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Professional Tips on How to Display Enamel Pins

A fashionable and well-liked way to show passion & interest is through enamel pins. Regardless of whether you’re a merchant, collector, or artist. In this guide, we’ll share expert advice and creative ideas on how to display enamel pins.

What are Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are little decorative accessories that showcase vibrant enamel colors.  These pins are designed with a wide variety of images, designs, or messages. They’re known for their vibrant and detailed appearance.   

See the video linked below for a sample of how the enamel pin looked like

Now that you understand what enamel pins are. Let’s look at some inventive ways to present your lapel pin collection and make it the focus of your design. 

Creative Ways on How to Display Lapel Pins

Here are some creative ideas on how to display lapel pins:

Shadow Box Display:

Use a shadow box or display case with a fabric background. Arrange your lapel pins inside, pinning them onto the fabric. You can make attractive patterns or designs with this technique.

Shadow Box Display


Place a corkboard against your wall. Then line up your lapel pins by pinning them straight onto the surface. This technique makes customization and rearrangement simple.


Lapel Pin Banner:

Create a fabric banner with pockets or loops to hold your lapel pins. Hang the banner on your wall or door, and it doubles as a colorful and interactive decoration.

Lapel Pin Banner

Jewelry Display Stand:

Use a jewelry display stand with tiers or rows to showcase your lapel pins. There are various shapes and sizes of these stands. assembling a sophisticated, well-planned presentation.

Jewelry Display Stand

Vintage or Antique Trays:

Hunt for vintage or antique trays with compartments. These can be an attractive way to arrange and display your lapel pins, adding a touch of nostalgia to your decor.

Vintage or Antique Trays

Themed Frames:

Consider using frames with a theme related to your lapel pins. Floating Bookcases: Put in floating shelves to showcase your lapel pins on your wall. Arrange them in an appealing manner. These shelves can become a functional and decorative part of your space.

Themed Frames

Repurpose a Corkboard World Map:

Cover a corkboard world map with fabric or paint it to your liking. Then, place your lapel pins on locations significant to your travels or interests.

Repurpose a Corkboard World Map

Decorative Bowls:

Arrange your lapel pins in decorative bowls on a tabletop or shelf. This approach combines function and decor in a simple yet charming way.

Decorative Bowls

DIY Corkboard Mosaic:

Create a mosaic pattern on a large corkboard using your lapel pins. This unique display becomes a work of art in itself.

DIY Corkboard Mosaic

Custom Corkboard Shapes:

Cut a corkboard into custom shapes or silhouettes. Such as an animal, a letter, or an object relevant to your pin collection. Then, arrange and pin your lapel pins onto these shapes.

Having learned some inventive ways to display your lapel pins. Let’s talk about how to style enamel pins to highlight your uniqueness and wear them in a stylish manner.

How To Wear Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are a trendy and fun way to show off your distinctive traits and sense of style. Here are a few  tips for effectively wearing enamel pins:

Lapel of Jackets and Blazers:

Position one or a small cluster of enamel pins on the lapel of your jacket or blazer. They can give your formal or informal clothes a splash of color and personality.

Lapel of Jackets and Blazers

Collars and Shirt Pockets:

Attach enamel pins to the collars of your shirts. You can also use pins to embellish shirt pockets for a subtle and stylish touch.

Collars and Shirt Pockets

Hats and Caps:

Decorate the brim or crown of your hat or cap with enamel pins. This is a very striking and personalized way to accessorize your headgear.

Hats and Caps

Scarves and Shawls:

Use enamel pins to secure your scarves or shawls in place while adding a touch of flair. They can function as both accessories and decorative accents.

Scarves and Shawls

Backpacks and Bags:

Used enamel pins to create a unique and eye-catching accessory. You can mix and match pins to reflect your interests or experiences.

Backpacks and Bags

Denim Jackets and Vests:

Denim is a versatile canvas for enamel pins. Display your pins on the front or back of a vest or denim jacket. They can convey your style or narrate a story.

Denim Jackets and Vests

Dresses and Sweaters:

Pin enamel pins to the bodice or chest area of dresses and sweaters. This gives your ensemble a unique touch. Especially if the pins complement the garment’s colors.

Dresses and Sweaters


If you have a lot of enamel pins you want to wear at once, consider using a lanyard. Attach your pins to the lanyard and wear it around your neck or as a badge holder.


Boots and Shoes:

It’s a unique and unexpected way to display your pins.

Boots and Shoes

Collar Chains:

Use collar chains or brooch converters to wear enamel pins as collar clips. This gives your outfit a hint of vintage charm.

Collar Chains

Purse Straps:

Decorate your purse or handbag by attaching enamel pins to the straps. It’s a creative way to incorporate your pin collection into your everyday look.

Purse Straps

This is how to wear enamel pins in style. Now let’s find out where you can customize these pins to reflect your own interests and style.

Where to Get Enamel Pins Customized

While picking an enamel pin supplier, take into factors like cost, lead time, quantity & quality of the work. Choose a manufacturer with years of experience in producing enamel pins to reduce the risk of errors in production.

Relia Metal, is your dependable partner for quality and customization. We could help in creating your ideal enamel pin. With our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering top-notch products. We’re the right choice for your enamel pin needs. To make your distinctive pins a reality. Don’t hesitate to go with Relia Metal as your manufacturer.

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