Top 5 Custom Metal Medals for Sports Tournaments: A Comprehensive Guide

Top 5 Custom Metal Medals for Sports Tournaments: A Comprehensive Guide

Top 5 Custom Metal Medals for Sports Tournaments_ A Comprehensive Guide

Custom medals have become a popular way to recognize and reward the achievements of athletes in sports tournaments. These medals are not only a tangible symbol of accomplishment but also a way to showcase the dedication and hard work of the participants. If you are looking to get your sports designs printed on durable medals, below are the different types of medals to consider:


  • Die Struck Medals: These medals are made by striking a die with a metal blank to create a raised design on one or both sides. With the combination of pressure and heat, 3D effects are formed. Die-struck medals are often used in high-end tournaments, as they have a premium look and feel.

Die Struck Medals

  • Soft Enamel Medals: Soft enamel medals are made by adding color to the recessed areas of a metal blank. This creates a contrast between the raised metal and the colored areas, which makes the design stand out. Soft enamel medals are often used in team sports tournaments, as they allow for multiple colors and a more dynamic design.

Soft Enamel Medals

  • Hard Enamel Medals: Hard enamel medals are similar to soft enamel medals but with a smooth, polished surface. This is achieved by filling the recessed areas with enamel and polishing the surface until it is smooth and flat. Hard enamel medals are often used in individual sports tournaments, as they have a more elegant and refined look.

Hard Enamel Medals

  • Textured Medals: Textured medals can have a frosted or sandblasted look. Both frosted and sandblasted finishes are achieved using blasting. Textured medals are usually used in sports medals that require a distinguished finish for a more premium look and feel.

Textured Medals

  • Custom-Shaped Medals: Custom-shaped medals are a great way to make your tournament more unique and memorable. These medals can be made in any shape, size, or design, and are often used in events that have a specific theme or motif. 

Custom-Shaped Medals

With different medal options available, you can get confused as to what you really wanted. By considering factors such as the type of design and the level of customization, you can find the perfect medal that best fits your requirements. Whether you choose a die-struck medal for a premium look or a spinner medal for added fun. 

Aside from knowing the basic styles to use for custom medals, it is best to know some manufacturers who you can trust with mass production, in order to choose the one that works best with your needs and can meet your price points.

Relia Metal is a professional maker of customized medals for sports. We are here to create beautiful medallions that will represent brands with a lasting impact. Zinc alloy, stainless steel, and brass are the materials that we use with different variety of techniques to create medals that will last for years. Any shape, size, or design, with or without color is possible. 

For us, creating medals that exactly resemble the original design is a success, and agreeing on a quotation is satisfaction. At the lowest wholesale price, we can help you create your design vision into reality, with your desired logo, color, shape, and texture. 

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