Custom Engraved Gold Coins From Chinese Manufacturer

For more than ten years, our artisans have created prestigious custom engraved gold coins. Your assurance that you won’t discover better quality anywhere else comes from their skill and talent. Your satisfaction is Relia Metal top priority, so we go above and beyond to make the ordering process as simple as we can. Furthermore, Relia proposes the following:

  • Fast Response 4–8 Hours
  • Free Quote & Artwork Revision
  • 99.5% Client Satisfaction
  • Low MOQ Of 500 Pcs
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What Are Custom Made Gold Coins

Relia Metal produces eye-catching and exceptionally designed custom-engraved gold coins at the lowest wholesale price. These robust and astounding engraved gold coins include a wide variety of unique artwork and designs that can be used for any event or occasion. 

We offer a variety of durable materials to make your coins high-quality and long-lasting with extreme resistance to all types of external impacts. A custom-engraved gold coin can range widely in price, the size of the coin, the materials required, the desired finish, and the design all factor into this. One of the factors which make coins unique is their finishing or plating, and no matter what style you are going for, shiny or antique gold, we have them all available for you.

Presentation is also important. We take our time to put your coins into proper and customized packaging. Each coin will be packed with your choice of custom packaging.

Coin By Features

Shiny Custom Engraved Gold Coins

Die-struck shiny engraved gold coins have recessed areas that are sandblasted.

3D Custom Engraved Gold Coins

A design appears more realistic when it is made of three dimensions.

2D Custom Engraved Gold Coins

A background and a raised surface are the two layers of 2D coins.

Printed Custom Engraved Gold Coins

The high quality of your finished product is ensured by printed coins.

Logo Custom Engraved Gold Coins

Customized coins featuring your logo, name, or text are designed with impressive detail.

Antique Custom Engraved Gold Coins

For the traditional look of coins, and for a more vintage appearance of your designs.

Materials Used (3)

  • Copper

    The best option for design elements that demand the highest quality.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Brass

    It is a slightly softer metal that allows for finer details to be added to logos.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

  • Zinc Alloy

    You can use this alloy when your custom coin needs little cutouts and details.

    Click the Pic to Download the Material Report

Coin By Size (4)

Coin Packaging

Clear Case
Acrylic Cases

A small, covert acrylic display stand that can be used for elegant presentations.

Bubble Wraps
OPP Bags

It’s a practical packaging material that is easy to use, rips easily, and has the added advantage of protecting coins.

Paper Box
Paper Box

An easy-to-wrap, less expensive packaging option that protects coins.

Velvet Pouch
Velvet Pouch

This classy-looking velvet coin bag with its elegant drawstrings can be used to present your gift coin.


In order to create custom engraved gold coins into the shape that you desire, flat sheets of metal are pressed using a stamping press. For accuracy, computer-aided design software is used to create the stamping design. To learn more about stamping, send us your questions today!



Applying a thin coat of enamel paint and letting it dry completely will give custom engraved gold coins different color effects. Enamel color can be applied manually or automatically, but automated coloring is more effective. To find out more about our colored coins, you can reach out to us today.


With the use of abrasive and fine polish, your custom engraved gold coins are made for a clean and mirror-like finish. By polishing, scratches and jagged edges are eliminated. You can send your inquiries to us today to see samples of our polished gold coins.



The electroplating procedure, which increases thickness and enhances corrosion resistance, enables us to guarantee that every custom engraved gold coins operate as effectively as possible. Do send us a message if you want to learn more about different platings to be added to your gold coins.

Relia Metal: Creating Premium Quality Gold Coins Over The Years

Relia Metal: Creating Premium Quality Gold Coins Over The Years
Relia Metal: Creating Premium Quality Gold Coins Over The Years

When it comes to producing truly exquisite custom engraved gold coins, Relia Metal is the name that stands out in the market. We produce exquisite and incredibly imaginative engraved gold coins with the help of our expert engineers and designers with more than a decade of experience and expertise. 

With top-tier talent and speed to create an amazing design, we can’t wait to deliver to you the finished product. our team is confident that we can turn your vision into a reality. By working with us. you can guarantee that you are ordering from a reliable and experienced manufacturer.

Authentic Design Printed On Durable Coins

Stylish Design

Expert craftsmen imprint designs or engrave on the materials to strengthen the structure.

Premium Raw Materials

Your personalized coins were created using top-quality components to ensure their durability and make them something to treasure.

Custom Coin Style

One Sided Design

Your custom coin will feature only one side with color, and the other side has none. This custom coin adds richness and dimension to challenge coins.

Double Sided Design

Your customized coin will have a colored design both sides. Double sided colors can be custom engraved with gloss or matte coating and creates a classic look.

Create Your Own Coin Design Today!
Create Your Own Coin Design Today!

Relia Metal‘s skilled in-house engineers produce unique coins that are shaped and colored according to your designs. We have all the equipment and materials to use in order to produce results quickly and ship your orders right away. For custom engraved gold coins, we offer full customization, including platings, packaging, edgings, and many other features. If you need assistance with your design, there’s no need to worry since we can help you with that for free!

Borders And Edges Options

  • The team was very proactive and completed the order of 1000 Custom Engraved Gold Coins exactly as I had hoped.

    Terry M.
  • My most recent purchase from your team was 3000 pieces of engraved gold coins, which is fantastic. The Relia Metal Team is very helpful and cooperative. 100% highly recommended!

    Emily T.
  • We only trust Relia Metal in carrying out our coin designs into high quality coins. They are experts with mass producing and will deliver your orders on time.

    Mary C.
What Is the cost including Door-to-Door Shipping?

The shipping cost will be greatly influenced by the delivery location and the quantity requested. We’ll be able to send you the shipping cost once we have the necessary information.

Can I view the design before purchasing it?

Yes! We offer free artwork and unrestricted revisions until you are ready to place an order because we are so sure that we will create the ideal coin for you. We think you should first see how your coin will appear before agreeing to make any kind of payment.

What coin finish is the best?

The most popular finishes—antique brass, antique silver, gold plating, and nickel plating—all look great on coins. Antique Silver is our preferred finish. It usually makes the little details stand out more.

Do you have a list of available coins?

We can produce any kind of coin that you can think of since we make everything custom. You can still check our website for different coin samples that we have already produced.

What type of borders or edges do you offer for engraved gold coins?

For a more personalized touch, we offer different kinds of edging including standard flat, rope cut, reeded edge, text on cut, spur cut, oblique cut, wave cut, and petal cut. You get to choose any kind of edging you prefer that matches your design and style.

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