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Relia Metal is a Chinese manufacturer of custom-made metal keychains with logo. We mass-produce items to your exact specification and requirements ensuring your satisfaction. With more than a decade of experience, we know how keychains should be where designing and manufacturing couldn’t be easier with our skilled engineers and strict quality control team. 

  • Affordable Wholesale Price
  • Fast Mass Production Of 15 – 20 Days
  • Strict Quality Control System
  • Free Design Assistance
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What Are Metal Keychains With Logo

Customized keychains, promotional keychains, and key tags are cheap but a wonderful way to get an important advertisement noticed, they are also simple yet cost-effective ways to build awareness of different brands. Keychains especially if made with metal are more luxury looking so there’s more chance that these items will be often displayed by different kinds of people going out to public places. So it is important for keychains to have a stunning look whether it has a shiny or matte finish. 

Relia Metal helps you create wonderful custom keychains with logo and custom photo keychains that have excellent quality and are designed effectively. We are a manufacturing company with full customization options using innovative equipment to handle molding, die-casting, polishing, and coloring for any custom project our customers may require. 

Different metal combinations and platings are offered for a more unique and sophisticated look. Logos can also be portrayed in 2D or 3D, with or without enamel color. An antique finish is also a good option to optimize the brand’s design. Output satisfaction, timely delivery, and affordable quotes are guaranteed when working with us, only here at Relia!

Keychain By Features

Metal Keychains With Logo

Made with high-quality materials formed in the size and shape that you prefer.

High Class Keychain With Logo

Used as a promotional solution that incorporates business brands.

Double Sided Keychain With Logo

Can be personalized with photos printed on both sides of the keychain.

3D Keychain With Logo

A three-dimensional solid metal keychain that’s able to attract people.

Flat Keychain With Logo

Flap designs are beneficial to not slip off of the keyrings.

Souvenir Keychain With Logo

Made specifically for souvenir purposes it also contains the events or business logo.

Materials Used (3)

  • Stainless Steel

    Has high chemical and corossion resistance and offers excellent strength to custom metal keychains.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Material used in die casting which provides the end product to be durable, corrosion resistant, and precise.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Brass

    This type of metal is capable of holding extreme temperature and pressure giving keychain amazing durability.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Keychain By Size (4)

Keychain Packaging

Velvet Boxes
Velvet Box

Luxury type of individual packaging that is usually used for jewerly type keychains.

Velvet Pouch
Velvet Pouch

Soft packaging type made of cloth that secures each keychain with a drawstring that can be opened to reveal the keychain inside.

OPP Bags
OPP Bags

Packaging that comes free for every order of bulk metal keychains.

Custom Packaging
Custom Packaging

You can request for different packaging type that best fits your keychain order and we’ll quote them depending on the material used.


Using our stamping method, metal sheets are formed into the desired shape. Metal blanks are placed in a stamping press and formed into metal keychains with logo. For a more precise design, the medal’s shape is created using computer-aided software. Get in touch right away if you want to learn more about stamping!

Die Casting

Die Casting

The mold cavity is constructed using two machined, hardened tool steel dies that behave like injection molds during the process. This mold holds the correct size and shape of metal keychains with logo. Please contact us right away for more information!


Metal keychains with logo are painted with a thin layer of enamel paint and then permanently dried to produce a variety of color effects. Manual or automated coloring of enamel is possible, but automated coloring is more effective. Send us your inquiries now to learn more about our colored keychains!



After coloring, the material used to make bulk metal keychains with logo are polished to ensure that the surfaces are clean and free of rough edges. To ensure that medals are scratch-free and have a mirror-like shine, we polish them using two methods. You can learn more about the polishing process by sending us a message.

Relia Metal Your Best Choice For Keychain Manufacturer

Relia Metal Your Best Choice For Keychain Manufacturer
Relia Metal Your Best Choice For Keychain Manufacturer

Our company offers professional service, superior quality products, and fast delivery at the lowest wholesale price. We have the skills and knowledge to produce only the best metal keychain with a logo that satisfies clients worldwide. Our reputation is built on reliability, and the ability to sustain quality work over the years. 

Our facility offers amazing design engraving/printing for custom logo keychains at a fast pace. Special packaging is also available for fair pricing. We make sure to be the best manufacturer to offer everything that you are looking for.

Custom Made & High Quality Keychains

Custom Design

Keychains are custom-made based on your submitted designs. Design revisions and enhancement are handled by our artists and are offered free.

Premium Materials

For long-lasting keychains that are resistant to corrosion and harsh environments, we make sure to use only the best materials.

Keychain Application

Dog Tag Keychain

This keychain functions as both a fashionable necklace and an identification tag. This keychain is also available in a variety of colors.

Luggage Tag Keychain

Stylish and functional keychain for simply identifying luggage. This section contains the owner’s contact information.

Bottle Opener Keychain

This type of keychain is adaptable because it may be imprinted with a brand logo or design.

Be One Of Our Satisfied Clients For Wholesale Keychains
Be One Of Our Satisfied Clients For Wholesale Keychains

Being identified as manufacturer and wholesaler of metal keychains with logo, Relia Metal is committed to providing the best service and premium quality products with wide assortments of fine finishing, unique color combination, and high-quality materials. We are a team of professionals having versatile knowledge of mass-producing keychains. We also have a facility that is able to ensure a smooth and efficient flow of quality keychains in the market. Would you like to hear more about our services and get an actual sample of our products? Get in touch with us right away!

Ring Options

  • We have ordered double sided custom photo keychains and they are made with high quality and durable material, as well as the photo printing, they look long lasting and stunning.

    Sally M.
  • Relia Metal have never dissapointed us with our metal keychains with logo order. Thank you so much!

    Victor P.
  • Everything we have ordered has been made with quality. I have never encontered a damage item upon checking my 5000 pieces order.

    Greg T.
Can I order without an artwork?

No problem. Artwork is not required when partnering with us. As long as you have an idea in mind of what kind and what design you want for your keychains then we are good to go.

Do you offer digital proofs or mockups?

If the digital sample is requested, we can send clear pictures. Although it is better if we could send actual samples for you to check not just the color and design but the overall quality.

Do you offer free shipping?

We don’t offer free shipping with our local or international clients. Shipping rates would depend on your chosen courier company, location, weight, and packaging. Shipping costs will be sent to you with the final billing before the items are shipped.

What happens if my orders got lost during the transit?

Upon using the tracking number and it says “delivered” but you haven’t yet, it is advised that you contact the courier company directly.

Is it possible to have a discounted order for first time buyer?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer discounts on any of our bulk orders. Although we could adjust our prices depending on your budget by adjusting product specifications.

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