How Metal Badges Should Be Maintained

The majority of the badges are made of metal products such as bronze, red copper, iron, zinc alloy, and so on, however, all metal products will oxidize, wear, and corrode. If the badges are not regularly maintained, they will discolor and look terrible due to oxidation. How do we maintain our badges a question, then, below are some tips and tricks on how to maintain badges:

  1. Measures to prevent accidental damage: preventing the occurrence of fire is important and should not be taken lightly. The main method for protection for this is implementing chapter isolation. The protection of badges must be targeted scientifically, be foolproof, and must not be careless.Metal Badges Maintenance
  2. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust method: Gently wipe away any dirt or water stains from the badge’s surface before putting it in a closed or semi-closed binding and storing it somewhere dry and well-ventilated. Chemical insect repellants should also be kept away from badges to avoid direct corrosion.Metal Badges Maintenance
  3. Badges shouldn’t be stored in direct sunlight because it will harm them; instead, use the anti-light and anti-dry method.
    Metal Badges Maintenance
  4. Anti-corrosion and moisture-proof method: For moisture-prone badges, pay attention to adjusting the surroundings of the humidity, and do not place them in dark humid places.Metal Badges Maintenance

The value of the badges not only rely on the materials and craftsmanship. The longer they are kept the higher the value will be. Badge maintenance is important to avoid depreciate due to oxidation, wear, and corrosion.

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