How to Use Hat Pins

B2B Guide on How to Use Hat Pins Effectively

In the B2B industry, strategic marketing tools are the key to success. One of the often-overlooked yet versatile accessories is a hat pin. This comprehensive guide discusses how a simple accessory can elevate your marketing game. Join us as we break down some tips on how to use hat pins effectively.

What is a Hat Pin?

Hat Pins

An ornamental, long, thin pin used to fasten a hat or other headgear known as a Hat pin.Before their main function was to secure hats, even on windy days. Yet, with time, they evolved into stylish accessories. After learning what hat pins are, you may be wondering are hat pins profitable?

Are Hat Pins Profitable?

If you are starting a small business, exploring hat pins is a great idea. Manufacturing hat pins are cost-effective since the production cost is low. This allows for healthy profit margins for business owners. Especially when working with a direct manufacturer specializing in mass-producing pins. Custom hat pins may cost $0.60 up to $3.48 depending on your design.

You can choose to partner with Relia Metal which has an excellent team of engineers who can craft your designs into premium-quality hat pins at an affordable wholesale price.

Selling hat pins alone for a startup business may not be enough to boost your sales, finding out different ways to incorporate them into your branding would greatly help your business venture. 

Below are some manufacturer tips on how to use hat pins to promote your brand.

How To Use Hatpins?

  • Take your hat and your choice of hat pin
  • At the back of the hat’s band, poke the pin through. Avoid forcing as it may ruin the hat’s quality. Instead, scoop up a lock of hair with the pin.
  • Push the pin back through the hat. While the end of the pin is showing, your hair should be in the middle of the pin and hat.

Here’s a sample video of how to use Hatpins:


How To Choose The Right Hatpin for Your Business?

Selecting the best hatpin for your company requires careful thought. It will complement the goals and image of your brand. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right hatpin for your business:

Define Your Brand Identity: 

Understand your brand’s core values, personality, and target audience. A clear grasp of your brand’s identity will guide your pin selection.

Set Clear Objectives: 

Determine the purpose of using hat pins for your business. Selecting the appropriate kind of pin will make it easier if your goals are clear.

Examine the Design Components: 

It is best to order a customized hat pin to showcase your brand colors, logo, and other design components.

Pin Type and Material: 

Hat Pin Type

Decide on the type of hat pin that suits your needs. Options include enamel pins, custom-shaped pins, or simple logo pins. Consider the material as well, such as metal, acrylic, or plastic, based on your brand’s image and budget.

Quality and Craftsmanship: 

Select a pin manufacturer renowned for its excellence in craftsmanship. A well-crafted pin will convey your business and leave a positive impression. 

Size and Style:

Small and Large Hat Pins

 Establish the pin’s dimensions and design. Smaller, more subtle pins might be appropriate for formal or professional settings. Larger, more ornate pins can make a statement.


Decide on the number of pins you need. Consider factors like your marketing budget, promotional campaign, or the demand from customers.


Set a budget for your hat pins. Custom pins can vary in price. Make sure the decision you make fits within your budget.

Custom Packaging for Hat Pins

Sourcing: Where to Get Your Hat Pins Produced

Now that you’ve gained insights into the effective use of Hat Pins. Let’s move on to the more realistic aspect of the situation: sourcing. For creative ideas that ensure both quality and an easy blend into your product line. You must find reliable sources to have your hat pins made.

Selecting Relia Metal to produce your hat pins is a high-quality, well-crafted choice.

We have a reputation for accuracy and close attention to detail. We have produced remarkable custom pins that will represent your company. No need to worry if you have an unfinished hat pin design, just let us know your design vision and we’ll create a design for you. For more information, reach out to us today!

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