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The Best & Trustworthy Manufacturer Of Bulk Metal Coins

Relia is one of the best Chinese manufacturers of custom metal coins that is trusted by clients worldwide. We have years of experience working with customers from all over the world in transforming their original artwork into durable coins. Our highly skilled engineers and complete and full production equipment will meet your needs fast. With that, you’ll surely love working with us since we provide:

  • The Most Affordable Wholesale Price
  • The Most Durable Materials Used
  • 100% Customized Metal Coins


Reliable Metal Coin Maker

What Makes Us Number One

Relia Metal was established in 2005 and over the years was renowned as the most trusted metal coin manufacturer in China. Over the years, we have been producing different customized metal products which include metal coins bulk that satisfies clients worldwide.  

Using our more than a decade of  production experience, we constantly provide high quality metal coins at the lowest wholesale prices! Our main goal here at Relia is to always meet and exceed the expectations of our clients as we provide free artwork and design revision to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

By offering wide customization, we stay ahead of the game thanks to our experience that’s spanning for more than 15 years we are able to provide custom products in various styles that includes vintage, die struck, soft enamel, hard enamel, and many others. When you choose to order from us, you are guaranteed to receive the best price offer for wholesale metal coins without compromising the product quality!

The Best & Trustworthy Manufacturer Of Bulk Metal Coins

Reliable Metal Coin Maker

Searching for the best metal coin manufacturer in China is over! With Relia Metal, you are sure to be working with professionals who are experts in custom metal coin bulk production. With your ever-changing requirements, we make sure to make every step simple for both of us to ensure that every requirement is met. Our engineers and designers offer you:

  • Rapid Response Of 4-8 Hours
  • Permanent Logo & Design Print
  • Fastest Production Of 15-20 Days
  • Lowest Wholesale Coin Price


Design Submission
You must submit your designs in original files, such as Al/CDR/PDF. To ensure a successful outcome and more detailed coin, we advise that you submit a clear copy of your design.
The custom metal coin shape is created through molding, which is the main metal casting technique. In this method, we usually use die casting where the molten metal is poured into a die and left to cool which then forms into the shape of the coin.
Stamping - Involves inserting a metal sheet into a stamping press. To shape the custom metal coins, the press machine applies pressure. To create an accurate design, computer-aided design software is used to create the design to be stamped.
The printing method involves the use of computer aided equipment which allows design flexibility. This method is suitable to use for intricate designs which includes photos with multiple vivid colors on custom metal coins.
In making your custom metal coins stand out we use your preferred color to be printed on with your custom metal coins. By using the traditional and manual coloring, this allows us to color each portion of the choice without missing any portion. Also machine coloring is used for a high volume of orders to make sure that we meet your deadline without missing on the quality.
The manufacturing process involves the use of abrasives and fine polish. This is the process of polishing custom metal coins to create a well-polished mirror finish by removing all unwanted scratches and sharp edges.
By enhancing corrosion resistance and increasing thickness, the electroplating process allows us to guarantee that every custom metal coin operates at maximum efficiency.
Quality Control
Before being sent out, each custom metal coin is quality checked to make sure that every customer is happy with their interactions with us. These metal coins are assured to be superb and attractive in appearance.
We offer a variety of packaging options for custom metal coins, including OPP bags, velvet boxes, velvet pouches, paper boxes, bubble wrap, and custom packaging based on your preferences.

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How To Order

Reach Out To Us
1. Connect With Us
Using the "Contact Us" interference, complete the form, then click "Submit Form." We'll get in touch with you within 4 to 8 hours.
Confirm The Artwork
2. Validate The Artwork
You can send us your finished artwork so we can start producing it. In the event that you still require design assistance, our artist will work with you until you are satisfied.
Negotiate The Price
3. Review The Provided Example
The pricing will be negotiated after everything has been decided upon, and you can be sure that you will receive the best offer possible.
Review the Given Sample
4. Price Negotiations
To ensure that the item satisfies your requirements for quality, we provide examples of a number of color schemes.
The Making Process
5. Making A Product
When the samples have been approved, we'll start the production process and it will take 15 to 20 days for delivery.
Shipment Workflow
6. Workflow for Shipments
You must pay the fee before sending your orders through Air, DHL, FedEx, UPS, or TNT.


The staff was incredibly accommodating and kind. delivery and turnaround times are quick. We received our orders 15 days after placing our custom metal coins order. I sincerely appreciate it. Without a doubt, I’ll let others know about you.


My 2500-piece order has just arrived. They have no flaws and the quality exceeded our expectations. Thank you for your helpful customer service, Relia Metal is without a doubt the best metal coin manufacturer.


The custom metal coins surprised us in a good way! The design was ensured to be accurate. We’ll definitely order another 1000 units.


From placing my orders and receiving them was very smooth sailing. The metal coins bulk were of exceptional quality. We are more than happy to shop here again and happy to recommend it to anyone. Keep up the good work.


It was my first time designing and buying them. Relia Metal it was a wise decision. The design and submission stages went very smoothly. From the initial proof to the final proof, they kept in touch.


For coin reference pictures and concepts, do you accept faxes?

It is better for us to have your designs submitted in the original form through email so we could check every detail of your artwork.

Do you have the ability to produce coins in a variety of shapes?

Yes. Just send us your desired coin shape and we’ll produce it. However, if you wanted to have multiple shapes in a single order it is also possible.

Should I pay a mold fee for a repeat order?

If the original mold is still on file when you place a new order, you don’t have to pay the mold fee again (kept for 2 years from the latest order date).

Is it possible to "punch out" or cut out a specific area of the design?

If your designs are already approved and the mold is already finished then, punching out a portion of the design is not possible. If in any case this needs to be done, we need to process it as a new order, then a new molding fee will apply. Please make sure about your design before submission so we can avoid such things from happening.

Can you make my artwork more sharper?

We assess this on a case-by-case basis because some works of art are more easily manipulated than others. If you have access to vector art, sending it is always preferred.

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