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Being one of the most professional manufacturers of metal badge customs in China, we can already prove our efficiency and quality of work to our customers. We offer a wide selection of metal badges that have:

  • Plated Or Die-Casted Metal Badges
  • Free Metal Badge Design Help
  • Long Lasting Metal Badge Identification
  • Seamless & Detailed Metal Badge Cuts
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What is A Metal Badge

Metal badges are a fantastic way to advertise, promote, increase awareness, and honor accomplishments. The materials used to create these badges are strong ones like brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc alloy.. They are adaptable and are simple to attach to bags, hats, jackets, and shirts. These metal badges are employed in a variety of settings, including corporate branding, educational institutions, associations, and service awards.

If you are looking to get your custom metal badges mass produced, you have come to the right place. Relia Metal offers a wide variety of metal badges customized to your requirements and demands. We are one of the top metal badge manufacturers that bring forth extensive selection on metal badge custom with affordable pricing and best buying experience. 

Metal Badge By Application

Metal Police Badge

Used for police visibility and symbolizes authority and service

Decorative Metal Badge

Ideal as a collectible metal badges made with diverse and unique designs

Metal Badge For Souvenir

Badges for souvenirs which can include customize messages

Pilot Wings Pin Badge

Indicates pilot’s qualification to fly and recognize their seniority in service

Self Adhesive Badge

Self adhesive backing protects the nameplate from moving

Promotional Gift Badge

Designed to promote brands and engage customers through badges

Materials Used (3)

  • Zinc Alloy

    Provides better corrosion resistance, stability, and strength. This material provides a longer life for dies.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Brass

    One of the most used base materials for metal badges due to its ability to enhance small details.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Steel

    Ideal material used for metal badges that have great finishing touch with excellent abrasion resistance.

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Metal Badge By Size (4)

Metal Badge Packaging

Poly Bag

Convenient way of packaging and protecting metal badges during delivery

Bubble Bag
Bubble Bag

Lightweight packaging that uses air pockets for a protective cushion

Paper Box
Paper Box

Foldable cardboard box made to be sturdy in securing metal badges


We customize different kinds of packaging that fits best with different metal badges


Colors, in addition to product design, aid in making bulk medals appealing. However, before we begin the custom metal badge painting procedure, we put primer on the goods to ensure that the color will last.

Different solutions are used in this metal coloring procedure, which differs from a simple coating. Customers can personalize their hues by coloring them. Discover more about our current process!



Different metals react differently to enamel hue. To avoid issues when applying the enamel, the melting temperature and expansion of the material employed should form a single unit.

Enamel colors are created using natural materials such as red copper and an enamel powder that is burned onto the surface. Metal badge custom, on the contrary, can be enameled on both sides, and once hardened, the enamel paint is impossible to remove, giving the surface a polished appearance. Learn more about us right now!


To achieve a mirror like finish, every metal badge goes through a process called polishing wherein each badge goes through two stages which consist of rough abrasive and the fine abrasive.

The rough abrasive is responsible to smooth out rough edges, while the fine abrasive ensures that the badge will have that smooth and reflective finish that you desire. To achieve an even brighter finish, some polishing materials can be applied. Get to know more about our polishing procedures today!



Electroplating is a form of metal coating that reduces the cations of metal by direct electric current. This coating adds a protective layer that protects metal badges from surface tarnishing.

Other than a offering a protective layer, electroplating also serves as a coloring or decoration for metal badges. Plating such as chromium, gold, and nickel are the most commonly used plating options. You can choose whatever coating you prefer for your metal badges by contacting us today!

Relia Metal Supplies Metal Badges With Passion & Quality

Foison Metal Supplies Metal Badges With Passion & Quality
Foison Metal Supplies Metal Badges With Passion & Quality

We have been a professional metal badge manufacturer since 2005 and are committed to always doing the best and offering the best wholesale price in the market. We deliver quality metal badge custom with 5-7 days shipping by express, excellent customer service at 96.5%, and the fastest lead time that complies with your company’s requirements. 

Well Known Wholesale Metal Badges In China

Professional Look

These badges are manufactured to look sophisticated and professional. From color to packaging everything looks good. 

Durable & Versatile

Metal badges are designed to last a long time and can be used in a variety of settings or activities.

Custom Enamel Badge Type

Soft Enamel Badge Pin

The texture and feel of this enamel badge have a 3D look. Soft enamel can be plated with any type of plating.

Hard Enamel Badge Pin

Hard enamel is the method to go if you want a more durable badge. It boasts a smooth, scratch- and chip-resistant coating.

Customize Your Metal Custom Badges With Us!
Customize Your Metal Custom Badges With Us!

Are you searching for a good way to transform your designs into durable metal badges? Then you’ve come to the right place! Relia Metal is the leading China manufacturer of metal badge custom with different shapes, sizes, and finishes. Our badges have excellent quality and leave a lasting impression. Get in contact with us today!

Metal Badge Application

  • Excellent printing on our metal badges! I will recommend this company for B2B companies not only because of the quality, but also their great price offers!

    Ben R.
  • Relia Metal is always excellent in providing our needs with our orders. They understand everything with the product and the business. 

    Jerry W.

Relia Metal: When placing bulk orders from a direct manufacturer, it is important to know more about the company and the products offered. We have provided a guide below for you to check if our company can meet your demands for your metal badge custom orders.

Can I send a customized design?

Yes. We accept customized designs to be submitted as an original copy under AI/CDR/PDF file. If a customer has no artwork, we can help provide free design assistance.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. International shipment is possible by sea or by air. You can also choose any international courier that could help you get the items sooner.

Which plating option do you think suits well with metal badges?

We use different kinds of plating such as gold, silver, nickel, copper depending on your preference.

What are my customization options for my metal badge orders?

Different customization options are available including the kind of material, shape, surface treatment, colors, accessories, and packaging.

What material is suitable for my metal badge?

All our materials are durable and are perfect fit for metal badges. However, we recommend using zinc alloy if you are looking for high-grade requirements. Prices may also vary on what kind of material is used.

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