Understanding The Production Process Of Custom Metal Coins: From Design To Delivery

Understanding The Production Process Of Custom Metal Coins: From Design To Delivery

I. Introduction

These days, custom coins are extremely popular. Since their founding, custom coins have grown in popularity due to their exclusivity; if a person is a member of an organization, he or she possesses a custom challenge coin. Metal coins have many different uses including, awards, commemoratives, souvenirs, gifts, tokens, coupons, and many others. 

Understanding the basics of how metal coins are produced is important especially if you want to produce your own challenge coin. Knowing the production process allows you to have an idea of what to expect on how the metal coin should look like and the expected turnaround time. 


II. Designing the Custom Metal Coin

Designing the Custom Metal Coin

Before the product quality, the design is the main reason why people glance at the product. It is important to have a design that’s eye-catching, serves its purpose, and targets the right audience. 

When designing a custom metal coin it is important to consider the shape, size, weight, and texture as these will be the foundation of your design and make your custom coin more noticeable.

For a more accurate design, it is advisable to use CAD software. This software allows the development or alteration of the design. It also allows the designer to manipulate them virtually. 


III. Creating the Coin Mold

Creating the Coin Mold

The first step in coin production is by creating the mold first. CNC machines and specialized tools are used to mold the metal material and pour it into an empty shape mold to be cooled and hardened. 

During the molding process, different coin designs can be achieved by adding raised or recessed areas to the coin’s surface. To ensure that the coin mold is durable we use metal alloys such as brass, copper, and zinc that are resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. 


IV. Striking the Metal Coins

Striking the Metal Coins

Striking happens when the mold is struck hard which results in the design being pressed to both sides of the blank coin. To create large batches of custom metal coins, the striking process can be done multiple times. However, some molds may not appear as they should so it is important to use a high-pressure machine. 

V. Finishing the Custom Metal Coins

Finishing the Custom Metal Coins

There are different finishing options in making custom metal coins such as polishing, plating, and antiquing. 

  • Polishing – for a mirror-like finish coin this process is done using abrasive and fine polish. 
  • Plating – makes the metal shiny and improves the abrasion performance available in gold, silver, chrome, and copper. 
  • Antiquing – a protective antique-colored topcoat that enhances the color underneath. 

These surface finishings are used not only to improve the appearance but also to enhance durability, tarnish resistance, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance. For added protection, coatings of epoxy or lacquer are used.


VI. Packaging and Delivery

Packaging and Delivery

After the production of coins, it is individually packed into your chosen packaging. Packaging ensures the safety of your metal coins by avoiding dust and scratches during the shipment. 

There are different kinds of packaging suited for metal coins such as OPP bags, velvet boxes, velvet pouches, and bubble bags. Some of these packagings can be customized where you can choose the color or even have your logo printed on them.

You can choose whatever shipping option would you like to receive your orders. Sea, land, and air transportation are the options depending on your location. Choosing your courier is a convenient way of tracking your orders to estimate the date of delivery. 


VII. Conclusion

In conclusion to the discussed topic, it is important to understand the production process for making custom coins so you know what to expect in the appearance and overall quality of metal coins. Using a custom metal coin is not solely for promotional purposes but also for awarding and commemorating in an aesthetic and efficient way.

Now that you have an idea of how custom coins are produced, it is important to find a manufacturer that has the experience to meet your expectations. Relia Metal is a trusted company for producing customized coins in bulk. We offer overall personalization of metal coins, where you can choose the color, shape, size, weight, texture, and plating of your metal coins. You can get to know more about us and what we do by visiting our website today!

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