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The Best Military Challenge Coins For Sale In China

Professional Quality & Service From Start To Finish

Relia Metal manufacturers who make top quality Military Challenge Coins For Sale that are a great way to honor different Military accomplishments. Other companies may offer only partial personalization but when you choose Relia, you can assure complete customizability from design to packaging. We want to give you military challenge coins of the highest caliber while making sure that:

  • 99.9 % Customer Satisfaction
  • Longevity & Product Quality
  • Door-To-Door Delivery


Knowledge Acquired Through Years Of Service

Knowledge Acquired Through Years Of Service

For more than 15 years, The Relia Metal company has produced military challenge coins  for sale and led the sector. We provide challenge coins for any departments such as Military, law enforcement, and emergency medical services. We produce custom products using state-of-the-art equipment and materials that can’t be found anywhere else. We manufacture military recognition coins at competitive prices. We offer expert die-making including cut-outs and engraving work performed by skilled craftsmen. For those who like the look of coins with antique finishes including antique silver and antique bronze, our custom metal plating service is perfect. To give your service coin military an authentic touch, we have a variety of textured surfaces available, and we can even engrave them for you, with the professionalism and expertise of our staff. In this sector, our business continues to be one of the most well-known in this industry. We are your dependable manufacturer who can meet all your demands as quickly as 15-20 days!

Experience The Best Maker Of Challenge Coins

Experience The Best Maker Of Challenge Coins

Experience Relia Metal‘s services when creating your personalized coins. Relia Metal has everything you could possibly need for Military Challenge Coins For Sale! Over time, we have worked together to create challenge coins military for some of the most well-known brands. We value your feedback and try to preserve as many design details as we can. Only at Relia where you’ll find:

  • 0% Faulty Product
  • Reasonable Wholesale Prices
  • Dedicated Design Support
  • Sample Made Available Before Production


Design Submission
Our designers constantly work with customers who want to elevate or revise their designs.
Medal Maker
Various coloring solutions are added to medals like primer, coloring, and coating which contributes to medal attractiveness.
Medals are polished to ensure that every surface is made perfectly without scratches and imperfections.
Unlimited designs are possible when the printing method is used. This process is ideal for creating 100% HD images where colors can be mixed in a small space which are also impossible to peel off.
Religious Medal
This process creates long-lasting and highly visible labels by creating deep marks for your medals.
Using enamel paint as color is impossible to remove which also gives the medal surface a polished look.
Quality Control
In ensuring customer’s satisfaction, every medallion is checked to see if it passes customer’s standards.
Custom packaging is made depending on the customer's preference. The packaging is ensured to secure medals.
Once orders are done, we immediately ship them to the customer’s address and we’ll also provide shipping information for tracking.

Product By Color (12)

Product By Application (6)

How To Order

Reach Out To Us
1. Reach Out To Us
You can contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" button, filling out the form before submitting it, and we'll get back to you within 4-8 hours.
Confirm The Artwork
2. Confirm The Artwork
You must provide your unique artwork before production begins. If the design is still being worked on, we'll make sure it's ideal for you.
Negotiate The Price
3. Negotiate The Price
Once everything is in order, you will receive a realistic quotation that corresponds to your orders.
Review the Given Sample
4. Review The Given Sample
We will send you samples of several color schemes if needed to ensure that the product quality meets your expectations.
The Making Process
5. The Making Process
After the samples have been approved, we will begin the production process, which will take two to three weeks.
Shipment Workflow
6. Shipment Workflow
We can ship your orders through Air, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, or Sea, but you must pay the freight upfront. If there is already an account on file, no upfront payment is required.


We got them and they do look great. The chief was very happy with the way they came out. Once again, I want to thank Relia Metal Team for your assistance and for making everything so simple.


Please extend our gratitude for a job well done to your entire staff. Relia has designed three coins for our department, and we have had nothing but great compliments on all Military Challenge Coins For Sale.


Challenge Coins Military is of good quality, and we are completely satisfied. This is a direct result of your staff’s willingness to give your customers the best service and satisfaction. In addition to recommending your fantastic business to others, we’ll keep using Hero Industries in the future. Gratitude to Relia Metal.


The 3000 pcs Service Coins Military you made was ideal to make a reasonable profit for our unit fund. Our Police Department air support unit has and will continue to refer your company to others that are interested in conducting business with you. Dealing with you was an absolute pleasure.


Relia Metal is a perfect manufacturer for any organization and a wonderful tribute to the law enforcement community. Thanks for your assistance. I highly recommend your company.


What do you charge for dies?

The charge of dies will depend on the size and thickness of the Coin that is used.

Is my coin made of toxic materials in any way?

No. Your challenge coins will only be made with the safest, non-toxic, and best materials available from Relia Metal. Our factories are inspected and certified regularly to ensure an exceptional level of safety.

Do you have anything else besides challenge coins?

Yes, here at Relia Metal Group we offer custom lapel pins, custom coins, badges, medallions, bottle openers and more.

Can I pick custom colors?

Our factory will match the colors using the Pantone Color Matching System if you choose a custom Pantone color.

How do I know when my coin mold is going to expire?

An email reminder will be sent to you before your mold expires. We keep all coin molds for two years after an order is placed, so check the date of your order. If a reorder is placed while the mold is on file, there is no mold fee and the 2-year storage term begins again!

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