our guide if you want to find out more about us and determine if we are a good fit for your needs.

I have never ordered from this company before, can you teach me how?

Yes, you can hover around our website and click contact us and from there you can input your information before hitting send.

What is your required minimum order amount?

Our per-transaction minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. The greater the number of orders, the more savings you can get.

After I placed my order, when can I expect to receive them?

The expected date received of orders will be determined after you set your orders. Mass production of marathon medallions usually takes 15-20 days but it will still depend on the number of orders, design, production to be used, and packaging.

Can I request for different samples with different colors?

We provide regular and customized samples where you can choose to have your samples in different colors or textures. We can provide 3 customized samples for an additional fee.

Are you able to do rush orders?

Unfortunately, we cannot cater rush orders since our company only makes custom orders. We don’t keep stocks of any kind of products.

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