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Relia Metal is your direct supplier of swimming medals in charge of meeting your unique requirements. We have years of experience to help you design and mass produce your desired medals that are aligned with your branding style. Some advantages of working with us are:

  • Low Medal MOQ Of 500 Pcs
  • Lowest Wholesale Medal Pricing
  • Available Shipment Via Air & Sea
  • Wide Choices For Customization
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What Are Swimming Medals

Sports medals are uniquely made with the design, size, colors, and finishes depending on the specific sport that is being applied. With Relia Metal, you can create your custom medals such as swimming medals with ease! 

Each medal is made of high-quality materials that are durable which guarantees longevity without being tarnished. Not only that, but you will be amazed with the extensive choices on swim medals and ribbons customization that we’ll provide where you can find everything that you are looking for in a medal. 

We produce world-class medals by working with you. It doesn’t matter if you already have a final design of your medal, if you need any revisions or enhancements our graphic designers will help you out! Together, we’ll create the perfect swimming medal that fits your needs and budget.

Medal By Application

Soft Enamel Swimming Medals

Single sided designs usually use soft enamel where the enamel is placed in the recessed areas.

3D Swimming Medals

Thick medals with emphasized logo and design; Looks perfect on gold, silver, or bronze.

Sublimation Swimming Medals

Made usually in zinc alloy where images or designs are printed in HD that’s scratch-proof.

Gold Swimming Medals

Elegant and classic style to present medals given to the highest rank in the competition.

Bronze Swimming Medals

Mostly used and given to the third placer of every competition.

Die Cast Swimming Medals

Displays company logo and customized texts used in achievement recognition.

Materials (3)

  • Brass

    Perfect material to use for medals with complex design and has corrosion resistant.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    Material is known for its high durability with a quality finish perfect for 3D sports medals use.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Stainless Steel

    Material of a higher value with additional weight makes medals feel and look premium.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Medal By Size (4)

Medal Packaging

OPP Bags
OPP Bags

Clear and durable plastic bags that secure individual medals from unwanted scratches or even dust during delivery.

Plastic Boxes
Plastic Boxes

Effectively showcases individual medals with clear plastic boxes that are also made sturdy for protection.

Velvet Cases
Velvet Cases

Optimizes the aesthetic of medals with precise fittings which also preserves their quality during transit.

Custom Packaging
Custom Packaging

Medals can be packed with your choice of packaging. Packaging cost will depend on the kind of material to use in packaging.

Art Designing

First step is design making for your swimming medals where your submitted design is uploaded in our system and is enhanced by our graphic designers with your approval. Get more information on the design process by reaching out today!

Art Designing


The shape of a swimming medal is made during the stamping process. We use a computer operated stamping machine manipulated by our skilled workers to ensure that the shape is accurate piece by piece. Know more of our products by sending your inquiries today!


The thickness and protection to corrosion is being raised by using electroplating methods. This procedure makes sure that each swimming medal is at 100% quality and efficiency before being shipped. You can contact us today to see medal samples!



Abrasive polishing and fine polishing is used for swimming medals to avoid any unwanted scratches and rough edges. First, each medal goes through the abrasive polish where the surface is cleaned and eliminates any rough edges then each medal goes straight to finer polishing for a mirror like finish. Contact us today for more information!

Relia Offering Quality Medals Craftmanship & Excellent Service

Relia Offering Quality Medals Craftmanship & Excellent Service
Relia Offering Quality Medals Craftmanship & Excellent Service

Established in 2005, we are able to produce outstanding and top selling swimming medals that are supplied with ribbons or logo inserts. We offer designs to be in 3D form, printed, or engraved depending on your preference. We can make this possible only with your help, all you have to do is send us your design and we’ll transform them into profitable swim medals and ribbons

Our dedicated team of designers and engineers ensures quality workmanship and absolute reliability with the aim to provide you with professionally crafted medals, no matter how much your budget is.

Medals Made Sturdy & Designed Perfectly

Custom Designed

We custom-made your orders with your submitted medal design or with your provided ideas.

Made 100% Sturdy

Each medal is guaranteed to be strong with the material that we use during production.

Custom Medal Type

One Sided Design Type

This features design that puts great emphasis on the front side instead of the back which is blank.

Two Sided Design Type

On either side of the medallion, there can be various designs or just one.

Get Your Medals Mass Produced By Relia Metal!
Get Your Medals Mass Produced By Relia Metal!

Relia Metal is an experienced China factory in mass producing customized swimming medals at the highest quality and fair price. We’ll give you suggestions that would fit the branding of your company before proceeding with the production. With our years of positive experience, there’s no doubt that we can provide the exact medal that you are looking for. Contact us today for more information! 

Medal Ribbon Option

  • Thank you so much! It has been a pleasure working with your company. We ordered 5000 customized swimming medals and each piece is perfect!

    Tom K.
  • Kudos for Relia Metal’s team for providing the best swim medals and ribbons at an affordable price.

    Sherryl P.
  • The design team helped and understands me with everything that I need in regards with the swim medal design enhancement that I requested. I will order 1000 pcs again soon!

    Alice R.
Can you help me improve the appearance of my medals?

Yes. We can provide design assistance if you want to revise or enhance your design. The design customization includes size, style, thickness, and color.

What format do you require in design submission?

We require an original file IN PSD, CDR, EPS, and Pdf. If you don’t have the original file a clear photo will do.

Do you charge samples?

Generic samples are free but you can request a customized sample where you can decide the overall appearance of the medal and custom samples will apply to additional charges.

Can I request my samples in different colors?

Yes, in fact for custom samples you can request different platings or colors to see which one looks better with your design.

How can I acquire discounts?

Since we offer the lowest wholesale price in the market, we don’t supply discounts to our new or even existing clients. Although for repeat customers that already have their mold on file, we no longer provide charge for molding.

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