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What makes Relia Metal different from other companies is the personalized service that we provide. Also nothing we produce comes from stocks or template challenge coin setup and we work closely with you to ensure your secret service challenge coin is perfect. We specialize in mass producing quality bulk challenge coins and offer services like:

  • Free Artwork Assistance
  • Free Affordable Quotation
  • Low MOQ 500 Per Order 
  • Customization Options
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What Are Secret Service Challenge Coin

Secret service challenge coins are used to represent a membership that contains the insignia or emblem. Secret service coins are ideally used to mark pride, accomplishments, and support which are carried out at all times. Here at Relia, customization for challenge coins is easy! If you have any ideas or pre-drawn art just send them to us and we’ll custom-make them for you; We’ll then send you samples of work for approval before mass production. 

We provide options on customization that you can completely control, including size and shape, color, materials used, edging style, and finishings. Just let us know the exact specifications that you prefer and we’ll create them for you. You can choose to have different edging options like spur edging, rope edging, cross-cut edging, and smooth edging to make your secret service challenge coins more authentic.

Different plating options are also available to be customized as additional protection for challenge coins that look aesthetically pleasing. We can use epoxy as a coating which serves as a protective layer and keeps the enamel colors in place preventing cracks or fades over time. All of these customizing advantages can highly benefit your challenge coin branding which you can get for a very affordable price.

Coin By Features

3D Secret Service Challenge Coin

Customized coins where both sides can be used for 3D detailing.

Shiny Service Challenge Coins

Perfect to use for VIP members containing soft enamel colors that compliment the glossy finish.

Full Enamel Service Challenge Coins

Hard or soft enamel colors compliment different styles for challenge coins.

Antique Service Challenge Coins

Subdued to matte appearance which gives a refined and detailed challenge coin design.

Souvenir Service Challenge Coins

Comes in different shapes like pentagons or circles that emphasizes customized designs.

Chrome Service Challenge Coins

Double-sided chrome finish with embossed design or label.

Materials Used (3)

  • Brass

    Aesthetically pleasing material used for challenge coin that’s durable and easily malleable.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Stainless Steel

    Corrosion-resistant material that guarantees challenge coin longevity and aesthetic appearance.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Economical material used to challenge coin castability with a combination of strength and rigidity.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Coin By Size (4)

Coin Packaging

Opp Bags
OPP Bags

Free packaging type used to individually pack your custom challenge coins as protection to scratches.

Velvet Pouch
Coin Bags

Individual pouches or small bags are used for deluxe coins which can be made of linen or velvet cloth.

Hard Plastic Box
Coin Box

Elegant and sturdy packaging for challenge coins that can be sublimated with your company’s logo.

Customize Packaging
Custom Packaging

You can request different kinds of packaging that’s well suited for your custom challenge coins.


Electroplating methods are being used to increase the thickness and corrosion resistance. This procedure ensures that each swimming medal is of the highest quality and efficiency before it is shipped. You can see medal samples right now if you contact us!

Die Casting


This method involves pouring molten zinc alloy into a casting mold, which is then formed into bulk challenge coins that has the exact size and shape that you wanted quickly and under high pressure. Message us directly today for more information on secret service challenge coins!


We offer both a machine and a manual coloring process to improve the appearance of your wholesale secret service challenge coin. Both manual and machine coloring work for coin appearance enhancements. We also use primer and a final coat to ensure that the color does not fade or budge over time. If you require to have more details on how our coloring process works, you can send your messages to us. 



We use polishing to avoid rough edges and unwanted scratches. We use abrasive and fine polishing for a mirror-like finish, each secret service challenge coin is cleaned and polished to remove any rough edges. If you want to learn more about the polishing process, please contact us right away.

Custom Promotional Service Challenge Coins Made By Relia Metal

Custom Promotional Service Challenge Coins Made By Relia Metal
Custom Promotional Service Challenge Coins Made By Relia Metal

We are one of the leading manufacturers in China dealing with high-quality challenge coins made with our latest production machines in molding, die-casting, stamping, polishing, printing, paint baking, enameling, and electroplating. With each transaction with us, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction rate by providing the best quality secret service challenge coin, at the lowest wholesale price.

You are the reason for our success and we have not forgotten that. With our team of experienced and qualified designers and engineers, we strive to continually improve our process and the products that we produce.

Durable & Stylish Custom Challenge Coins

Made To Order

Challenge coins are mass-produced only with your customized design that cannot be altered by any of our clients.

Durable Material

We only use durable materials that are perfect to use for different styles of challenge coins.

Custom Coin Style

One Side With Color

Your custom coin will feature only one side with color, and the other side has none. This custom coin adds richness and dimension to challenge coins.

Both Sides With Color

Your customized coin will have a colored design both sides. Double sided colors can be custom engraved with gloss or matte coating and creates a classic look.

Have Your Challenge Coins Designs Mass Produced Today!
Have Your Challenge Coins Designs Mass Produced Today!

Stress-free mass production experience has never been this easy! We have been tirelessly working to give you the best customer service providing everything that you need with your customized secret service challenge coins. Despite not cutting on product quality, here at Relia Metal, we oath to keep our prices low and affordable for your advantage. Why wait longer, have your designs mass produced by us and we guarantee you the greatest value for your money!

Borders And Edges Options

  • These secret service challenge coins that we ordered are flawless! We have no complaints and we’ll surely order again soon.

    Terry M.
  • Relia has done an excellent job in providing high quality products. They are very keen on details which makes my challenge coins perfect.

    Emily T.
  • We have received our 1000 US secret service challenge coins and we are completely satisfied. We will message you again with the same order.

    Mary C.
How will I know if my order is being processed?

You will receive emails as an update for your orders. Before mass production, we’ll send you some generic samples or customized samples first then once approved, you will receive an update for mass production.

Can I pay extra if I wanted my orders to be rushed?

Rush orders are not covered. Since we are a wholesale manufacturer of custom items, our standard production time is 15-20 days depending on the product design, quantity, and packaging to be used.

Do each of your items come with individual packaging?

Yes. We offer different kinds of individual packaging for your challenge coins which will be quoted separately.

Are you able to ship in a PO box address?

No, since import tax needed to be settled first before the delivery, the shipping company won’t accept PO box addresses.

Do you charge for artwork revisions?

We offer free artwork or design revisions until you are satisfied.

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