Basic Guide on How to Make Custom Lapel Pins – Materials, Paint, & Size

How To Make Custom Lapel Pins


Customized Lapel Pins

Crafting lapel pins custom involves a series of essential stages, such as conceptualizing a design, selecting the optimal pin material, and collaborating closely with a skilled manufacturer. Amidst these crucial steps, there remain fundamental elements that wield significant influence over the lapel pins creation process:

Essential Materials for Crafting Stunning Lapel Pins

Custom Metal Lapel Pins

Before producing customized lapel pins, you need to consider the kind of materials to be used. So, What materials are needed for a lapel pin? Typically, lapel pins can be made of gold, silver, copper, nickel, or any alloy made of these four metals. Although, these materials each have unique durability properties, different surface finishings can be added or an epoxy resin can be applied for an additional shine. 

Choosing The Perfect Paint for Lapel Pins: A Detailed Overview

Soft Enamel Pin with Backing Accessory

When it comes to custom made lapel pins, they can either be a simple no-shade classical finish, or vibrant and colorful. But are you wondering, what paint is used in lapel pins? The answer is a durable and beautiful enamel paint.

To make lapel pins colorful, there are two types of enamel paint used. Depending on how the pin is designed and how you want it to look. You can choose between soft enamel and hard enamel

The most popular paint for lapel pins is soft enamel. When soft enamel is applied to recessed areas of a pin, it creates a textured, three-dimensional effect because it doesn’t level out to the raised metal lines of the design. This gives the design a textured feel that you can touch.

Hard Enamel is used for a more polished and smooth appearance. When the enamel is melted and filled to the same level as the raised areas after application, the pin is fired at a high temperature. After cooling, it is polished and sanded to give it a glossy and polished finish.

Finding The Ideal Size for Your Lapel Pin: Tips for Choosing The Right Size

Lapel Pins in Different Shapes and Size

After considering the right material and paint to be used, it is also essential to know what is the best size for a lapel pin.  A lapel pin’s visibility, usability, and aesthetic appeal are all impacted by the size choice you make. Lapel pins typically have a size of 0.5 inches to 2 inches.

  • 1.5”- 2” – This size may be ideal if a complex design with intricate detail is required; Also text with a small font is required to ensure clarity and legibility. 
  • 0.5” – 1” – Size used for rectangular lapel pins where the clutch is perfectly attached at the back. This is the perfect size to make a bold statement.
  • 0.75” – 1.25” – Best size used for hat and bag attachment. 

Here’s a sample video of large-size lapel pins:

In essence, the ideal custom lapel pin size strikes a balance between the intended statement and purpose and the design clarity. To be on the safer side, it is best to seek professional help to know the ideal size to use for your lapel pin design.

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