Things to Avoid in Designing Die Cast Medals for Wholesale


Custom Die Cast Medals

If you make personalized medals for large orders, you’ve come to the right place! Designing custom cast medals can be a fascinating endeavor, but pitfalls may arise if you are not cautious.

This detailed post will highlight typical pitfalls to avoid while producing wholesale medals. These tips will assist you in creating high-quality designs that will impress clients and survive the test of time.  By the end of this article guide, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the complicated process of designing custom cast medals for wholesale, making your business more effective, successful, and customer-focused.

Avoid Using Too Many Colors


No Color Die Cast Medals

When it comes to developing die-cast medals for wholesale, simplicity can be the key to success. In this section, we’ll look at a crucial feature of medal design: avoiding the use of too many colors.

“Avoid using too many colors” may appear to be a simple guideline, yet it is crucial. Overly intricate color choices can make your custom die cast medals appear cluttered and distract from their original purpose. Colors should increase the visual appeal of your medals, so find a balance in your color choices.

Avoid Complex Designs


Simple Medal Design

When it comes to creating custom cast medals, simplicity might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, avoiding complex designs can actually be a crucial factor in creating a successful and visually appealing product. Why? Let’s discuss below.

  1. Clarity of Message – A complex design with too many elements can dilute the intended message and make it difficult to understand the significant value.
  2. Versatility – A medal with a straightforward design can be used for a wide range of purposes from sports to academic achievements.
  3. Timeless – Trends may come and go but simplicity is timeless. A medal with a clean and uncomplicated design is less likely to look outdated in the future.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal – Simple designs can have a striking sense of sophistication that captures the eye without overwhelming it.
  5. Legibility – Medals are designed to be worn and legibility is essential. Complex designs can be difficult to recognize from a distance.

Avoid Unreadable Text/Label


Zinc Alloy Die Cast Medal in Bronze and Silver


Each element of a medal’s design is carefully chosen to convey a specific message, but none is more critical than legible text or labels. Below are some reasons why avoiding unreadable text is essential in creating meaningful and effective die-cast medals.

  1. Communication: The purpose of medallion is to convey messages so unreadable text can hinder communication.
  2. Preservation of Meaning: Over time, text on medals can become more critical as it serves as a historical record of achievements. If the text is unreadable, the historical significance is lost.
  3. Professional Appearance: A poorly designed medal with unreadable text can detract from professionalism.
  4. Detailing: Creating a clear and legible text demonstrates the commitment to quality and excellence in medal making.

When designing medals, remember that it’s not about the metal, it’s about the message and recognition that comes with it.

Reach Out To Professionals Today!

Most of the time, people try to design their own medals and they end up with irregular patterns, lacking a sense of hierarchy, focal point, and negative space. It is best to work with a direct manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing wholesale custom die cast medals. You can rely on medal design experts as they know what works best and are familiar with medal production, so if you are on a tight budget and seeking the best result contact Relia Metal today!

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