Choosing the Perfect Dimensions: A Comprehensive Guide to Custom Challenge Coin Sizes

Custom Metal Coins

What size are custom coins? An important factor to consider in making a lasting custom challenge coin impression is the correct dimension or size. How a coin is viewed, carried, and treasured is greatly influenced by its size, shape, and dimensions. 

Some of the common challenge coin sizes available are:

  • 1.5” – This is a smaller size that is often used for a simpler design or when a more compact coin is desired.
Gold Polished Coin
Two Gold Polished Coin in White Background
  • 1.75” – This is the most common size used for challenge coins that provides a balance between detail and size.
Bronze Custom Metal Coin
Bronze Metal Coin Front and Back View in White Background
  • 2” – This size offers a large canvas for intricate design and additional details.

White, Green, and Gold Custom Coin

  • 2.25” – This size is less common but still can be chosen when a larger and more impressive coin is required.

Polished Blue and White Challenge Coin

  • 2.5” – The size often used for special occasions or designs that require significant detail.

Copper Polished Custom Coin

It is important to note that challenge coins come in a variety of shapes other than circles. While circular coins are conventional, many challenge coins have distinctive outlines that follow the curves of the design, such as shields, stars, and others. The size and shape of the challenge coin should be chosen based on the design, intended application, and desired impact.

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