Common Requirements In Designing Customized Badges

The badges are customized starting from the design, we accept metal handicraft per client’s design. So, what factors should we consider when drawing the emblem? The requirements to finalize our badge design are listed below:

  1. Software

There is multiple software online from which you can pick and make your design, a couple of online software are CorelDraw, Illustrator, Photoshop, and others.

Customizing Badges

2. Manuscript/Logo 

We prefer that you stay within a 3 mm distance from the cutting line of your customized badge so that your manuscript or logo won’t be cut off.

Customizing Badges

3. Coloring

A couple of tips to consider when picking a color for your customized badges;

  1. Color must adhere to the “CMYK” color standard; avoid using RGB or unusual colors unless printing is required in specific colors.
  2. To prevent the ink from drying slowly, try to avoid using four colors of black filling or four colors with a total value greater than 200% of the filling.
  3. Please don’t lower the color of the base map by more than 8%.

4. Text

Need to build a frame or transform it into a curve and clean up any extraneous text clutter in the design file.

Customizing Badges

5. Lining

Please refrain from using thin lines of less than 0.15mm while drawing lines.

Customizing Badges

6. Saving the design

The resolution of the dot matrix diagram is set to 600 DPI (for example, Tif, PSD, JPG, or Eps).

To prevent missing prints during file processing, please place all designed content on a single layer on the same page (please do not layer objects).

Customizing Badges


7. Color difference

Color variation of +/- 10% is normal and is our standard when passing your design to our team.


Customizing Badges


Here at Relia Metal, all these requirements are strictly followed to ensure that every design from sketch to color is followed as per the customer’s liking. Get to know more about our processes by contacting us today!

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