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Tips on How to Display Medals From a Manufacturer

Are you a medal collector or into medal merchandising? Ever wondered how to turn your medals into a captivating display? Displaying medals is not about the simple arrangement, it’s about crafting a visual narrative.

This blog article discusses some key tips on how to display medals. From shadow boxes to custom frames, we’ll discover the possibilities of displaying medals. But first, let us discuss what are medals.

What are Medals

Medals are symbolic discs or plaques that are made to be worn as a mark of honor, achievement, or recognition. These tokens feature elaborative patterns, texts, or embossed pictures. The graphics or texts imprinted are associated with various fields of achievement.


Although, not all medals look the same. Let’s discover the different medal types below.


Types of Medals

Medals come in various types, each designed to recognize achievements or contributions. Here are some common types of medals:

  • Sports Medals: Often feature sports-specific designs and are given in competitions, tournaments, or events.
  • Military Medals: Honor individuals for acts of bravery, dedication, and outstanding service.
  • Academic Medals: Awarded for scholastic achievements, academic medals acknowledge excellence in education.
  • Civilian Service Medals: Give recognition to those who have improved their communities.
  • Commemorative Medals: Serve as a lasting reminder of historical or noteworthy occurrences.
  • Service Medals: Given to individuals who gave loyal & consistent service across various domains.
  • Achievement Medals: Celebrate individuals who have reached notable milestones or goals.
  • Race Medals: Tangible symbols of triumph and dedication. Awarded to participants for completing races or marathons.

After discussing the various medal types that are available. Let’s shift our focus to practical insights. Discover simple yet effective ways to showcase your medals. 


Simple Ways on How to Showcase Medals

Showcasing medals is a wonderful way to celebrate the fruits of hard work and dedication. Here are some simple and effective ways to showcase medals:

Display Hangers:

Allowing you to organize medals based on the importance of accomplishment.

  • How to Hang Medals on Wall: Turn your wall into a gallery of success by hanging medals with flair. Use decorative hooks or a custom medal hanger to display them at varying heights. Creating a dynamic and personalized showcase that makes a bold statement.

How to Display Medals

Shadow Boxes:

To create a striking and protective display. Arrange medals alongside related memorabilia, photos, or descriptions. To provide context and tell the story behind each achievement.

How to Display Medals

Lanyards or Ribbons:

Each medal stands out on its own by adding a bright, dynamic element to your display.

  • How to Display Ribbons and Medals: Combine ribbons and medals to make a broad display. Use metal hangers or ribbon bars to maintain an organized arrangement. Consider sorting them by color, event, or significance for a visual engagement.
  • How to Display Medals with Ribbons: Put ribbons into your medal display to show your achievements. Use dedicated medal hangers or display boards, allowing ribbons to cascade. This gives your arrangement more movement and eye-catching detail.
  • How to Display Medals Without Ribbons: Take an understated approach & display medals without ribbons. Put them straight onto a medal board or into framed displays. To highlight the meaning and design of each medal for a sleek, modern appearance.

How to Display Medals

Shelf Floating:

Place shelves that float against a wall. to exhibit your medals in a tidy and contemporary manner. Put the medals in a row or use ornamental containers to create visual interest.

How to Display Medals

Collage Frames:

Create a collage of medals in a multi-opening frame. If you have a collection of smaller medals or want to display a series of achievements in a compact space.

  • How to Frame Medals: Frame your medals to commemorate accomplishments with style. Use collage frames to ensure that medals are secured and at the same level. 
  • How to Display Medals in a Frame: Frame medals to transform them into a striking visual testament to your accomplishments. Adding a touch of personalization with certificates or event details.

How to Display Medals

Magnetic Boards:

Affix your medals to a magnetic board. If you wish to update your display and receive new medals, this option is especially ideal for you.

How to Display Medals

Scrapbook or Album:

Document your achievements in a scrapbook or album. 

How to Display Medals

Tabletop Displays:

Arrange medals on tabletops using decorative trays or stands. This option works well for smaller collections.

Whichever way you go, it’s imperative to create a display that does more than showcase the medals. Experiment with different arrangements until you find a style that resonates with you.

How to Display Medals


Choosing The Right Placement to Display

Selecting the right placement for displaying your medals is crucial. To improve the space’s aesthetics and make sure they look their best.  Here are considerations for choosing the right placement:


Choose a location where your medals will be visible. Consider areas with good lighting to highlight the details of each medal.


Place your medals in a location that holds personal significance. Choose a place where you most spend time.

Theme and Decor:

Align the display with the theme and decor of the surrounding space. Ensure that the colors, materials, and style of the display complement the room.


If you have a growing collection or expect to add more medals. Choose a display location that allows for easy accessibility. Consider options that make it convenient to rearrange the display as needed.


Organize the medals so that they tell a coherent narrative. Creating a narrative through your display adds depth and meaning to the arrangement.

Focal Point:

If you want your medals to be a focal point, consider placing them in a central area of the room. This could be a feature wall, a dedicated shelf, or even a display case in a prominent position.

Complementary Elements:

Integrate complementary elements around the display to enhance its visual appeal. 

Symmetry and Balance:

Make sure your display has symmetry and balance. Ensuring a harmonious balance contributes to a pleasing presentation.

Custom Displays:

Choose a location that allows for the unique design & dimensions. Consider architectural features, such as alcoves or recessed spaces.

  • How to Display Medals at Home: Arrange your medals to add a sense of achievement to your living area. Choose prominent locations like home offices, living rooms, or hallways. To showcase your achievements and integrate them into your home decor.
  • How to Display Race Medals: Create a race medal display to honor your running victories. Hang your race medals on a dedicated medal hanger or use a medal board. Arranging the medals by race theme or in order. 

We’ve discussed the significance of selecting the ideal placement for showcasing your accomplishments. Let’s focus now on another crucial decision—choosing the right manufacturer. The craftsmanship and quality of your medals are as essential as where you display them. Choosing a reliable manufacturer is an essential step in presenting your achievements.

Medal Manufacturer

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