How To Create Eye-Catching Custom Metal Medals On A Budget

How To Create Eye-Catching Custom Metal Medals On A Budget

How To Create Eye-Catching Custom Metal Medals On A Budget

Custom medals have been popular for awarding participants in ceremonies to acknowledge their achievements. In different kinds of competitions, medals are awarded to top performers as a symbol of excellence and success. Creating eye-catching medals is possible with the right materials and techniques even on a tight budget. Below are some factors to consider in creating custom medals.

Section 1: Designing the Medal

A good design effectively attracts people, helps to have higher value, and can increase the medal’s marketability. Visually appealing design is achieved when the audience is considered. However, focusing on aesthetics alone in medal designing will lead to poor functionality. It is important to find the balance between aesthetics and functionality because having a fine aesthetic only grabs the attention of the viewers but the functionality can provide information clearly.

Section 2: Choosing the Right Material

Section 2 Choosing the Right Material

Materials including gold, silver, bronze, stainless steel, and zinc alloy have different advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of medal you want to make.  

  • Gold is a durable material with an elegant look. However, gold is too expensive so it may not be a good option for bulk manufacturing. 
  • Silver has a luster finish and is more affordable than gold. This material is hard and also tarnish-resistant. However, silver is more prone to dents and scratches.
  • Bronze is the material mostly used for medals because it’s sturdy and has a bright color. Due to its weight, bronze may not be ideal if your medal is of a larger size. 
  • Stainless steel is the material option if you are looking for something sturdy, sleek, and affordable. However, it is heavier than the other materials so it’s not ideal for a larger type of medal.
  • Zinc Alloy is more lightweight than stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance and is ideal for 3D medals. However, more blistering after die-casting can be expected. 

Choosing the right material to use for custom medals is essential to ensure functionality. You need to carefully consider the material’s pros and cons and analyze if using those materials can meet your design requirements and functionality. Due to affordability and durability, zinc alloy is mostly used.

Section 3: Personalization and Customization

Section 3 Personalization and Customization

Design personalization elevates the essence and purpose of medals. Having a custom design helps grow your brand by building a relationship because of the effort that took you to make a customized medal rather than the pre-made ones. You can choose whatever shape, color, texture, and engravings you want to put on your medals. By experimenting with different styles, you can achieve a unique medal look. However, you need to consider if the style will complement the material otherwise, it won’t be successful and would likely lose its functionality. 

Section 4: Partnering with a Reputable Manufacturer

Section 4 Partnering with a Reputable Manufacturer

Partnering with a reputable manufacturer is important for a successful production. A manufacturer that has the experience and knows the product well can assist you in customizing and eventually would meet your quality standards. 

The internet can be a reliable source for finding a reputable manufacturer. To ensure that your expectations are met, the manufacturer should provide certifications to show that they are capable, also they should be responsive to build trust with clients. 

Open communication is a must to avoid any misunderstanding during production. From the beginning of the process, you should set your expectations about the design and quality that you want to receive. 



When working with a reliable manufacturer, your goals in producing custom medals are achieved without exceeding your budget. A successful partnership starts with good communication between both parties in discussing quality expectations. 

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