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Premium Keychains Brought To You By Outstanding Service

Relia Metal is one of the renowned metal keychains manufacturer since 2005 providing wide range of options in customizing keychains. As a keychain maker, our number one priority is to offer durable keychains that meets client’s standards anytime. Wholesale prices are also not in question. When working with us, you can guarantee that we can meet your budget. There’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy our:

  • Use Of Top-Notch Materials
  • Options On Customization
  • Low MOQ Of 500 Pcs
Premium Keychains Brought To You By Outstanding Service

Our Journey To Success

Relia Metal is a keychain maker based in China that was founded in 2005 manufactures different kinds of custom items. Our company specializes in mass-producing keychains of all shapes and sizes, different styles and colors. We are proud to say that throughout the years, we have gained millions of customers that include top brands all over the world. With every order of bulk metal keychains, we make sure that each piece would meet the customer’s requirements. 

What helped us with our success is our hardworking staff of engineers and designers that are well-trained and experienced in making design visions to life. With the drive to become better, Even with our effective production process, we still continue to innovate our equipment and tools with the latest technology to make sure that we are always up to date. 

Today, we operate with a customer-first mindset with the confidence of becoming your go-to metal keychain manufacturer.

Producing Quality Products From Pure Dedication

Producing Quality Products From Pure Dedication

Relia Metal is a keychain maker and manufacturer with years of experience in producing premium metal keychains with pure dedication and hard work. Our staff is knowledgeable of each process to produce your custom request with keychains no matter the size, shape, and color we guarantee that we can make it. We offer:

  • Product Defect Rate 0%
  • 100% Quality Assurance
  • Production Time: 15- 20 Days
  • Low MOQ Of 500
All designs and texts are created by engraving, and the laser is the most well-known engraving tool. laser engraving, removes some parts of the metal in order to create the desired design.
Die Casting
It is the procedure of injecting melted alloy into the die cast machine's mold. We use an entirely environmentally friendly zinc alloy. The robot arm will then remove the solidified piece from the mold after the melted Metal Keychain has been firmly injected into it and has had time to cool.
The process of converting metal sheets into useful parts or components is known as sheet metal stamping. Flat sheet metal scraps are fed into a sheet metal stamping press where they are formed into new shapes for Metal Keychain using a tool and die surface. These scraps of metal are commonly referred to as blanks.
Colors, in addition to the product design, contribute to the appeal of metal keychain. However, we apply primer to the product before any painting is done to guarantee that the color will last.
The best way to improve your metal keychain while keeping logos is to do this. We provide both soft and hard enamel in cloisonne, and both for various types of designs.
Abrasive polishing is used to smooth out the rough edges of the metal keychains material, and a finer polish is then used to buff the surface to a shiny, mirror-like finish.
Keychains are guaranteed to perform at a 100% level thanks to electroplating, which increases thickness and improves corrosion resistance.
Quality Control
Our skilled engineers have been tasked with quality control after the mass production of metal keychains. Each keychain goes through a thorough quality control check.
We offer different kinds of packaging to be used to protect keychain during the shipment.

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How To Order

Reach Out To Us
1. Connect With Us
Connecting with us is simple, all you need to do is complete the form and we'll contact you within 4-6 hours.
Confirm The Artwork
2. Validate The Artwork
You can send it to us so we can start making it. However, if you still require design assistance, our artist can help you until you are satisfied.
Negotiate The Price
3. Discuss The Price
Price negotiation will start once all product details has been discussed and agreed. We guarantee that you will receive the best price offer for your bulk orders of customized keychains.
Review the Given Sample
4. Review Sample
We'll send you samples to check the quality of your keychain orders. We can send generic sample for free or custom samples with your choice of plating and texture which will be charged accordingly.
The Making Process
5. Production Process
After checking and approving the samples, we will proceed with the mass production which will take at about 15-20 business days.
Shipment Workflow
6. Delivery Workflow
You must pay the fee before sending your orders through Air, FedEx, UPS, or TNT.


Excellent client service. They responded quickly and paid amazing attention to detail when I made several edits. The metal keychains that we receive have the exact quality as the samples that we have approved.


The production has been extremely helpful and professional at every stage. The quality of the delivered 4000 pieces of metal key chains and service are both outstanding. I’ve never ordered from them before, but I’ll certainly do so again.


Relia Metal is one of our trustworthy keychain makers that responded quickly to our requests. They have never failed us with the quality of work that they provide us every time.


Since we started ordering from Relia Metal years ago, the quality, responsiveness, and customer service have always been the best!


The quality of each 3000 pcs of metal keychain is exactly what we hoped for. This company is the best metal keychain manufacturer!


Can I order multiple keychains with different artwork designs?

With our minimum quantity of 500 pcs per transaction, yes. Just send us your designs and let us know about the quantity of each design to be produced.

I need a personalized keychain; is your price the best available?

We always offer the most affordable prices for custom work. No company in the market will be able to offer a lower price and a quicker turnaround than our company, we can assure you.

What kind of back attachment will my keychains have?

Every keychain comes with a butterfly clutch. Although, if you have a different attachment in mind let us know.

Can I change the design of my keychain?

When the design has been approved, we immediately go to the molding process and during this time, design revisions are not possible. Any changes in design will require a new mold and a new molding fee would apply.

Are the keychains packaged separately?

Yes, the keychains typically come in individual polybags. However, you can request the custom packaging of your choice.

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