What Material Is Best For Enamel Pins

What material is best for enamel pins?

What Material Is Best For Enamel Pins

In enamel pin making, zinc alloy is the best material to use. Zinc alloy is a durable material that can be compared with stainless steel but at a more affordable price. 3D designs are also easily shaped using zinc alloy because of their softness and malleability, it’s easy to shape. 

Other types of materials such as brass, copper, and stainless steel have their own advantages too in enamel pin making.

ZInc Alloy

A soft alloy brass is meant for a decent base for custom enamel pins that make the finish of the plating smooth. Oftentimes copper is used for hard enamel pin or cloisonne making because of its classical color, and malleability, which usually maintains its shape during the firing process.


While stainless steel is one of the major materials to use in enamel pin production. Compared with aluminum, stainless steel is more abrasion and wear resistant.

Stainless Steel

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