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Since our founding in 2005, we continue to amaze our clients with our skills and knowledge in providing them with excellent quality custom race medals. Being trusted by our clients, we are able to cater to all their requirements with design and manufacturing. Here are some benefits when you decide to work with the best race medal manufacturer in China: 

  • 99.5% Customer Satisfaction
  • Wide Customization Options
  • Low MOQ 500 Pcs / Order
  • 0% Defective Items Delivered
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What Are Race Medals

Race medals have a good collection of commemorative significance which are made of durable materials that could last for a long time. Here at Relia, we made sure that each transaction you made with us will meet your expectations in mass-producing your unique designs into durable medals. 

We are the most reliable race medal manufacturer in China that allows you to customize medals from the material to be used to the kind of packaging. With the help of our top-notch workers with professional sales talent and hard work, we are always available to assist you. You can choose different plating options such as gold, silver, and bronze are available for that added glare on wholesale personalized medals for races.

Medal By Application

Bronze Finisher Medal

Raised portions might have a sculpted appearance or be two- or three-dimensional.

Antique Silver With Soft Enamel

Antique silver style can work perfectly with vivid enameled colors.

Die Cut Medal

This personalized medal features cut-out recessed portions that give it more depth.

Antique Silver With 3D

Have your logo/images be in 3D antique form for a more emphasized look.

Race Medal with Logo

Medals can be created with personalized logos in any style that you require.

Silver Finisher Medal

Simple yet attractive silver medal for second place race finisher.

Materials (3)

  • Stainless Steel

    A tough and long-lasting metal that does not tarnish or rust. This material is perfect for race medals that require additional weight.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Bronze

    Provides a high-class look for sports medals with excellent corrosion resistance and is easily formed into different styles.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Lower cost in comparison to stainless steel which provides the same tarnish and rust resistance for race medals.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Medal By Size (4)

Medal Packaging


Durable plastic bag perfectly made for different medal sizes. This kind of packaging comes free with every medal order.

Plastic Box
Plastic Boxes

Black bottom and retail top medal packaging that securely stores product in place avoiding scratches.

Velvet Pouch
Velvet Pouch

Premium medal packaging that looks and feels luxurious.

Paper Boxes
Paper Boxes

It’s a simple and inexpensive kind of packaging where your logo can be stamped at the top for added uniqueness.


The process ensures each race medal is at its 100% performance level by increasing the thickness and with a corrosion resistance effect. Get a chance to see samples of our electroplated medals by reaching out today!



Designs for race medals are guaranteed long-lasting and permanent with the use of manual or machine printing methods. The designs are in HD quality and stay in place making them impossible to be removed or scratched. Contact us today and see how we work on our printed medals!

Laser Engraving

Using computer-aided software, our skilled craftsmen use laser engraving to permanently mark or engrave the text or design into your race medals. Ensuring zero human errors with an added texture to medals. Discover how laser engraving can improve your designs today!

Laser Engraving


Abrasive polishing and fine polishing are used to make sure that each race medal is smooth and scratch-free. The edges are smoothened out with the use of an abrasive polishing then we use the finer abrasive to make the surface shiny and mirror-like. Contact us today for more information!

Relia Providing Outstanding Quality Medals Throughout The Years

Relia Providing Outstanding Quality Medals Throughout The Years
Relia Providing Outstanding Quality Medals Throughout The Years

With our years of experience, we have learned a lot from what clients want with their custom race medals and we make sure to meet their ever-changing requirements by improving our skills and knowledge with medal production.

As we understand that each medal is required to be in perfect form before sending to clients, we also make sure that we still provide the lowest wholesale quotation in the market for producing bulk race medals. We aim to continue with our goal of being the best race medal manufacturer in China that clients trust.

Distinctive Medal Style With Extreme Longevity

Distinctive Style

Your designs submitted are turned into premium quality medals that are an accurate match to your design.

Excellent Durability

The materials that we use for each medal are durable and high quality to ensure product longevity.

Custom Medal Type

One Sided Design Type

This features a design that puts great emphasis on the front side instead of the back which is blank.

Two Sided Design Type

There may be several designs or just one on either side of the medallion.

Partner With Only The Best Manufacturer Producing Excellent Medals!
Partner With The Best Medal Manufacturer

Relia Metal has a long history of success as a race medal manufacturer in producing amazing personalized medals for races at a fair price, as well as delivering excellent customer service. We work in conjunction with companies big and small from all over the world to bring their promotional medal designs to life. If you are looking to partner with a trusted China manufacturer with your medals, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Medal Ribbon Option

  • I have ordered thousands of custom race medals that we’ve done in previous years. I absolutely support this company, as they consistently outperformed our expectations.

    Tom K.
  • Our requested medals are just lovely! Both their size and quality are excellent. Our item arrived on time, and the price was fair. I definitely suggest Relia Metal!

    Sherryl P.
  • The 5000 race medals we received are fantastic, thank you very much! I’ll get in touch with you about more orders soon!

    Alice R.
How do you ensure every personalized medal for a race is in good quality? Do you have QC before shipping?

Yes, quality control is performed before each step of the process to ensure high quality for the final step.

What information should we give you if we want race medals?

When you provide us with artwork (logo) information, including its size, thickness, and attachments, we can provide you with pricing for comparison.

What is the custom medal minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. Lower than 500 will not be friendly to our workshop production.

Can I track my custom badge orders?

Yes, you can. We’ll send you an email that includes the tracking information as well as a picture and video or your orders as proof that items are already up for delivery.

How is the Race Medal price determined?

The cost of a medal is determined by quantity, production to be used, design, and packaging. If you have a limited budget, we can suggest alternatives in materials to be used, production, and packaging to lower the cost.

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