Why Do Custom Badges Need To Be Glued Or Gummed?

By using adhesive, you can add a layer of clear resin to the badge’s surface to protect it and enhance its beauty. It is a typical step in the badge-making process. Consequently, the procedure of creating the badge determines which types of badges require glue and which types do not. 

Then what kind of badges that need to be glued or badges that don’t need to be glued?

Printing badges: This kind of badge needs to be glued to protect the surface of the badge design. 

Glued Or Gummed Badges

Enamel badges: Imitation enamel badges do not need to be glued. Thus, after polishing, the surface becomes smooth and firm where the color generally won’t fall off.

Glued Or Gummed Badges

Paint badges: Paint badge has a strong metal texture with clear lines and bright colors, which generally does not need to add glue. 

Glued Or Gummed Badges


Working with Relia Metal can save you time in researching what kind of adhesive to use on your customized badges, as we know what will work and what will not work on different kinds of badges.

Send us a message promptly to request a free quote that will work with your budget!

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